Where Do Celebrities Stay in Italy?

No other country in Europe attracts celebrities more than Italy.  In the summertime especially, it’s a veritable playground for the rich & famous.  From Beyonce & Jay-Z yachting off the coast of Capri, to Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck honeymooning here, or Sofia Vergara celebrating her birthday on the Amalfi Coast: Italy is a place to SEE & be seen.  And then there are the Kardashians, for whom Italy is the “go-to” wedding destination (whether you’re Kim or Kourtney).  So to help plan your travels, & possibly include a George Clooney sighting in them ~ let’s find out: “Where do Celebrities Stay in Italy?” 

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Italy? Girl Who Travels the World

George Clooney & his wife Amal live part of the year in Lake Como, & have brought a “Renaissance” of Hollywood stars to Italy. Photo by Travel + Leisure.

Because there are SO many celeb hot-spots in Italy ~ I can’t cover them all. But there is a famous hotel located in Sicily (the “boot” of Italy), where Season 2 of the “White Lotus” was filmed….& it’s called the San Domenico Palace. Stars like Jennifer Coolidge, Aubrey Plaza, & Theo James all made Taormina their home while filming.

Map of Italian Celeb “Hot” Spots



Lake Como

Amalfi Coast


The Dolomites

"White Lotus" Hotel

Overview of Italian Celebrity Destinations

Kardashians Italy, People Magazine, Where Do Celebrities Stay in Italy? Girl Who Travels the World

Kourtney Kardashian married Travis Barker in the seaside Italian city of Portofino….& caused QUITE a stir! Photo by People Magazine.

  1. Where Do Celebrities (Like the Kardashians) Stay in Portofino?  When Kourtney Kardashian married Travis Barker: their guests took Portofino by storm. As Dolce & Gabbana hosted their wedding, you can’t stay where the Kardashians did. But staying at Hotel Splendido ($432+) might be even better ~ having hosted everyone from the Duke of Windsor to Ava Gardner, Steven Spielberg, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Aniston, & Adam Sandler. Another great spot on the Italian coast is Il Pellicano ($997+), which can be found in the exclusive enclave of Porto Ercole.
  2. Where Do Celebrities Stay in Rome & Milan?  Milan is a hot-spot for the fashion crowd, while Rome is an important stop for many stars on foreign press tours. In Milan, the garden bar at Bulgari Hotel Milano ($1,102+/night) is where you’re most likely to run into supermodels like Bella Hadid & Lily Aldridge. For more “old-school” celeb-sightings in Milan, like Madonna & David Beckham: try Hotel Principe di Savoia ($500+). And in Rome, check out Hotel Hassler ($1,280+) ~ which has hosted everyone from Tom Cruise to Jennifer Aniston.
  3. Where Do Celebs Stay on the Amalfi Coast?  The Amalfi Coast includes some of Italy’s most iconic seaside destinations ~ like Positano, which was featured in “Under the Tuscan Sun” & “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” And the island of Capri has attracted jet-setters for ages: from Beyonce & Jay-Z, to Jackie Kennedy, & J-Lo & Ben. Classic celebrity haunts include one of Positano’s most famous hotels: Le Sirenuse ($678+), where Sienna Miller, Anne Hathaway, & Reece Witherspoon have all stayed. And on Capri, while most celebs stay on private yachts….they do come to town for dinner! You’re most likely to find them at tony restaurants, like the one in Hotel Punta Tragara ($786+).
  4. Where do Celebrities Stay in Florence?  Florence is perhaps most famous, in a celebrity sense, for Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s famous 2014 wedding, which was held at Belmond Villa San Michele ($1,620+) ~ overlooking the Duomo & all of the city’s Renaissance splendor. Julia Roberts & Justin Bieber have also graced the halls here…
  5. Where to Celebrity-Spot in Lake Como & the Dolomites:  In Lake Como, there are two spots where you just may run into George Clooney: 1) At gorgeous Villa d’Este (which was also featured in Jennifer Aniston’s movie, “Murder Mystery‘), or 2) At the restaurant in celeb-favorite Grand Hotel Tremezzo ($1,512+). Greta Garbo, Gwen Stefani, Natalie Portman, & even the fictional James Bond have all stayed at this famed Lake Como hotel.  As for the Dolomites, head to the luscious town of Cortina d’Ampezzo & check into Cristallo Resort & Spa. Mountain views here are other-worldy.
  6. Where Do Celebrities Stay in Venice?  This city is famous, not just for its canals ~ but also for hosting one of the most A-List events in the world: the Venice Film Festival. And two hotels here are where you’re most likely to mingle with stars: 1) Aman Venice ($1,460+), where George & Amal Clooney got married, with guests like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, & Cindy Crawford; & 2) Belmond Hotel Cipriani ($1,350+), where Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Meryl Streep, & Leonardo DiCaprio have all stayed.

Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Where Do Celebrities Stay in Italy? Girl Who Travels the World

The Belmond Hotel Cipriani.

 Where Do Celebs Stay on the Amalfi Coast?

Nowhere is more popular for celebrites ~ particularly in the summer, than the Amalfi Coast.  Sofia Vergara just celebrated her 51st birthday there, & J-Lo & Ben were spotted in Capri during their European honeymoon.  But its been popular with celebrities since the days of Jackie Kennedy, when she rebelliously retreated to Europe for a yacht tour with Aristotle Onassis….while she was married to JFK!!!  Whether she was angry about his affiliation with Marilyn Monroe, or still grieving the recent loss of a child…who can say. 

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Italy? Girl Who Travels the World

J-Lo & Ben, casually strolling the streets of Capri…which has long been a favored celebrity haunt. Photo by People Magazine.

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Italy? Girl Who Travels the World

But Jackie Kennedy was one of the first to put Capri & the Amalfi Coast on the map…

Point is: the Amalfi Coast has been a top celebrity destination for years.  And Positano’s picturesque Le Sirenuse Hotel is a stand-out, even for “money-is-no-object” celebs like Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner.

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Italy? Girl Who Travels the World

La Sirenuse’s trademark pinkish-red building practically spills over the cliffs of Positano, & has attracted celebrities for ages. Photo by Booking.com.

Where Did Kylie Jenner Stay in Positano? Girl Who Travels the World

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott on the balcony of Le Sirenuse, in Positano. Photo by Too Fab.

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Positano? Girl Who Travels the World

Kylie Jenner had a view just like this from her room at Le Sirenuse. Photo by Vogue Magazine.

“An absolute dream, best experience ever [staying at Le Sirenuse]. Lovely staff & great dinner at La Sponda. We received compliments from the chef, & the food was fantastic! Sunset cruise was also amazing. Wish I could stay there forever!”


– Brenda Liz Cordero

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Florence?

Florence is one of my favorite cities in the world….& apparently, Kim & Kanye loved it too: as they chose it for their 2014 wedding.  While their marriage may not have lasted: Florence is thankfully as beautiful as ever.  Walking the statue-filled streets here is truly magical.  If you can’t afford to stay where Kim did ~ check out these hotels that all have Duomo views, with some less than $200/night!

Kim & Kanye Wedding in Florence, Where Do Celebs Stay in Italy? Girl Who Travels the World

Kim & Kanye famously got married in Florence, Italy. Photo by Vogue India.

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Portofino?

Other than the Amalfi Coast, Portofino is next-up in terms of being a seaside celebrity favorite.  And the main spot for sightings here is at Belmond Hotel Splendido.  Perched alongside turquoise waters, amidst masses of trees, you’ll feel the essence of “La Dolce Vita” here….having followed in the footsteps of Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton, Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall, Rihanna, & of course: Beyonce & Jay-Z. 

Where haven’t they been in Italy?!

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Italy? Girl Who Travels the World

The Belmond Hotel Splendido. Photo by Trip Advisor.

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Italy? Girl Who Travels the World

Sign me up for this view…

“Without a doubt one of the best hotels in the world. At Splendido you can expect: jaw-dropping views, vibrant flower beds lining outdoor paths, one of the most memorable breakfast buffets, stylish rooms, kind staff, & an iconic infinity pool overlooking Portofino. Even if you don’t end up staying, highly recommend visiting for an aperitivo on their terrace!”


– Max Green

Celebrity Hot Spots at Lake Como

We’re ending this celebrity-tour of Italy in George Clooney’s haunting grounds: Lake Como.  Up near the Italian-Swiss border, & close to the mountainous Dolomites (one of my favorite places), the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is where to focus your attention for potential celebrity sightings.  Rumor has it, George frequents the restaurant here quite often….& the view alone is worth it ~ with or without Clooney.

Where Do Celebrities Stay at Lake Como? Girl Who Travels the World

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Photo by Exclusive Italy Weddings.

Where Do Celebrities Stay at Lake Como? Girl Who Travels the World

This is one of the restaurants where you may run into George Clooney…Photo by the Michelin Group.

“Is this the best hotel in the world? Many people think so, & it’s easily the best hotel I’ve stayed at. Location, room, food, service ~ all are the highest quality. We hated to leave, right down to the minute the bell boys carried our luggage down to the ferry dock! Everything was spectacular! If you’re staying on Lake Como, look no further than the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.


Expensive, yes, but absolutely worth it!”


– Cody Tretschok

Ciao Bella! 

xoxo Noelia 

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Where Do Celebrities Stay in Italy? Girl Who Travels the World

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