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Hi!  My name is Noelle…or Noelia south of the border!  I lived out of a suitcase for years….which officially makes me a “Girl Who Travels the World!”  What’s the #1 thing I want to tell you??  The world isn’t THAT SCARY!!!  Many people will tell you what can go wrong when you travel ~ but I’m here to tell you what can go RIGHT, when you venture into the world on your own…

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This site is a mix of practical tips ~ mainly on travel, both in the U.S. & abroad.  For instance, I love our National Parks in America, but I also have a serious love affair going on with South America: especially Colombia & Peru.  I also discuss other topics I’m particularly passionate about: such as gardening & natural health

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Fabulous Restaurants in Selling Sunset

Fabulous Restaurants in Selling Sunset

Fabulous Restaurants in Selling Sunset "Selling Sunset" is one of my favorite shows on Netflix.  Every time a new season comes out, it's hard not to binge all episodes in one sitting!  There's something addictive about the girls' insane fashion (restaurants often turn...

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Why is Solo Female Travel Important?

“Solo female travel is, in some ways, an act of rebellion.  Rebellion against what is expected of you, against thousands of years of rhetoric telling us that a woman’s place is in the home.  It is a small act of defiance towards a culture that, for so long, has ignored women’s stories. 


It is the chance to write your own story.”


~ Noelia