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Central America is one of the most underrated international destinations: particularly for Americans.  I think we’re naturally drawn to the castles & beaches of Europe, without realizing that there are beautiful beaches just a few hours south of our border in the United States ~ & beaches that are significantly cheaper than Europe!

Though Central America is a popular backpacker’s destination (because it is so cheap), I’ve also met numerous ex-pats & retirees who’ve bought homes down there, say in Costa Rica or Nicaragua.  They fell in love with the culture, the people, the tropical climate, & of course, a cost of living about half of the United States. 

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I captured this photo of a wild horse running on the beach RIGHT in front of my beach bungalow at the Hotel Tropico Latino, in Santa Teresa.

Some travelers avoid Central America because they perceive it as “unsafe.”  Countries like Honduras, Guatemala, & El Salvador especially get a bad rap ~ & there are precautions to take in all those countries.  But personally, Guatemala is one of my favorite places I’ve ever traveled, & I traveled there by myself ~ with no issues.  So we’ll dig more into all of these issues, as we travel together in Central America. 

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