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South America Travel Guide

I’ve traveled to South America for at least four months, every year, for the past three years.  I’ve foregone trips to Europe, or Southeast Asia ~ even trips in my home country, to return to South America again & again.  Why?  What does South America have that these other destinations don’t??  In a word: Wildness.  A feeling of the untamed.  Vibrancy.  Culture.  Dance.  Cheap cost of living.  Unparalleled access to nature, & world wonders like Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls, the Galapagos Islands, & legendary Patagonia.  South America comprises a MASSIVE area of land, & every time I leave, I have the feeling that there is still SO much more left to explore…some known, & some as yet, undiscovered.  Which is why I think it keeps pulling me back.  Let me help you explore this fascinating continent in this South America Travel Guide.  

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