How to Get to Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy

Saturnia Hot Springs is one of those beautiful places that I randomly came across on Instagram.  While traveling through the Dolomites, I did an Instagram search on “Italy” ~ & this insanely gorgeous spot popped up on my feed…one that I’d never heard of: Saturnia Hot Springs.  At first, I didn’t even realize it was in Italy.  But it turned out that it was located in the southern part of Tuscany, where I was headed next.  I couldn’t believe my luck!  And because it’s a little off-the-beaten-path, in this post I’ll explain “How to Get to Saturnia Hot Springs” & everything you need to know about traveling there!  

How to Get to Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy, Girl Who Travels the World

To get a shot ALONE at Saturnia, visit at SUNRISE!! Photo by Stefano Gera @stefanogera.

Map of Saturnia Hot Springs

Saturnia Hot Springs is located in the small town of Saturnia, which is two hours south of Siena, & two hours north of Rome.  The best way to get there is by renting a car, as there is no train station in Saturnia.  It’s possible to take a bus there, but it requires several changes & will be a journey of several hours.

Saturnia Hot Springs




Quick Facts About Saturnia

  • Opening Hours: Saturnia Hot Springs is open year-round, 365 days/year, 24 hours per day.  Meaning, you can visit them WHENEVER you want!! 
  • Entrance Fee: At this time, there is NO fee to enter the hot springs. 
  • Closest Major Cities: Siena, Rome, & Florence. 
  • Best Way to Get There: Rent a car in Florence, Rome, or Siena & drive there yourself.  There’s NO train station in Saturnia (the closest is in Albinia), & there’s no direct bus there either (you would need to ask the driver to stop outside of town).  Driving in the Tuscan countryside is more mellow than in the large cities, with well-marked roads.  
  • Where to Park: There’s a parking lot next to the springs, off Via della Follonata.  Park there instead of on the road ~ there should be plenty of room.
  • How Hot are the Springs?  About 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, so not SUPER hot.  But the springs face the sun most of the day, so they may feel warmer on a hot day.
  • Are There Changing Rooms?  No. You’ll need to change clothes in the parking lot (along with everybody else). 
  • Do the Hot Springs Have Another Name?  Yes. They may also be called Cascate del Mulino or Cascate del Gorello
  • What is the Closest Hotel: Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort.  They also have hot springs you can use at the hotel, as well as a full-service spa & 18-hole golf course.
  • What to Bring to Hot Springs: There are very few services at the springs, so bring your own food & water, sunscreen, water shoes (the rocks can be tough on your feet), & a flashlight or headlamp if you’re visiting at sunrise or sunset.

How to Get to Saturnia Hot Springs

Whether you’re starting your journey in Rome, Florence, or Siena ~ instead of typing “Saturnia” or “Saturnia Hot Springs” into your GPS, enter “Cascate del Mulino (o del Gorello)” instead.  This will take you to the hot springs, vs. taking you into town or to a hotel.  The exact address for the springs is: Via della Follonata, 58014 Saturnia, Manciano GR, Italy.

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Expect the hot springs to be busy during the day, & less busy at sunrise & at night.

How to Get to Saturnia Hot Springs from Rome: From Rome, take the E-80 (or A-12) North towards Montalto di Castro for approx. 97 kilometers (1 hour).  In Montalto di Castro, exit onto SP-105 North for about 44 kilometers (48 minutes).  The road will turn into SP-159 past Manciano.  When you pass Montemerano, you’re close: the springs are just south of Saturnia, just past the Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort

How to Get to Saturnia from Florence & Siena: From Florence, head south to Siena.  From Siena, take the SS-223 South towards Grosseto.  Just before reaching Grosseto, in Rusellae, take SP-159 South-east through Scansano & Montemerano, to Saturnia.

Where to Stay by Saturnia Hot Springs

You could visit Saturnia as a day-trip from Florence or Rome.  But the problem is: you’ll be spending 5+ hours in the car….which doesn’t leave much time at the springs.  And if you want to see them at sunrise or sunset (for less people & more spectacular photos), definitely spend the night in the area. 

Your first & closest option to the hot springs is luxurious Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort ($265+/night).  It’s the most expensive option, but they’ve got hot springs of their own, along with an 18-hole golf course, spa, water park, pool, & two fine dining restaurants.  Another option, just 6 kilometers from the springs, is Relais Villa Acquaviva ($105+/night).  The setting is relaxed & luxurious, at about half the price of Terme di Saturnia.  Perks include room service, Wi-Fi, free parking, & breakfast.

Final Tips for Saturnia Hot Springs

1) Take off your jewelry (sulfur can ruin it); 2) Bring a picnic lunch; 3) Use chemical-free sunscreen; 4) Bring a headlamp or flashlight if visiting at dusk or sunrise; & 5) Consider bringing water shoes, to make walking on the rocks easier, & 6) Bring a good camera to get amazing shots of the springs!

xoxo Noelia

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How to Get to Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy, Girl Who Travels the World

Tips for Visiting Saturnia Hot Springs in Italy, Girl Who Travels the World