Unique Fashion Gift Ideas for the Traveling Woman

This holiday season, think about the kind of gifts the jet-setters in your life might enjoy.  If you know someone who love to get-up-and-go, taking off on one adventure or another: this article may give you some great last-minute gift ideas.  From great tops to amazing skirts and shoes, ‘tis the season to give something special to the people in your life.  As you shop for loved ones’ gifts, here are some “Unique Fashion Gift Ideas for the Traveling Fashionista…”

Unique Fashion Gift Ideas for Every Occasion, Girl Who Travels the World

From accessories to scents: find fresh new ideas for the fashionista in your life.

Great New Shoes….

Are you close with your friend or family member, whom you intend to buy fashionable items for?  If so, you probably know their shoe size, which makes gifting new shoes a great idea.  Whether your recipient loves women’s flats (Rothy’s makes great ones), or prefers a pair of great heels: shoes belong in everyone’s closet.  And fashionable ones can completely change your friend’s wardrobe…for the better. 

Ask them their preference,. so that you can give them an unforgettable gift this Christmas.

Unique Fashion Gift Ideas for the Traveling Fashionista, Girl Who Travels the World

Leopard-print flats dress up any outfit, & are perfect for work or going out. Sunglasses & chic purses are another idea for the stylish lady in your life…

A Collection of Blouses

If your friend works at an office: chances are they could use some attractive blouses.  Gifting them a subscription to a clothing service such as Stitch Fix is a great gift idea, as it allows them to make their own clothing & sizing choices.

If you need a little help choosing the best items for your loved one’s wardrobe, talk to a personal stylist about looks that won’t disappoint ~ or read books about fashion to train yourself to think like a style-maven.  Try to get an idea of your friend’s favorite looks, or recall what looks best on them: so you can be sure they’ll be happy with the gift you choose.

Cute Blazer

With the weather a little cooler in the fall and winter, a great look for these months is a sharp blazer over a blouse.  Or for riskier fashionistas: an oversized blazer over a bralette!  From bright colors to patterns: there are a variety of options here that can dress up a casual outfit, or look perfect for everyday office wear.  If the blazer is from a top brand, even better ~ as you want something designed to last. 

And a black blazer never goes out of style….it’s great for travel or work.


Hobo Hand Bag

Black Blazer

Leopard Flats

Bold Colors & Scents

Gone are the days of boring colors and drab looks.  Brighten up someone’s life by gifting them great styles in bold colors ~ like this Hobo Hand Bag in statement-making Jade Green.  Even if your friend rarely wears color, a pop of color with a small hand bag is less risky, & adds a sense of boldness without overdoing it.

Aside from clothing, another way to go bold is to gift your friend a collection of scents.  My personal favorite right now is Michelle Pfeiffer’s line, Henry Rose ~ which is a completely natural collection.  Even your most allergic friends & family should be able to wear this line!  Check out their sample sets, which go for $28 for 6 scents (“Warm” or “Fresh”), or $45 for the entire 12-scent line.  Your friend will have a blast mixing & matching these samples….taking a little scent-adventure.

Unique Fashion Gift Ideas for the Traveling Fashionista, Review of Henry Rose Perfumes, Girl Who Travels the World

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Henry Rose perfume line makes for a lovely gift for the special lady in your life. Gifting a sample of all the scents allows her to find her favorite…. Photo by Henry Rose.

Appealing Accessories

A gorgeous fashionista doesn’t only wear great clothes.  They also know how to put together accessories that help them stand out, no matter what.  With gorgeous earrings and great, statement sunglasses ~ you can give beautiful accessories this season that help your loved one look their best.  And the best thing about accessories: they’re one-size-fits-all!  No need to worry about getting the sizing wrong here.  Just choose colors that your friend wears most often.

Shopping on sites like Etsy can also help you find original pieces that don’t disappoint (I love their personalized garden signs)!  But if you’re looking for classy gems that are timeless: check out sites like Mejuri, where you can find styles that are perfect for the fashionista who loves to dress up.  Hair wraps, bracelets, and more ~ there are plenty of styles for all manner of traveling ladies & trend-setters.


In Conclusion….

Successful gifts take planning and care.  If you’re seeking to give your loved one the best gift possible, consider the above-mentioned options ~ to help them put together a wardrobe that doesn’t disappoint.  Style can be a personal thing: but with a little care, you should be able to find just the right gift.

xoxo Noelia

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