Review of Henry Rose Perfumes

If you’re anything like me, most perfumes I find quite irritating; others, I’m positively allergic to.  Have you ever walked into an elevator with a woman (or man) doused in strong cologne, & found yourself sneezing upon contact with said fragrance?!  For those of us in this category, particularly ones who strive to find quality, organic beauty products: Michelle Pfeiffer’s fine fragrance line, called Henry Rose, is quite simply a FIND.  In this review of Henry Rose perfumes, I’ll break down each scent, what they smell like, how long they last, & if they’re best for day or night use.

Review of Henry Rose Perfumes, Girl Who Travels the World

Michelle Pfeiffer set out to make a truly natural perfume many years ago ~ & after many disappointments, & people telling her she couldn’t do it: she finally accomplished it. Photo courtesy of Henry Rose.

**Author’s Note: Although I’m not affiliated with Henry Rose, this article has become so popular that they’ve given me my own discount code!  If you shop through this link, you’ll receive $10 OFF your first purchase.

“The term “fragrance” is often used as a catch-all for thousands of under-regulated ingredients. I set out to see if it was possible to develop a line of fine fragrances, proving you don’t need to sacrifice quality & sophistication for safety.

And we did it!”


– Michelle Pfeiffer, Founder, Henry Rose

Overview of Henry Rose Scents

Other natural perfumes I enjoy, such as Pacifica, have scents I love ~ but the sad truth is: they only last 1-2 hours.  Henry Rose scents last around 4-5 hours; stronger ones, such as “Dark is Night,” last around 7-8 hours. 

The list is below is written in order of my favorite to least favorite scents; top choices are starred.

Honest Review of Henry Rose Perfumes, Girl Who Travels the World

Henry Rose perfumes evoke a certain mood. Though they come from a similar palette, they each tell their own story…

  • ***Dark is Night: My Rating: 9.8 = Almost Perfect!  Better for Day or Night: NIGHT.  Adjectives to Describe It: Sensual, Woodsy, Vanilla-y, Spicy, Complex, Many Layers, Dreamy, Alluring, Sexy.
  • Jake’s House: My REVISED Rating: 9.4.  Better for Day or Night = DAY.  Adjectives to Describe It: Watery in the beginning, but finishes to a musky, slightly sweet richness. A little more Masculine, Subtle, Nostalgic. (I used to not like this perfume ~ but now it’s one of my favorites!)
  • **Smyth: My Rating: 9.3.  Better for Day or Night: DAY (I spray before I workout).  Adjectives to Describe It: Bright, Cheerful, Positive, Very Subtle, No Dark Undertones ~ Just Happy!
  • **Fog: My Rating: 9.2 = Love it!!  Better for Day or Night: BOTH.  Adjectives to Describe It: Mysterious, Hard to Define, Lingering, Intriguing, Wistful, A Misty Morning.
  • Torn: My Rating: 9.0.  Better for Day or Night = BOTH.  Adjectives to Describe It: SWEET, Vanilla, Simple, Uncomplex, True Vanilla.
  • Windows Down: My Rating: 8.8.  Better for Day or Night: DAY.  Adjectives to Describe It: Bright, Happy, Daytime, Sunshine, Hopeful, With a Hint of Mossy Depth.
  • Queens & Monsters: My Rating: 8.4.  Better for Day or Night: BOTH.  Adjectives to Describe It: Sweet, Vanilla, Powdery, A Little Dusty/Musty, Finishes Well & Softens.
  • Last Light: My Rating: 8.2Better for Day or Night: BOTH.  Adjectives to Describe It: Sweet Patchouli, Citrusy, Bright-ish, Very Subtle, Clean.

Review of Henry Rose “Warm” Scents

Henry Rose breaks their perfumes into two categories: “Warm” & “Fresh.”  This first section reviews all their “Warm” scents; my favorites are starred.

  • TORN (“The richness of vanilla bean blends with the earthiness of vetiver roots to create an aroma that’s both spicy & floral.”): This is Michelle’s favorite scent. She classifies it as “Spicy,” while I would say it’s “SWEET” ~ very sweet! Almost too sweet for me. I love vanilla in general, but this was a little too cloying for me. I didn’t find any spicy notes, nor any floral to this. Just vanilla. Possibly good to pair with another, more complex perfume. Or if you love true vanilla: this may be your perfect scent. 

Michelle Pfeiffer Movie it Conjures: “One Fine Day,” with George Clooney. Sweet, simple, uncomplicated.

Review of Henry Rose Perfumes, Girl Who Travels the World

Michelle’s favorite scent in the line is Torn.

  • ***DARK IS NIGHT (“The woodiness of patchouli blends with the richness of vanilla bean for a decadent finish.”): I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent!!! It’s my favorite of all her scents. Anything that has both vanilla & a woodsy feel is a winner for me. When I wear this, I keep smelling my wrists, because the scent is so intoxicating ~ & it gets better, more layered, over time. It lasts a long time, without being overpowering: if I spray it on at night, there’s still a faint whisper of it in the morning. This is most definitely a scent for a nighttime, at its most decadent.

Michelle Pfeiffer Movie it Conjures: “Scarface” or “The Fabulous Baker Boys.” A little dangerous, but intriguing; you want to know more.

Review of Henry Rose Perfumes, Dark is Night, Girl Who Travels the World

If “Dark is Night” was one of Michelle Pfeiffer’s movies: it would be her, on the piano, in “The Fabulous Baker Boys.”

  • QUEENS & MONSTERS (“The freshness & zest of petitgrain balances the fluid sensuality of sandalwood to create a woody aroma.”): I love the name of this one, & I thought I’d love it ~ but I found it just OK. Similar to “Torn,” it’s a bit too sweet; I get a lot of vanilla, as well as a powdery scent (I believe it’s the “Coco Musk” bottom note), which I don’t enjoy. But many people love this scent! It won Allure’s “Best of Beauty” Award for 2020.  And I should mention: it does finish better & more mellow; at first, it’s quite strong. But it smooths out nicely, creating a somehow nostalgic scent.

Michelle Pfeiffer Movie it Conjures: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” At first sweet, but then grows more complex; a little nostalgic.

“It smells like an old prom corsage, or an old love letter.” – Elizabeth Clarke

What are Michelle Pfeiffer's Perfumes Like? Girl Who Travels the World

Her character & the heady feeling of a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” captures the essence of Queens & Monsters.

  • WINDOWS DOWN (“Bright grapefruit encounters honeyed neroli & soft earl grey tea for a light & floral finish.”): This is the happiest scent in the line! The notes I wrote on it: “Happy….wakes you up! Bright & fresh!” This is a scent you’ll want to spray in the morning, as an ode for a great day. It smells like a road trip beginning, or being outside on a spring day. When it finishes though, the bottom notes of musk & moss ground it, giving it more complexity than just a simple fruity fragrance.

Michelle Pfeiffer Movie it Conjures: “The Witches of Eastwick.” Light & bright, but with an eventual darker tone.

Review of Henry Rose Perfumes, Windows Down, Girl Who Travels the World

This photo to me captures the essence of “Windows Down” perfume: bright, outdoorsy, free..

Review of Henry Rose “Fresh” Scents

  • JAKE’S HOUSE (“Watery clean freshness encounters honeyed neroli for a light & clean musky finish.”): I believe this is Henry Rose’s best-selling perfume (it’s also Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite), & at first: I didn’t like it.  Then, months later, I picked it up again ~ & though I don’t love how it starts out (a little marine & watery), I LOVE how it finishes. There’s a rich, sweet muskiness with a hint of nostalgia. This is a fantastic scent.  And I think it’s the most “Unisex” ~ either a man or woman could wear it.

Michelle Pfeiffer Movie it Conjures: “Wolf,” with Jack Nicholson. Slightly mysterious.

Review of Michelle Pfeiffer's Henry Rose Perfumes, Jake's House, Girl Who Travels the World

In an interview with Gwyneth Paltrow, Pfeiffer explains who “Jake” was: her grandfather. This scent reminds her of how his home smelled…

  • ***FOG (“The lightness of vetiver wood is cut with a soft musk to create a perfectly balanced freshness.”): This was the “sleeper” hit for me: at first, I wasn’t sure about it. Then, the more I wore it, the more intriguing it became. Fog is the hardest scent to define, & I think it’s one of the most complex: it keeps changing, & it’s first scent is not how it finishes. This is a perfect one to layer with other, sweeter scents ~ as there’s almost no sweetness here (except perhaps a hint of orange). My notes when I tried it: “Subtle, light, earthy, woodsy….turns into a subtle, but beautiful scent.”

Michelle Pfeiffer Movie it Conjures: “Tequila Sunrise,” where Michelle is romanced by Mel Gibson AND Kurt Russell. Her character is a bit like “Fog” ~ mysterious, sensual yet business-like, subtle.

Review of Henry Rose Fragrance, Fog, Girl Who Travels the World

“Fog” reminds me of Michelle’s character in “Tequila Sunrise” ~ she’s reserved at first, business-like…but sensual under the surface, & a bit wistful.

  • LAST LIGHT (“Fresh floral notes come together with musk & patchouli to create a smooth, woody effect.”): This one reminds me a bit of “Queens & Monsters.” My notes: “Sweet, citrus-y patchouli; almost too sweet.” I should have loved this one, with its peach & bergamot top notes: but it simply finished a bit too sweet on me.

Michelle Pfeiffer Movie it Conjures: “The Age of Innocence.”

“It’s very light ~ not overwhelming, & people will only notice it if they’re close to you. It smells like soft peach-scented powder & a hint of citrus, with something clean ~ like freshly washed linen. A good summer scent.” – Amanda

Review of Henry Rose Fragrance, Last Light, Girl Who Travels the World

“Last Light” is like the fading summer days….the fading grandeur of “The Age of Innocence.”

  • ***SMYTH (“Crisp green apple is rounded with watery notes & sheer white woods for a bright finish.”): This was another sleeper hit for me. At first, I rated it an 8.2 ~ I thought it was too subtle; I couldn’t really smell it that much after spraying it. But then, you realize you can smell it, & it’s quite lovely, & very happy, bright, apple-y. I LOVE the apple notes here, but they’re not overt: they’re far more subtle. And unlike “Windows Down,” there are no darker bottom notes: this is just fresh, true, & a straight-forward bright, uplifting scent.

Michelle Pfeiffer Movie it Conjures: “I Am Sam.” Simple & lovely.

“The vibe is an outdoor picnic under an apple tree, no shoes allowed, top-knotted hair, & the sun warming your skin.”

Review of Henry Rose Perfumes

And that’s a wrap on Henry Rose!  What are your favorite scents in her line, & how long do they last on you?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below ~ & for more articles on natural health & beauty, click here.

xoxo Noelia

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What Do Henry Rose Perfumes Smell Like? Girl Who Travels the World

Honest Review of Henry Rose Perfumes, Girl Who Travels the World

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