The Ultimate Solo Traveler’s Survival Kit!

What to Pack for Your Independent Adventure

Regardless of where you travel, embarking on solo trips can lead to the adventure of a lifetime.  But the thrill and excitement of an exciting solo excursion shouldn’t mean your comfort & safety take a backseat.  This calls for you to be mindful in preparing for your trip ~ & foreseeing potential problem areas, in order to nip any potential travel problems in the bud.  To help you travel all on your own without running into unwanted problems, here’s a guide on what to pack for your solo adventure, aka “The Ultimate Solo Traveler’s Survival Kit.”

The Solo Traveler's Survival Kit, Girl Who Travels the World

Learn what to pack for your next (or first!) solo travel adventure…

What to Pack: A Capsule Wardrobe

Whether you’re planning a solo trip to Las Vegas, Paris, or Rio de Janeiro: it’s a good idea to put together a capsule wardrobe.  This is also referred to as the “5-4-3-2-1” Packing Method ~ which means to pack: 5 pairs of socks & underwear, 4 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes, & 1 hat/swimsuit/scarf, etc.  This is a very minimalist packing method, & it requires choosing clothing that mixes-and-match well together, that can be rotated throughout your trip to create multiple outfits. 

While packing your capsule wardrobe, make sure that it has pieces of different colors for variety and oomph.

Sturdy Outerwear

While many solo travelers pack casual clothes in their backpacks, not all of them pay attention to sturdy outerwear.  But here’s the kicker: no matter what kind of weather you’re working with, you never know when you’ll need outerwear like a waterproof jacket to prepare you for environmental factors such as rain, sleet, or even wind (particularly on trips to super windy places like Iceland)! 

Always pack outerwear to prevent these issues from souring your trip.

Solo Traveler's Survival Kit, Girl Who Travels the World

A sturdy backpack is one of the most important things you can have as a solo traveler. Make sure yours is comfortable over your shoulders!

Water Bottle

Whether you want to go hiking, or embark on an epic window-shopping spree during your solo travels ~ keep yourself hydrated by taking along your own water bottle….which can save you soooo much money!  Buying bottled water throughout your trip can get extremely expensive, & obviously all that plastic isn’t great for the environment.  Drinking water consistently also helps keep your energy levels up, & helps to prevent muscle cramps.

Because really large bottles can be a pain to carry around, my favorite is a mini-slim stainless steel water bottle ~ which has a much sleeker, more light-weight profile, making it far easier to pack.


Swimwear is a basic category of clothing, but it can be easy to forget during your travel planning (I recently forgot to pack a suit for a 4-week trip to sunny Palm Springs….which meant I of course needed to buy a new suit)!!  Even if you’re headed out for a winter ski trip: packing swimwear is essential for getting in some apres-ski time in your hotel’s hot tub… 

Packing your own suit(s) will save you from spending heaps of money on buying new swimwear at your destination.

Power Bank

From floating the Deschutes River in Oregon, to exploring Yosemite National Park: you can cover a lot of ground while traveling solo. But as you explore these gorgeous sights on your own, you must also remain connected to the outside world ~ for safety reasons, as well as connection with family & friends. 

I used this exact portable power bank/charger ALL throughout my travels in South America: & it truly SAVED me.  It kept my phone charged on crazy, 24-hour bus rides in Patagonia….where if I didn’t have it, my phone surely would have died.  And it charged my phone SO much faster than a regular outlet!  This way, when you land at your destination, especially if you’re booking last-minute hotels or connecting with friends: you HAVE a working phone!!  Otherwise you’ll need to hustle to a local coffee shop to charge your phone (if they have outlets). 

Solo Traveler's Survival Kit, Hiking the Iconic Fitz Roy Trail in El Chalten, Girl Who Travels the World

Having a portable power bank/phone charger was ESSENTIAL in remote Patagonia, letting me keep my phone charged on long hikes & bus rides.

Medical Kit

A medical kit is one of those travel items that may seem unnecessary for your solo adventures.  But if you don’t have it on-hand when you get injured, or a short-lived illness (such as traveler’s diarrhea!) ~ it doesn’t take long to regret that decision.  Activated charcoal is something I bring on ALL my travels….even in America.  In case you eat something bad: the charcoal acts as an emergency decontaminant, carrying the toxins out of your body.  It has helped me countless times, particularly in Peru & Mexico, when I encountered bad cases of Montezuma’s Revenge

You can also find different types of pre-designed medical kits online, which help you take care of your health on-the-go.

Door Lock

This is one of those accessories that you may not think of until you’re traveling by yourself.  But having a portable door lock helps to add an extra layer of safety & protection to your travels.  It also makes it easier to get a good night’s sleep, as it gives you that subconscious sense of safety you need, to truly feel safewhen you’re miles away from home.


If you or your loved ones are true traveling fashionistas, losing expensive clothes is the LAST thing you need on your travels.  With RFID tags, you can track your luggage, no matter where you are in the world.  If you’ve never heard of an RFID tag: it stands for radio-frequency identification tag.  It’s a sophisticated tracking system that can be attached to your luggage or expensive items, allowing them to be searched & tracked ~ wherever they are. 

This can lower your chances of losing your luggage during your travels and save you a world of trouble.

Portable Phone Charger

Activated Charcoal

Portable Door Lock

Solo Traveler’s Survival Kit: What to Pack!

As a solo traveler, when you pack these key items: you can pave the way to a safer & more comfortable solo adventure. 

One final thing I ALWAYS pack is this perfectly-sized microfiber towel for drying my hair!  It sounds so simple, but almost NO hotel has a towel that’s the right size for “hair drying.”  It’s the little things when you’re on the road that really help you feel at ease….

xoxo Noelia

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