Quick Hack to Reduce Facial Redness!!

I heard the most GENIUS solution just yesterday, for treating & preventing facial redness.  One simple little ingredient that will instantly (& temporarily) relieve redness, particularly around the nose area ~ which for so many of us, is prone to pinkness or rosacea.  This solution comes comes from famous L.A. dermatologist Dr. Chris Tomassian, who was recently interviewed by Lauryn & Michael Bostick, of “The Skinny Confidential.”  Here, we’ll discuss his absolutely amazing “Quick Hack to Reduce Facial Redness.”

Quick Hack to Reduce Facial Redness, Girl Who Travels the World, Dr. Chris Tomassian

This hack comes from famous Los Angeles dermatologist, Dr. Chris Tomassian. Photo by MD Solar Sciences.

This hack is so simple & so affordable ~ it just may have you running out to your local drug store or shopping on Amazon to purchase this one, simple ingredient….that should last you for a very long time.

What is this Magic Ingredient??!

So, the ingredient is called: Oxymetazoline hydrochloride.  Now what the heck is that, you may ask?!  Good question.  Most of us don’t know what that ingredient is, or what it does.  But you’ll likely know the product in which it’s the main ingredient ~ & that’s the popular nasal spray, Afrin.

Why Does Afrin Work to Reduce Redness?

Since I’m not a doctor, let’s go straight to Dr. Chris Tomassian to explain why Afrin works to reduce facial redness, almost instantly (the way it miraculously opens nasal passageways almost instantly).  The following quotes come directly from his interview on “The Skinny Confidential” podcast, dated October 18th, 2023:

“In terms of skincare, the best thing for redness is the same ingredient that’s in Afrin nasal spray. The prescription version of it is very expensive, but for patients on a budget: I tell them to go get Afrin nasal spray ~ spray a couple pumps into their moisturizer, & put it on their face. And it usually compresses all their blood vessels & gets rid of the redness, temporarily.


The ingredient [that causes this shrinking of blood vessels] is: Oxymetazoline


– Dr. Chris Tomassian

Dr. Chris Tomassian, Quick Hack for Reducing Facial Redness, Girl Who Travels the World

Dr. Tomassian’s top hack for reducing facial redness is to spray a couple drops of Afrin into your favorite moisturizer, then apply to your face as usual. And that’s it!!

How to Get Rid of Redness Permanently?

The short answer, again from Dr. Tomassian, is: LASERSAfrin is a temporary (but great) solution ~ while lasers offer a more long-term solution for facial redness. 

“So, redness around the nose is really common. A lot of times, it’s from rosacea, which is an inflammatory condition. It’s genetic, it’s environmental. You get these broken capillaries or blood vessels around the nose. If you have access to a dermatologist, go get a laser: it’s the fastest way to get rid of them.


There are multiple type of lasers for this:


  • Light-based devices like IPL (Intense pulsed light);
  • KTP laser, which is just more targeted to the blood vessel;
  • And then PDL (Pulsed-dye laser), which is the gold-standard for red spots on the face. PDL will almost instantly remove the red spot, which is really satisfying for a patient when they leave & it’s gone.”

– Dr. Chris Tomassian

Quick Hack to Reduce Facial Redness

This may be the shortest article I’ve ever written, because the take-away here is so SIMPLE!!  I typically recommed more “natural” beauty solutions ~ but I think by mixing Afrin with a wonderful organic product: you can get the best of both worlds here. 

Because facial redness is one of my top issues personally, I’ve been using Eminence’s Calm Skin line, which includes a lovely creamy cleanser & a potent facial serum which contains arnica….another great ingredient for helping to calm inflammation.

xoxo Noelia

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