Best Tacos in San Jose del Cabo

Let’s face it: a huge reason to visit Cabo, or anywhere in Mexico, for that matter ~ can be summed up in one word: TACOS.  When my friend & I traveled to San Jose del Cabo & all over the Baja Peninsula last year, we searched for the best tacos in every new city we traveled to.  It was actually one of the first things we did!  Whether it was in Todos Santos, La Paz (which is a surprisingly foodie-loving town), or right in downtown Los Cabos, it was always great tacos we searched for.  And luckily our friend Matt, a local surf instructor, helped guide us towards the absolute “Best Tacos in San Jose del Cabo!”

Best Tacos in San Jose del Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

Tacos at #1-ranked La Lupita & Mezcal, located right in downtown Los Cabos.

***Keep in Mind: This post is on the best tacos in San Jose del Cabo ~ NOT Cabo San Lucas.  San Jose del Cabo is a little more mellow than Cabo San Lucas (which is one of Mexico’s top party towns), is closer to the international airport, & has some of the most high-end resorts on the peninsula.

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La Lupita & Mezcal

El Ahorcado

Taqueria el Paisa

Las Guacamayas

Las Cazuelas del Don

Lateral Crudo

El Toro Guero

Overview of Best Tacos Spots

Restaurants that are starred are located right downtown San Jose del Cabo.  Click on the name of any restaurant to visit their menu & website.

  1. **La Lupita & Mezcal = The #1-Rated Taco Joint in Town!  Conveniently located downtown, not only is La Lupita open late-night ~ but listen to some of these mouth-watering options: Peruvian Ceviche, Cheese Crust Pastor (whaaattt??!), Roasted Ribs, Drunken Barbacoa, Baja Scallops, & Greek Eggplant (for vegetarians). Ummm…YES PLEASE!!  Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 2PM-2AM.
  2. El Ahorcado/The Hangman = Funky Skeletal Decor & Some of the Spiciest Sauces in Cabo!  If you like spicy food & unusual flavors: head to The Hangman. With over 10+ taco AND 10+ quesadilla choices, plus one of the most extensive sauce & salsa menus ~ you’ll be spoiled for choice here.  Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 4PM-Midnight.  
  3. **Taqueria El PaisaGlorified Food Cart Serving Up Local’s Favorite Tacos.  When we asked our friend Matt (who lives in Cabo) for his best late-night taco recommendation: El Paisa was his choice. It’s located right off the main drag, close to downtown ~ & though the ambience isn’t the finest, their Al Pastor tacos are sensational. Hours: 3AM-11:45PM DAILY.
  4. Las Guacamayas = Cute Outdoor Patio & Authentic Mexican Vibes.  Their meat comes right off the spit: which is ALWAYS a good sign!! If you’re looking for delicious, traditional Mexican food with great flavors & room for big parties: head here. They also have live music! Hours: 11AM-11:45PPM DAILY.  
  5. Las Cazuelas del Don = The YUMMIEST Tortilla Soup in Town.  With a perfect five-star rating on Yelp, eating at Don’s is like eating at your favorite uncle’s house: it’s friendly, the chef is the owner, & the food has that authentic, home-cooked flair that’s hard to find in a restaurant. The only problem is their hours: they’re closed on weekends!!?! Hours: Monday-Friday, 1PM-8PM. CLOSED on Saturday & Sunday.
  6. Lateral CrudoModern Taco Spot with DELISH Tacos & LOTS of Beverages!!  This place is open early, so if you feel like tacos for breakfast: this is your spot. This was another Matt recommendation ~ & it was my FAVE tacos of the trip!! Try their fish taco AND Al Pastor….heaven, divine, & close to the “Hotel Corridor” & Cabo’s infamous “round-about from hell.”  Hours: 7AM-11PM DAILY.  

Photos of Great Cabo Taco Joints…

Best Tacos in San Jose del Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

You can’t miss La Lupita’s distinctive orange building; they’re consistently rated the #1 tacos in San Jose del Cabo…

Best Taco Spots in San Jose del Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

Sink your teeth into some of Lupita’s juicy tacos…

**GWTW Tip: La Lupita is located in downtown San Jose del Cabo, by art galleries, shops, & lots of great restaurants. And they’re located very close to a restaurant with a secret speakeasy….hidden somewhere in the restaurant. (I’ll give you a hint: the restaurant starts with a “B.”)

Best Tacos in San Jose del Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

El Ahorcado is also known as “The Hangman,” & they’ve got a very distinct style on their outdoor patio…

Best Taco Spots in San Jose del Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

Taqueria el Paisa was the late-night taco joint we hit after a night on the town ~ & it’s located right by all the bars: perfect location. This was my exact order ~ 3 Al Pastor tacos! One for a friend, one for me, & one for breakfast…

Best Tacos in San Jose del Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World, Las Guacamayas

Nestled within a Los Cabos neighborhood, Las Guacamayas is a traditional Mexican restaurant with murals on the wall & a cute, colorful outdoor patio.

Best Tacos in San Jose del Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

Who wouldn’t want tacos from Don??! Las Cazuelas del Don is also known for their yummy tortilla soup. Photo by Los Cabos Guide.

Best Tacos in San Jose del Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World, Lateral Crudo

Lateral Crudo had MY personal favorite tacos of the trip: both their fish taco & al pastor were DIVINE!! And their decor is more modern than anywhere else on the list.

Best Taco Spots in San Jose del Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

El Toro Guero isn’t on the main list above ~ but it’s another great, informal place to grab tacos in Cabo.

Best Taco Spots in San Jose del Cabo

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xoxo Noelia

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