How to Get to Flora Farms by Cabo

I just got back from a trip to San Jose del Cabo, & one of the highlights was a visit to a magical place called Flora Farms.  Our new friend Matt took us there ~ he’s a popular surf guide who lives in Cabo, & this is a place he often brings clients.  Flora Farms is a 25-acre working organic farm, but it’s probably best-known as one of Cabo’s premier restaurants & venues; it’s even George Clooney’s favorite Cabo haunt.  Because it’s a little hard to find, up a dirt road & just outside the city, here are detailed instructions on “How to Get to Flora Farms by Cabo!” 

How to Get to Flora Farms in Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

It’s nearly impossible to get a single shot that captures the ENORMITY of Flora Farms: but this overhead shot begins to give you an idea…

Directions to Flora Farms

First off, to give you a general idea of where Flora Farms is: it’s just 10 minutes east of downtown San Jose del Cabo (the town nearest the airport), & further from Cabo San Lucas, which is a 40-minute drive. You’ll be on paved roads most of the way, until the last half-mile.  Then you’re on a dirt/sand road that takes you to the farm.

How to Get to Flora Farms by Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

YES: this is the dirt road that will lead you up to Flora Farms!

Directions to Flora Farms from Downtown San Jose del Cabo

  • Start on Boulevard Antonio Mijares, which is on the east side of San Jose del Cabo, by the Coffee Lab.
  • At the round-about that crosses Calle Benito Juarez (there’s a Cuervo’s House on the corner), go EAST over the bridge, onto East Cape Road.
  • After crossing the bridge, turn LEFT at the first traffic circle you come to (or take the THIRD exit).
  • At the next traffic circle (which immediately follows the first), continue straight on the main highway (or take the SECOND exit).
  • At the third traffic circle, again stay straight on the main highway (DON’T make your first right; take the SECOND exit, which will start veering you towards the right). If you end up at the Marina, you’ve taken the wrong exit.
  • At the fourth traffic circle, take a LEFT (or the SECOND exit) towards Punta Gorda & the East Cape. DON’T go to La Playita (a popular beach near the Marina).
  • After the fourth traffic circle, you’ll go straight for a short bit ~ then the road curves to the left. PAY ATTENTION here!! The turn-off for Flora Farms is on your left-hand side, onto a dirt road, & there’s a Cement (Cemex) Plant as a marker here. Turn left & go up the hill. (**This is the point where you’re going to wonder if you’ve made a wrong turn: but don’t worry, this is it!)
  • From here, go uphill & follow signs to Flora Farms. After going up, you’ll then go down a steep hill; at the bottom, turn right, & then make your first left into the Flora Farms parking lot.

Flora Farms

Downtown San Jose del Cabo

Photos of Magical Flora Farms….

Flora Farms is more than a restaurant.  There are all kinds of things to do here: like taking cooking classes, enjoying a spa treatment (they have private baths set amidst their garden!), Movie Nights on the lawn, sunset yoga, or simply taking a guided farm tour.  Matt says they’re in the process of building lodging on the property, so you’ll eventually be able to stay here as well. 

The setting, as you can see from photos below, is magical… 

How to Get to Flora Farms in Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

We visited Flora Farms on a busy Saturday night, & a wonderful band was playing right by the main outdoor seating area.

How to Get to Flora Farms in Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

The grounds of the farm are….meandering. There’s not a single, main dining space: it’s more a collection of many outdoor “rooms.” Photo by Flora Farms.

Flora Farms is open for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.  And though their dinners are often booked months in advance (three months, at the moment), you may have better luck coming for a yummy brunch or lunch…which aren’t as crowded.

**Matt’s Tip: When we visited, we didn’t have reservations, & it was a busy Saturday night.  If you’re willing to wait, his tip is to put your name on the wait list & hang out in their AMAZING outdoor bar area ~ which is surrounded by flowers, fruits & vegetables.  You can also take your drink & wander the property, taking photos.  And if you’re really hungry, grab some take-out at their market….which my friend Kadi did! 

In total, we waited about 90 minutes for a table.

How to Get to Flora Farms in Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

Flora Farms is also a wedding venue, & rarely have I seen a more beautiful one. The cost ranges between $35,000-50,000. Photo courtesy of Flora Farms.

How to Get to Flora Farms in Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

One of my favorite parts is their organic grocery store, which is right by the dining area(s). Our shared plate of veggies was one of the best parts of the meal.

How to Get to Flora Farms in Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

Flora Farms is more than a restaurant: you can also book a spa treatment here in one of their adorable treatment rooms. Photo by Flora Farms.

How to Get to Flora Farms in Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

Wandering the grounds is a MUST at Flora Farms ~ there are all kinds of magical, hidden areas waiting to be explored… Photo by Flora Farms.

Directions to Flora Farms in Cabo, Girl Who Travels the World

We found a delightful “hidden” spot to take photos in….our friend Anna is pictured here. Her bright green, floral dress matched Flora Farms perfectly ~ wear your prettiest frock here for lovely photos!

Where to Stay by Flora Farms

Since Matt is the resident expert on San Jose del Cabo ~ which he says is much more laid-back & “adult” than crazy Cabo San Lucas, two of his favorite hotels are Cabo Azul Resort & the One & Only Palmilla.  Palmilla sits on a beautiful white-sand beach, & hosts all kinds of celebrities….like Jennifer Aniston! 

He says Cabo Azul Resort gives you a very high-end feel for around $350/night, which in Cabo, is a steal for luxury.  Plus, they’re closer to Flora Farms & the many fun bars & art galleries in downtown San Jose del Cabo…

Happy Exploring & Eating!

xoxo Noelia

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