Best Food Trucks in Bend, Oregon

You haven’t truly been to Bend until you’ve eaten at some of its famous food carts!  If you’re not sure what a food cart is: they’re essentially your favorite restaurant set in a small, mobile “truck,” serving to-go food.  Food carts have become so popular here that several “Food Truck Lots” have popped up in recent years: this is a collection of carts together, along with plenty of outdoor/indoor seating, lots of brews & cider on tap (usually no hard alcohol), & room for kids & dogs to play.  In this article, the “Best Food Trucks in Bend, Oregon,” we’ll take a tour around town & check out some of the most popular spots!

**Author’s Note: Article updated in March 2024.

Best Food Cart Lots in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

On Tap is located on the east side of town, near Costco, & is one of my favorite food truck lots in Bend ~ Pilot Butte rises behind it, creating a phenomenal sunset spot.

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Map of Bend’s Food Truck Lots


On Tap

The Bite

The Lot

Midtown Yacht Club

The Office

Food Carts at Crux

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Overview of Bend’s Food Trucks

Let’s take a look at food carts close to downtown Bend & then move out from there ~ click on the name of any food cart below & it will take you to their menu.  Also Note: Hours listed below are for the tap rooms ~ NOT the food carts!! Each cart has its own operating hours. 

Stay tuned for photos below….

  • The Podski Food Cart Lot (Downtown) = TONS of Food Options + Great People-Watching/Bar-Hopping Location: This usually-packed spot includes these food carts: Thailandia (SUPER popular!!), The Tin Pig (Southern comfort food), Big Ski Perogies (dough dumplings with fillings!), Toasty (Vegan food), Board (charcuterie boards), Earl N Mabel (salads, skewers, & burritos), Tacos La Catrina (authentic Mexican), & Juno (sushi). Podski doesn’t have a lot of space ~ so this isn’t the best spot to bring dogs. But it IS a great place to start your night: it’s across the street from popular bars like River Pig, Avid Cider, & Bledsoe Family Winery.

Hours: 11AM-11PM DAILY.

  • The Lot Bend (West Side) = Tucked in Residential Streets & Just 4 Food Carts: The selection’s a little more limited here ~ food trucks include: A’La Carte (French Fries + Salads = GENIUS), Burgrz & Dogz (6 different burgers, 8 hot dogs), Fricken Faco (Fried chicken + fish tacos!), & Maki Maki Sushi (apps, sushi rolls, & poke). The Lot is set close to Drake Park, surrounded by some of Bend’s oldest, most historic homes ~ parking can be tough over here. This is a cozy spot; you may want to leave the dogs behind here.

Hours: 11AM-9PM DAILY. 

  • Crux Fermentation Food Carts = Big Grass Area for Kids & Dogs + Pizza & Mexican: This is a tasting room first, food trucks second spot ~ but their HUGE grass area makes it a great place to bring a group, bring the dogs, & spread out for a picnic. There are only two food carts here: El Sancho (most popular Mexican food in town), & Crux Pizza Project.

Hours: 11:30AM-9PM DAILY.

  • Midtown Yacht Club (East Side) = Local’s Favorite with Popular Barrio Mexican: This low-key spot has plenty of space to spread out ~ food trucks are: Barrio (one of the most popular Mexican spots in town), Alley Dogz (hot dogs, corn dogs, & pretzels), TOTS! (all kinds of tots), Shim Shon (Israeli street food), Lively Up Yourself (Vegan comfort food), North Fresh Sushi, & a pizza place just opened here. It’s less touristy here ~ more of a “locals” feel, set on a residential side street on the east side.

Hours: 11AM – 9PM; 10PM close on weekends.

  • On Tap (East Side) = Great for Sunsets + Kid + Dog-Friendly, LOTS of Room: I think this is one of the prettiest food truck spots in Bend ~ & a killer place to watch the sunset over nearby Pilot Butte. It’s more kid & dog-friendly than most food truck spots, with more space & lots of large tables. Food trucks here: Barrio (tacos, burritos, enchiladas), Curbbq (brisket, pulled pork, & burgers), Himalayan Bites (dumplings, curry, noodles), The Bleu Rooster (sandwiches & gyros), Phillystyle (classic Philly cheese steaks), & Rush’s Squares (Sicilian-style pizza).

Hours: 11AM – 9PM; 10PM close on weekends.

  • The Bite (in Tumalo) = Family-Friendly with GREAT Food + Adirondacks + Picnic Tables: This is another one of my favorites ~ love the vibe here! I always see kids & families at The Bite, & usually several dogs (not mine ~ she’s too wild)! Food trucks include: The Rogue Chef (high-end BLT’s, Wagyu beef burgers, + NW Salad), Rico’s Tacos (burritos, fajitas, nachos, tacos), Noi Thai (one of the most popular Thai spot in town ~ with spring rolls, Pad Thai, Thai basil chicken, etc.), Pine Marten Pizza (yummy wood-fired pizza), & North Fresh Sushi. In my opinion, this lot has the best selection of ALL: great variety & quality of food here. It’s also more of a “locals” place, set in adorable Tumalo ~ great stop after visiting Tumalo Falls.

Hours: 11AM – 9PM DAILY.

Best Food Cart Lots in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World, On Tap

On Tap gets my vote for the “Prettiest Food Truck Lot” in town…& dogs love it too : )

Photos of Bend Food Truck Lots

I get it: you need to see some photos before making a decision about which food carts to visit while you’re in Bend!  Here you go…

Best Food Trucks in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

You haven’t really been to Bend until you’ve experienced at least ONE of its food trucks: pictured here is popular Podski, located off Colorado Ave.

Best Food Truck Lots in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

“The Lot” is located on the west side of the river, near popular 10 Barrel Brewing.

Best Food Trucks in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

There are only a couple of food carts at Crux ~ but their massive lawn area is a FANTASTIC place to people-watch on a nice day. Bring the kids & dogs!

Best Food Cart Lots in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

Crux is a happening spot ~ & what you can’t see in this photo is a HUGE lawn area to the left….filled with picnic tables & room to run.

Best Food Truck Lots in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

Midtown Yacht Club has no water in sight ~ but lots of good food & a relaxed vibe.

Best Food Truck Lots in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

The Bite in Tumalo is my personal favorite food cart spot: they’ve got pizza, Thai food, great tacos, & SHAVED ICE!!

Best Food Cart Lots in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

My friend’s son enjoying a refreshing shaved ice after some of our many Bend adventures….

Best Food Trucks in Bend, Oregon

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Food Truck Dining Guide for Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World