Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Bend, Oregon!

I spent three months in Bend, Oregon this fall ~ & nearly every day, I took my dog, Dylan, out to find awesome, dog-friendly trails!  Bend is a super outdoorsy town, with all kinds of pet-friendly restaurants, & countless trails that are made for dogs.  But if you love letting your dog romp around off-leash, I’ve curated here my top picks for the best off-leash dog parks in Bend.  Some are actual enclosed dog parks, while others are trails or large, open areas where dogs are allowed off leash. 

Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

Join me & my best buddy Dylan as we explore the best off-leash dog parks in Bend! Photo taken on the Deschutes River Trail.

Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Bend, Oregon!

Bend is a very relaxed town, with a casual dress code & a very welcoming attitude towards pets.  I think it’s one of the best places in the West to enjoy an active, dog-friendly vacation.  To make trip planning easier, I’ve listed the best pet-friendly hotel near each park.  And if there’s a great pet-friendly restaurant nearby, I list that too!

Map of Best Bend Dog Parks

Big Sky Dog Park

Pine Nursery Dog Park

Rimrock Trail (Huge Off-Leash Dog Area)

Hollinshead Dog Park (Smaller than Pine Nursery)

Deschutes River Trail (Riverbend Dog Park is also near here)

Shevlin Commons Trailhead (MAJOR mountain views!)

1. Pine Nursery Dog Park

Looking at the map above, you’ll see that Pine Nursery Park is located on the east side of Bend, nestled in a residential community.  The park is MASSIVE, with soccer fields, walking trails, & tucked in the corner ~ a HUGE fenced-in dog park.  I mean, HUGE!!  Dylan & I came here again & again, because you can choose to interact with other dogs (they convene in a large, grass area), or simply roam freely, away from the crowds.  It’s the best of both worlds.

Distinguishing Feature: It’s MASSIVE!!  There’s a small dog & larger dog area ~ plus sand dunes to play in, mountain views, & plenty of grass to roll in.  Pine Nursery has it ALL (minus a river).

Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

Pine Nursery Dog Park is MASSIVE!! This is my favorite dog park for Dylan in Bend!

Great Pet-Friendly Hotel Near Pine Nursery ParkRiverhouse on the Deschutes ($90+/night).  Located just a few miles from Pine Nursery, Riverhouse allows up to 2 dogs per room, & it’s set right on the Deschutes River.

Great Pet-Friendly Bar/Restaurant NearbyOn Tap Bend is just a stone’s throw from Pine Nursery, & is a collection of outdoor seating, fire pits, & food trucks ~ with over 30 taps pouring beer, wine, & kombucha!  It’s SUPER fun & super pet-friendly ~ great for meeting friends, especially in summer.

2. Big Sky Dog Park

Also on the east side of Bend, a little further from town, is Big Sky Park.  This was the first dog park I discovered in Bend, & it’s still one of my favorite spots.  Like Pine Nursery, there are many soccer & baseball fields here ~ so the park is often busy with activity; but tucked back in the corner is a HUGE fenced-in dog area, surrounded by desert landscape.  There’s also a wash running along the left side of the park, leading to a small pond ~ which Dylan LOVED to splash in & out of with his new friends! 

Distinguishing Feature: Also massive like Pine Nursery, with the added bonus of a pond & a long wash.

Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World, Big Sky

Follow the path to the left of the dog park, & it will lead to this pond…

Best Pet-Friendly Hotel Near Big Sky: Comfort inn & Suites Bend ($75+/night).  Up to 2 pets allowed per room. 

Best Pet-Friendly Restaurant Nearby: Try Jackson’s Corner East.  It’s usually packed, but their outdoor patio is pet-friendly & quieter, & their food is delicious.  Order at the counter.

3. Deschutes River Trail (+ Riverbend Park)

The Deschutes River Trail is THE quintessential, most-trafficked trail in Bend.  Located right downtown, you can access it from several places (it goes on for miles) ~ but I typically parked at Farewell Bend Park, then headed away from town, along the river.  You’ll get stunning river & forest views here, & if you can avoid weekend summer mornings, hopefully the crowds won’t be too bad!  This is technically not an off-leash trail, but most dogs are off-leash anyway ~ & no one seems to have a problem with it.  Riverbend Park is also nearby, which has a small dog park set on the river.

Distinguishing Feature: This is a BUSY trail!!  But it’s less crowded on the west side of the river ~ so walk over there to beat the crowds.

Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

Deschutes River Trail is the quintessential Bend trail, located right in downtown.

Best Pet-Friendly Hotel & Restaurant Near Deschutes River Trail: McMenamins Old St. Francis School ($145+/night).  This is one of my favorite bar/hotels ANYWHERE!!!  You MUST go when you’re in Bend!!  Built out of an old Catholic school, this rambling property has a boutique hotel, several quirky & fun bars/restaurants, a movie theater, & soaking tub.  It’s AMAZING!!  GO!!

4. Rimrock Trail

On the west side of Bend, just past Tetherow Golf Course, is a local’s only, secret off-leash spot for dogs: Rimrock Trail.  When my friend told me about it, I literally couldn’t even find it on Google Maps!  It’s more like a flat, hiking trail than a dog park ~ but ALL dogs are off-leash, the area is MASSIVE, & if you follow the trail to the end, it will lead you all the way to the Deschutes River.  After passing Tetherow Golf Course on Century Drive, you’ll cross a bridge.  Directly after that bridge, turn left onto a dirt road ~ that’s the entrance to Rimrock Trail.  There’s a dirt parking lot with plenty of space to park.

Distinguishing Feature: Wide open space, & WIDE paths with plenty of room for active pups to roam!  Rarely crowded, a local’s-only spot.

Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

Miles & miles of sandy trails eventually lead to stunning views of the Deschutes River.

Great Pet-Friendly Hotel & Restaurant Near Rimrock Trail: Tetherow Lodge Hotel ($135+/night).  You’ve got a bar & restaurant here overlooking the golf course, & pet-friendly rooms available in the lodge.  Mountain views are visible from nearly everywhere on property.

5. Shevlin Park Commons

Shevlin Park, located on the west side of Bend, is a super popular area for hikers.  But it can also be extremely crowded (especially on weekends), & hard to find parking.  So, my fifth recommendation for the best off-leash dog parks in Bend, is located next to Shevlin Park: at the Shevlin Park Commons Trailhead.  This trail gives you HUGE views of the western mountain ranges outside Bend, including South Sister, Middle Sister, & Broken Top.  Plus, it’s a nice, wide trail, with far fewer crowds than Shevlin Park.

Distinguishing Feature: HUGE views of the Sisters, plus the entire western mountain range outside of Bend.

Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

The best thing about Shevlin Park Commons, is the long views you get of all the mountains outside of Bend (including the Sisters).

Great Restaurant & Bar Near Shevlin Park: 10 Barrel Brewing Company.  On your way back into town, stop at this Bend institution ~ where you can sip a brew on their outdoor patio with your pup in tow.

Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Bend, Oregon!

That rounds out my list of the best off-leash dog parks in Bend, Oregon!  One additional spot that’s on the map but that I haven’t mentioned yet, is Hollinshead Park.  It’s a smaller, grassy off-leash dog park near Pine Nursery ~ set on the east side of town.  There are no views here, but it’s a great spot to let the dogs play & roam.  Happy adventuring!!

xoxo Noelia & Dylan

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