Best Cozumel Sunsets

What’s the one major problem with Cancun, Playa del Carmen, & Tulum ~ three of the most popular beachfront resort towns in the Yucatan?  I’ll tell you what it is: unless you’re on a rooftop, you won’t see the sunset in ANY of them!!  They all face east, not west ~ which means they don’t face the sunset.  Which is a travesty.  

 Because the sunsets in the Yucatan are some of the most spectacular I’ve seen anywhere in the world!  

Stunning!  Out of this world!  Ridiculous!  Awe-inspiring!  Every cliche you can think of ~ that’s how I feel about the Yucatan sunsets.

So…Where Can You See Them? 

I’ve got two words for you: in Cozumel!  Cozumel is a little island (well actually, it’s the biggest island in Mexico) off the coast of Playa del Carmen ~ just a 45-minute ferry ride away from the mainland.  As such, the entire western side of Cozumel face due west, which equates to prime sunset-capturing real estate.  If you’re basically anywhere on the western side of the island, you’ll be able to catch one of the best sunsets you’ve ever seen. 

Best Cozumel Sunsets

Sunset from the popular Money Bar, a 10-min taxi ride south of Cozumel’s main town, on the western side of the island.

Locations for Best Cozumel Sunsets 

Like I said, you can watch a stunning Cozumel sunset basically anywhere on the island.  The spots I’m including on the map below happen to be where I repeatedly captured some of my most stunning shots.  So use this as a jumping-off point only ~ I know you’ll discover plenty of Cozumel sunset magic all on your own!


Hotel Cozumel


Las Palmeras

El Palomar

The Money Bar

My Cozumel Sunsets Routine…

Every night, no matter what, I found myself pulled outside to witness the repeatedly spectacular Cozumel sunsets.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  For one month, night after night, I was witness to one spectacular, stunning sunset after another.  

Below, we’re going to take a little photo tour around town to some of the places I’ve listed on the map above.  Many shots I simply captured while walking along the main boardwalk.  Our tour will start just north of town, & from there, we’ll work our way south.  

The Locals-Only Spot

Best Cozumel Sunsets

A rainbow-colored sunset & cliff-diving at a “Local’s Only” spot ~ just a 5-min drive north of town. I could tell you where it is…but the locals might kill me ; )

  Our first sunset stop is only a few minutes away from town, but feels miles away.  I call this the “locals only” spot, because if you find your way there at sunset time, you’ll likely see a bunch of locals cliff-diving & hanging out along a rocky wall, watching the sunset & shooting the shit.  This spot is about a 5-minute drive north of town, past the Cozumel’s International Airport.  You’ve got to take a little dirt path down to this spot, & head thru a few bushes ~ then you’ll end up at a long, rock wall with a long ledge.  Climb on up, join the locals, & cliff dive if you dare. 

Best Cozumel Sunsets

Just hanging with the boys of summer…

Along the Promenade…

Now let’s walk along the main drag ~ but on the ocean side, so as not to be bothered by shopkeepers.  If you start near the International Airport & head south, you’ll come across interesting fountains & statues ~ all of which make great backdrops for the sunset.  Head south & take photos at your leisure while the sun sinks. 

Best Cozumel Sunsets

The warrior who stands guard over Cozumel, watching out for pirates or something..

Best Cozumel Sunsets, Girl Who Travels the World

More statues along the promenade…

Next Stop ~ El Palomar

El Palomar is a restaurant & bar set in one of Cozumel’s oldest, loveliest buildings, and is about a 5-minute walk north of the main ferry terminal.  You’ll know you’ve reached El Palomar when you see a graceful white building & a huge, wrap-around porch that simply beckons you to come up & have a drink.  And their margaritas are the best in town: good tequila with fresh lime juice ~ no sweet & sour bullshit going on here!  Grab a margarita here & enjoy the sunset from the porch, or take it to-go for your sunset stroll.

Best Cozumel Sunsets, Sunset at El Palomar

Watching the sunset from El Palomar, a 5-minute walk north of the main ferry.

Sunset at the Ferry Terminal

Best Cozumel Sunsets

Sunset over Cozumel, with the ferry terminal in the distance.

Cozumel Sunsets at Jeannie’s

Jeannie’s is a popular restaurant, about a 10-minute walk south of the ferry terminal, where I captured some of my favorite sunset pictures of the entire trip.  And the good news is: Jeannie’s is typically busy at lunch (with the cruise ship crowd), & much quieter at sunset time (after most cruise ships have left).  Which makes it heaven for YOU ~ & the perfect place to get some amazing sunset shots.  

Yucatan Travel Guide, Best Cozumel Sunsets

Sunset at Jeannie’s, & one of the most “liked” Instagram pics I’ve ever posted: 656 like & counting…

Sunset after the Storm

Best Cozumel Sunsets

Sunset after an intense rain storm, right next to Turquoise bar. No filter.

 Turquoise Bar, across from Hog’s Town Dive Shop & a 30-minute walk south of town, has great Moscow mules, swings, & the perfect vantage point to watch some amazing Cozumel sunsets.  Like most places in Cozumel, they’re busier during the day ~ but at sunset time, you can eat & drink in peace, minus the majority of tourists.  

So Long, Cozumel Sunsets…

Have you been to Cozumel?  Did you visit as part of a cruise, or did you actually stay longer than a night or two?  Did you end up loving it as much as I did?  Let me know your experience of Cozumel & if you caught any crazy Cozumel sunsets in the comments below!  

Noelle Bertram is a former fitness coach & restaurant owner who travels full-time now & writes all about it. Catch up with her on Instagram or @ her website about being the ultimate, fearless travel girl:!
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