Best Breakfast Spots in Cozumel

Many of my Cozumel articles, such as where to snorkel on the island, have long been some of my most popular.  But for some reason, I’ve never fully discussed where to eat ~ including where to find the “Best Breakfast Spots in Cozumel.”  This is an oversight, because there’s SO much good food here!  I used to take my computer & walk from my hotel, Suites Colonial, over to Coz Coffeehouse, which is a great place to work whilst people-watching.  And Maple Bakehouse is another great spot to pick up yummy food & delicious espressos… 

We’ll find all the best spots in this article!

Best Breakfast Spots in Cozumel, Girl Who Travels the World

   I spent a month in Cozumel & had PLENTY of time to scout out great breakfast spots! Sombreros optional : )

Casa Mexicana, the sister property to Suites Colonial, serves up my favorite breakfast buffet in town: with plenty of healthy options, like a delicious fresh juice & smoothie bar! 

Map of Cozumel Breakfast Spots

I’ll break down Cozumel’s brunch spots into categories: best for quick service, sit-down, authentic Mexican cuisine, etc.  They’re also listed this way on the map below, for easy scouting.

Maple Bakehouse (Fast Casual + Great Pastries)

Jolly Cafe (Sit-Down)

Coz Coffeehouse (Quick)

Corazon Contento (Authentic)

Burrito's Gorditos (Breakfast Burritos)

The Money Bar (Oceanfront Sit-Down)

Amparo's Breakfast Bistro (Sit-Down)

Jeanie's (Oceanfront Sit-Down)

Casa Mexicana (Best Hotel Breakfast Buffet)

The Blue Angel (Most Romantic)

Best Breakfast Spots in Cozumel

If the restaurant has a menu available online, it’s linked below; simply click on the name of the restaurant.

Best Quick Casual Coffee/Breakfast Spots: Coz Coffee (6:30AM-9PM) & Maple Bakehouse (7:30AM-10PM). Both of these coffee shops are pretty much perfection.  At Coz, you can get a nice, dark roast & scrambled eggs ~ plus the owners are super cool.  Maple Bakehouse makes the best fresh pastries daily, has delicious coffee, & offers breakfast & sandwiches all day.  

Both are located in downtown Cozumel, & you can bring your computer & work at either.

Best Breakfast Spots in Cozumel, Cozumel Guide, Coz Coffee

Coz Coffee has a great, dark roast & even peanut butter coffee!

Best Hangover Breakfast Spots in Cozumel: The Thirsty Cougar (9AM-1AM).  If you’re looking for a boozy brunch in Cozumel: tongue-in-cheek Thirsty Cougar is perfect.  And if you decide to stay into the evening….that’s okay too ~ they’re open late!

Best Hotel Breakfast Buffets: Casa Mexicana, which is located right on Cozumel’s main drag, has an AMAZING breakfast buffet with ocean views! Try out their juice bar or omelet station…plenty of choices here. Their sister property is Suites Colonial (which doesn’t offer breakfast), so I spent many mornings here. Cozumel Palace also has a fantastic breakfast buffet, & their beautiful oceanfront property is one of the nicest hotels in town. Other hotels that offer breakfast buffets include the Grand Park Royal Cozumel & the Sunscape Sabor Cozumel ~ both of which are all-inclusive, beachfront resorts.

Best Brunch Spots in Cozumel, How Living in Hotels Can be Cheaper Than Rent

Enjoy breakfast with this view at Casa Mexicana’s delicious breakfast buffet…one of the only located in Cozumel’s main town.

Best Brunch Spots in Cozumel

Best Sit-Down Breakfast Spots: 1) Amparo’s Breakfast Bistro (7AM-3PM) = Amparo’s is one of the only true breakfast & lunch-only cafes in Cozumel; you can order up American-style or more Mexican fare here; 2) Palmeras (8AM-10PM) = Located right across from the main Cozumel ferry ~ Palmeras has a HUGE menu, & its location by the ocean AND the main plaza gives you prime people-watching; 3) Jolly: Coffee & Late Breakfast (8AM-4PM) = Grab an American-Style breakfast with lots of coffee options, on the north side of town by the Museum & Maple Bakehouse.

Best Brunch Spots in Cozumel, Girl Who Travels the World

Amparo’s colorful little cafe is one of the best sit-down brunch spots in town. Photo by the Restaurant Guru.

Best Authentic Mexican Breakfasts in Cozumel: Corazon Contento (7AM-2PM) = Located a couple blocks-in from the ocean, this is where you want to go for a true Mexican breakfast; the building isn’t glamorous, but the food is excellent.  Burritos Granditos (8AM-5PM) = If you love breakfast burritos (think Bacon & Egg, Chorizo & Egg, or Veggie), head here immediately! It’s friendly, clean, & the prices are still low.

Best Oceanfront Brunch Spots in Cozumel: Jeanie’s (7AM-10PM) = The food is just okay here ~ but the location right on the water is sensational! Plus, they’ve got their own little sandy beach. & a big breakfast menu: order up waffles, Eggs Benedict, omelets, or more Mexican-style fare here.  The Money Bar (7AM-9:30PM) = The Money Bar is a super-fun oceanfront establishment that’s also one of Cozumel’s best snorkel spots (they’ve got lots of loungers here in case you want to stay & swim). Grab everything from a light breakfast to a hearty “French Toast Special” ~ & they’ve got also a full bar, so mimosas & Bloody Mary’s are a “go” here. Finally, for a great brunch spot perched right above the ocean: head to the Blue Angel Resort’s restaurant (7AM-11PM). This is a great place for a romantic meal or a fun girl’s Sunday brunch…sunsets here are also EPIC.

Best Brunch Spots in Cozumel, Mexico, Girl Who Travels the World

The Money Bar is more than just a restaurant: you can also lay out, swim, & snorkel here on their sprawling beachfront property.

Best Sit-Down Brunch Spots in Cozumel, Girl Who Travels the World

The most romantic place for brunch in Cozumel is this pretty perch: at the Blue Angel Resort.

Bye Bye Cozumel…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to eating & drinking in one of my favorite places in Mexico.  Let me know where your favorite Cozumel haunts are ~ & if you’re traveling there solo, check out this video post of my time there…

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