Solo Female Travel in Cozumel!

What are some great destinations for solo female travel?”  I hear this question a lot, often from female travelers setting out on their first solo adventure.  While many European destinations like Iceland, Austria, & Ireland are all great for solo travel in terms of safety ~ they’re quite expensive (particularly Iceland).  But there is a location much closer to home if you live in the States, that possibly you’ve overlooked: Mexico.  And to be more specific: Cozumel.  I spent a month there this April, & after doing so: I can highly recommend solo female travel in Cozumel.  In fact, it’s one of my top solo travel picks. 

And here’s why…

Cozumel Guide

Cozumel is an IDEAL place for solo female travel. The island setting is laid-back & crime is very low.


Solo Female Travel in Cozumel

Islands, in general, tend to be fairly safe locations for female travel.  Ones that come to mind off the top of my head are the Galapagos Islands (another favorite of mine for solo travel), the islands of Hawaii, & Iceland (which is technically a HUGE island).  Why are islands so safe?  First off: where are the criminals gonna go?!  If they rip you off, they need to escape, right? Well, in Cozumel ~ the only way off the island is by ferry, boat, or plane).  Not exactly speedy methods for escape. 

Solo Female Travel in Cozumel

The only way off the island? By ferry, boat, or plane.

Sense of Community

Another reason islands feel so safe for travel is that there tends to be a greater sense of community on islands.  Everyone knows each other, & if you plan to stay while ~ chances are, you’ll start to feel like a local within days.  On Cozumel, Coz Coffee became my regular hangout spot & work station (they have great Wi-Fi), where I met ex-pats & locals ~ & the guys at Cuatros Tacos became, basically, my best friends on the island!  This, compared to big cities where it’s easy to get lost in the crowd ~ islands offer a chance to really get to know people, which I love. 

Cozumel Video!

So watch the video below & get a feel for the laid-back, island vibe of Cozumel.  In it, I’ll take you from the gorgeous deck of Casa Mexicana (which has the best breakfast buffet in Cozumel) to the wind-swept east side of the island.  Next, we’ll rent a pink bug & hit up the island’s best snorkel spots!  Then, we’ll listen to some live music at Woody’s & The Money Bar.  Those beautiful pink sunsets?  Captured at Villablanca Hotel & Resort.  And those colorful fountains?  The good news is: they go off nightly in Cozumel’s main plaza ~ & the kids LOVE them. 

Finally, we’ll end up cliff-diving with Cozumel locals & some handsome Belgians.  I never said this trip was going to be dull… ; )

All of this & more awaits you as you solo female travel in Cozumel….

Solo Female Travel in Cozumel ~ Video!

What You Need in Cozumel

It’s almost always warm & balmy in Cozumel.  I don’t think I put on a jacket once.  And I felt entirely comfortable walking around in cover-ups & bikinis: it’s just that kind of a place.  So what do you need?  Cute bikinis, rompers, strong sunscreen, & any cute, beach-ready clothes you’ve been dying to wear.  Shop cute rompers under $25 here

Or get some ideas below….

Where I Stayed in Cozumel ~

  • Under $50/night: My three favorite hotels in Cozumel all happened to be less than $50/night ~ which is great for solo travelers.  They are: 1) Suites Colonial, right in town, close to the central square & walk-able from ferry; 2) Villablanca Garden Beach Hotel (I’d recommend this hotel for divers &/or people who don’t mind being about a mile outside of town); & 3) Hotel Mary Carmen (across from Suites Colonial, in town).  I felt entirely safe in all three places, & the staff were all accommodating & kind (the owner of Hotel Mary Carmen even helped me fix my broken computer!)
  • Over $50/night: If you’re looking for a little more luxury, try Casa Mexicana ($78+), on the main strip.  It’s the sister hotel to Suites Colonial, & their breakfast is legendary!  (Beautiful views from its deck are in the beginning of the video, with cruise ship in distance.)  I also stayed at the Flamingo Hotel ($50+), which is next to the Maple Coffee House (so yummy!) & the great Italian restaurant, Guido’s.  I didn’t love my room at Flamingo as much as the other hotels ~ but it was also on the ground floor & not one of their best rooms.  They lock their gates at night though, so as far as feeling secure: you’re in good hands here. 
  • For a more complete list of Cozumel hotels, click here.  

Solo Female Travel in Cozumel!

Thank you for reading this article on solo female travel in Cozumel.  For those of you who’ve asked me about great solo travel destinations ~ I hope this article has got your wheels turning, & has given you some fresh ideas.  If you’re new to travel & need some encouragement ~ hit me up in the comments below or email me….that’s what I’m here for!  

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