What are Physiq and Empsculpt Like?

What are Physiq and Emsculpt like?  Or actually, what are they to begin with?!  Emsculpt Neo & Physiq are two of the latest technologies being used in the body-contouring space.  Unlike Coolsculpt, which attempts to “freeze off” body fat, Emsculpt & Physiq are more in the “muscle-building” category ~ that is to say, they cause the body to undergo up to 20,000 muscle contractions in one 30-minute session!  Essentially, it’s like the machine is helping you do 20,000 sit-ups, by forcing your muscles to contract.  I’ll explain this in greater detail below, & let you know if I think these machines are worth the hype!

What are Physiq and Emsculpt Like? Girl Who Travels the World

The author trying out the latest in body-contouring techonology: Physiq, which uses very similar technology to Emsculpt.

When you’re offered a free session….sometimes you’ve just gotta try it!  I tested out the Physiq body-contouring treatment (3 sessions) at Renew Esthetics in Redmond, Oregon ~ where I typically go for facials. And I got information on Emsculpt Neo from Dr. Carey, at Bend Aesthetics & Wellness. According to her, Jennifer Lopez is a huge fan of Emsculpt, having used it over 100 times (allegedly)!

What are Physiq and Emsculpt Like?

What Does a Physiq Session Actually FEEL Like? 

So let’s walk through a session of Physiq body contouring to see what it’s REALLY like.  For your first appointment, your provider may want to take a “Before” photo of the area you’ll be working on, which in my case was the lower stomach.  This may or may not happen, & you can always decline having photos taken ~ but for your own safety & protection (in case something goes wrong, particularly in the case of Coolsculpt), it’s advised that you DO take photos. 

Next, your practitioner will take you into the treatment room.  To work on the stomach, I didn’t disrobe completely ~ I just pulled my shorts down so that Lisa, my practitioner, could place two “paddles” on my stomach.  She used some kind of jelly on my skin, to provide a barrier between the paddles & my skin.  Then, she tightened the paddles onto me (to hold them in place) with a strap around my waist, & we got going. 

Now, as far as the contractions go, on the Physiq machine: I believe they go from 1-50 (how in the HELL anyone could get to 50 ~ I have NO idea!?).  You can absolutely adjust the intensity of the contractions: there are “Up & Down” buttons on the machine itself, & you (the client) can adjust these; make sure your provider shows you how.  Lisa started me out at a “Level 3” on Physiq, which is meant to cause a very small contraction.  From there, you can go up slowly, as your pain tolerance allows.

What are Phsyic and Emsculpt Body Contouring Treatments Like? Girl Who Travels the World

This is a look at the Physiq machine at Renew Esthetics: it was set to work on the lower “Abdomen,” & rotates between heat & contractions.

Do the Contractions from Physiq/Emsculpt HURT?! 

On a “Level 3,” I would say that NO, the contractions didn’t hurt.  That level felt very mild, like I was doing a small stomach crunch, & my stomach was being forced into a very small contraction.  HOWEVER, once I got up to about a “Level 8,” things started to get wild!  I wouldn’t describe the contractions as *hurting,* exactly ~ but they’re also not entirely comfortable.  It felt to me like 100 little elves were pricking my stomach, & my reaction was not only to contract my stomach….but to LAUGH, like uncontrollably! 

Lisa said this happens with many clients. 

Another way I would describe this machine is: if you ever saw an episode of “The Bachelorette,” on Hannah Brown’s season ~ one of the *dates* involved having her guys simulate pregnancy contractions.  They strapped a machine onto the men’s stomachs, & I imagine it produced a similar feeling to Physiq: wherein your stomach is forced to contract, whether you like it or not!  I’ll never forget the reactions on the men’s faces….with hunk Tyler Cameron among them: some of the guys leapt off the table, others screamed & made funny faces, & some did as I did, laughing uncontrollably! 

All this to say: I can’t say that Physiq hurts, exactly ~ but it also feels really freaking weird.  If you’re on a high enough level, you will definitely FEEL something happening!

Video of an Emsculpt Neo Session

If you watch the girl’s face in the video below: you’ll get a good idea of what an Emsculpt or Physiq session actually feels like.  As she says, the feeling is quite “shocking.”  And that is a good way of describing it…..you definitely won’t be able to sleep during a session!

Do You Get Any Relief While Doing Physiq/Emsculpt….or Is it ALL Contractions? 

The main difference between Physiq & Emsculpt is: Physiq gives you a break between contractions, with about 4 minutes of contractions, followed by 4 minutes of heat.  The purpose of this heat (that comes from a laser) is that it’s supposed to “melt your fat.”  I don’t know about you: but I’m always skeptical about this kind of thing.  Anything that tells me it can “permanently” get rid of fat…..I just don’t know if that’s possible.  I know lasers are getting advanced these days ~ but still

With Emsculpt Neo, as I understand it: they DO have a heat component, but it’s combined with the contractions.  So you’re getting 20 or 30 minutes of straight contractions!  Now, that could get intense.  But I suppose you can always have your practitioner take the machine down to a level that is tolerable for you.

What are Physiq and Emsculpt Like? Girl Who Travels the World

The red light indicates that I’m on the “Heat” setting for Physiq, thus getting a break from contractions!

Does Physiq/Emsculpt WORK?? Did You Notice a Difference?

You won’t notice much if you just do one treatment.  I didn’t really notice a difference after one session.  After 2-3 though, I noticed that my upper abs were getting more definition.  Lisa says that, even though the paddles weren’t on my upper abs, those muscles are still contracting ~ especially when you’re on higher levels of the machine.  In my lower abs, I’d say that I noticed a *slight* difference.  Nothing major.  But this is a notoriously stubborn area to remove fat, & my honest opinion is: DIET & regular exercise affect the lower abs more than anything.  For me, anyway!

As do hormones, which can start to go haywire in a woman’s 40’s, causing all kinds of bodily changes. 

I did feel great for awhile though after the Physiq sessions; I felt slimmer & leaner through the waist for several months.  But now, over a year after my last Physiq session: I honestly don’t think they made a huge difference.  What I ate & drank last weekend has much more influence over how my abs look & feel today, than those sessions I did over a year ago.

And that is the sad truth!

Do Emsulpt Neo & Physiq Body Contouring Really WORK? Girl Who Travels the World

This photo was taken a few weeks after my final Physiq session: my waist DID feel slightly slimmer, for awhile.

Lisa says that clients who see the best results from Physiq come in for “routine maintenance.”  What this means: they could be spending $500-1,500/month on these sessions, on an ongoing basis….which for most of us, is totally out-of-reach.  I can see why celebrities like Jennifer Lopez can & are able to include this in their routine.  But for the average person, I truly think you’d see better & longer-lasting results from making changes to your everyday diet & exercise routine. 

Unless you have a TON of money at your disposal!

How Much Do Physiq & Emsculpt COST?

I think the average going rate for Physiq & Emsculpt sessions is about $500/treatment.  So if you do 3 sessions, that will cost around $1,500.  Bend, Oregon where I live may be a little cheaper than in major cities like Los Angeles or New York.  The reason treatments are so expensive, is that the machines themselves are expensive; I believe Lisa said they cost in the $100,000 range!  The equipment they use (& have to throw out after each treatment), is also pricey: which explains why sessions just aren’t cheap. 

Some practitioners may offer you a free session (as happened in my case) if you’re a good client, & come in for other services.  After all, they need to advertise what these machines can do…& word-of-mouth in the “Beauty” category is priceless.  You may also be able to work out a package deal, to get a reduced rate for a number of sessions. 

But Here’s My Bottom Line: Unless you’re willing to go in for some kind of “maintenance” after your initial sessions ~ I just don’t think Physiq or Emsculpt produces super long-lasting results. Even if I did 20,000 sit-ups a year ago….that just doesn’t have much bearing on how I feel TODAY. 


In other words: if I eat too much, I still feel bloated! 


That is the unfortunate truth.

What Do You Think?

Even though I don’t feel that Physiq made a huge difference for me in the long-run: others certainly may feel differently.  If you’ve had experience with Physiq or Emsculpt ~ please comment below!  I’d love to get a discussion going on this topic, so that people know whether it’s worth it or not to spend their money on technology like this. 

xoxo Noelia

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Honest Review of Emsculpt & Physiq Body-Contouring Treatments, Girl Who Travels the World

Do Physiq and Emsculpt Neo Really Work?? Girl Who Travels the World