How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden

  “Fixer Upper” is one of my favorite TV shows!  My niece & nephew first told me about it: they talked about this “Joanna Gaines” character, & since I hadn’t seen the show yet, I didn’t understand that those words actually meant a whole style.  Relaxed, friendly, cozy, warm, farm house….that pretty much sums up her style in a few words.  So when I recently bought a house that has a HUGE backyard, I got inspired by an episode called “Family Garden Project,” that showed Joanna & Chip designing their own backyard.  In this post, I’ll explain step-by-step how to create a Joanna Gaines-worthy garden in your own backyard!

How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden, Girl Who Travels the World

Wood trellises form the center point of Joanna Gaines’ garden: they’re surrounded by raised garden beds & lead to her garden “shed.”

Magnolia Table

Garden Tools

Children’s Book

A Tour of Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Garden

Before we figure out how to create a Joanna Gaines garden of our own, let’s first take a look at her garden to get ideas & inspiration.  Under each photo, I make note of key decisions she’s made to enhance the beauty & aesthetic of her garden that can easily be mimicked in your own.

All photos below are courtesy of HGTV.

How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden, Girl Who Travels the World

Raised garden beds are the cornerstone of Joanna’s garden: though all different sizes, they’re stained the same color for uniformity. White pea gravel provides a beautiful contrast to the dark, cedar wood of the raised beds. 

Read this article to find out what one of the best non-toxic stains for garden beds is, that will not harm your plants or vegetables in any way.

How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden, Girl Who Travels the World

Notice that Joanna tends to put smaller plants in the FRONT of the garden ~ with taller plants like these climbing vines, in back….so you can clearly see everything from the front of the garden.

How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden, Girl Who Travels the World

Okay….so this isn’t exactly a “shed” ~ this is like a beautiful outdoor room that’s an inspiration in itself! If you can’t afford to create a “She Shed” this elaborate, replicate it on a smaller scale by creating a small potting station with a wooden sign that says “Perennials” or “Garden” above it.

For more inspiration on creating a “She Shed” of your own ~ read this article, which will give you tons of ideas. And if you want to know how much it costs to build a “She Shed,” check out this post, where I detail exactly how much I’ve spent on my own shed to date.

How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden, Girl Who Travels the World

This is one idea I’m DEFINITELY taking inspiration from: place an outdoor dining table in the MIDDLE of your garden, so you can enjoy dinners al fresco….sitting in the midst of flowers, trees, & herbs. What could be more delightful?

How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden

  1. Start With a Plan

If you’ve watched anyFixer Upper” episodes, you know one thing for sure: Joanna never starts a project without a PLAN.  I’m a terrible artist, but even I was able to sketch out an initial vision for my backyard project.  Adjustments undoubtedly need to be made along the way, but having a plan gives you a structure to build from that you can adjust over time.

How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden, Girl Who Travels the World

The sketch of my future garden includes a dining area surrounded by raised beds, & trees in strategic spots to enhance privacy.

2. Buy What You Need For “Phase 1”

If you’re like me, you may not be able to afford your entire “Garden Vision” right up front.  Decide what will make the MOST impact, & start there.  For me, that included purchasing my first three raised garden beds (8 feet by 2 feet), followed by two more raised beds (8 feet by 4 feet).  When I checked gardener-specific sites for raised beds, I found that many were back-logged for months!  But I was too impatient, so I checked Amazon & found they had exactly what I was looking for.  To date, I’ve ordered seven Yaheetech Raised Beds, & I’m very happy with them.  They were easy to put together, & have the pretty, natural look I want for my garden.  They also have many different-sized beds so I can keep using & growing my garden with them in the future. 

**Article Update: Since writing this, I’ve literally added 10 more garden beds ~ for a grand total of 17 raised beds!!

And the price was UNbeatable on Amazon: $86 for an 8 X 4 foot bed.

How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden, Girl Who Travels the World

As you can see, my yard is a total work-in-progress! I’m using pots & raised beds to make my patios feel cozier, adding cedar chips to cover the dirt, & of course: setting up my first few raised beds. 

How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden, Girl Who Gardens

And this is my garden three years later….since that first photo, I’ve added a large deck, over 17 raised garden beds, & well over 100 plants!

3. Gather Inspiration & Talk to Local Nurseries as You Continue Adding to Your Garden ~ Don’t Do it All at Once!!

Local nurseries are your best bet for two things: 1) Gathering inspiration, & 2) Finding out what plants will work best in your zone.  Here in Bend, Oregon, I’ve found a few nurseries that I absolutely love, & I’ve come to rely on their advice.  My latest project is hiding my (ugly) brown fence ~ the ladies at the nursery down the street told me about “Virginia Creepers,” & said that within 1-2 years my fence will be covered by their beautiful green vines! 

Finally, while many of us can’t afford Joanna’s elaborate “She Shed,” we can pick a special project we’d like to complete in the future ~ that will give us momentum & excitement for the years to come.  Perhaps, instead of creating a chicken coop: you can build a small, cozy dog house for your beloved dog, or maybe you’d like an area of your garden to have a nice shade tree with a cute hammock underneath it. 

Dream a little, & have some fun….

How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden, Girl Who Travels the World, Joanna's Garden Shed

Joanna’s “She Shed” is elaborate (that stained glass window!!), but we can aim for a focal point that is less expensive, but just as satisfying. Whether it’s a hammock, dog house, fire pit, or corn hole station.

The Easiest-to-Grow Plants in Garden Zone 6, Girl Who Gardens

Since writing this article originally, I’ve created a “She Shed’ of my own ~ that has blocked my neighbors & given a beautiful focal point to the yard.

Raised Garden Bed

Wheel Barrow

Tiered Garden Bed

How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden

I hope this post has given you some inspiration towards creating your own backyard sanctuary.  One more thing to consider, particularly if you’ve purchased a home with well-established trees: instead of trying to prune them yourself, hire an expert like The Local Tree Experts.  This will save you time, money, & a lot of heartache ~ as pruning massive trees can be dangerous & potentially cause damage to your home. 

Let an expert take care of this!

xoxo Noelia

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Take a Tour of Joanna Gaines' Garden Shed & Layout, Girl Who Travels the World

Take a Tour of Joanna Gaines' Garden Shed, Girl Who Gardens