How Much Does a “She Shed” Cost?

So I’m about nine months into my “She Shed” project, & at this point: I’ve almost got the shed looking like an actual room.  But its been a heck of a process!!  I’ve done it little-by-little, over time, as my budget has allowed for.  It would’ve been nice to know upfront how much it actually costs to turn a Tuff Shed into a pretty outdoor space ~ that can be used as extra guest quarters, an ADU, or as an elevated garden shed.  Now that I’ve finished all the hardest parts of the process, I’ll tell you exactly how much I spent on each step, to answer the question: “How Much Does a She Shed Cost?

How Much Does a She Shed Cost? How to Insulate a Tuff Shed, Girl Who Travels the World

This post will detail how much it has cost for me to turn this Tuff Shed into a pretty “She Shed!”

My original inspiration to create a “She Shed” came from “Fixer Upper’s”  Joanna Gaines: I was hugely inspired by her garden & beautiful outdoor shed (which Chip helped her create). Take a look at photos of it in this article.

She Shed

She Shed Book

Outdoor Lights

An Overview of She Shed Costs…

  • Creating a Level Foundation for the Shed = $1,400: Tuff Shed requires that, prior to install, you have a perfectly level base area to place the shed on. As my whole yard slopes down, I hired landscapers to build a small wood box, & fill it in with gravel (which Tuff Shed recommended). If you already have a level base, you may be able to skip this step. 
  • The Actual Shed (12′ X 12′) = $6,400: This was the cost of the Tuff Shed, purchased through Home Depot. At the time, there was a “$500 Off” promotion going on, so the shed would have cost more like $7,000. I also got a discount, because I asked for a shed with no doors ~ just a “rough cut,” or an opening where the doors should be. I knew I wanted French doors on my shed, which Tuff Shed doesn’t offer.
  • French Doors = $650 + $79 Delivery Fee + $90 for Install: I then purchased a set of Jeld-Wen French doors through Home Depot, & had them delivered to my house. My friends installed them for me in less than an hour, along with hardware for the door. 
  • Insulation = $350: I ended up needing more insulation than expected…so it doubled my price (the Lowe’s calculator was wrong) ~ & I insulated the ceiling, so I’m not sure if they include this in their calculations. This install I did myself, & it wasn’t too hard…plus it was nice to save a bit of money.  For a step-by-step process of how I installed insulation in the shed, read this article.   
  • Drywall = $300 + $79 Delivery Fee + $250 for Install: This step was a little harder: two eight-hour days with my friend Mike. The drywall pieces are HUGE ~ aka, unless you have a flat-bed truck, you won’t be able to fit them in your car or SUV.  These suckers have to be delivered. Then we needed to install the ceiling drywall, which required three people…so another friend came over to help (two people hold up the drywall, on ladders, while the third drills in tons of drywall screws into the ceiling studs).  There’s a lot of measuring involved in this step; it’s not hard, but it gets tedious. And the drywall is quite heavy, so if this sounds like torture: you’ll probably need to hire out this step, which could double or triple the cost.
  • Mudding Over the Drywall + Painting = $200: Again, I did this step myself (after watching YouTube videos on mudding), so I saved some money here. 
  • Burbank Oak Smartcore Pro Wood Laminate Flooring = $650: After considering many flooring options for the shed, I decided on Lowe’s Smartcore Pro line, as it’s able to handle massive temperature swings with no damage to the flooring. I used about 9 boxes at roughly $70 per box, & had some material left over. This was another DIY-install & it really wasn’t that hard! I cut the boards simply by using a utility knife: you just score the board, then snap it.  
  • Window Trim + Base Boards + Crown Moulding = ???: This is my final step, which hasn’t been completed yet. I’m paying other things off first! But between material & install, I’m guessing this will all add up to….probably another $800, depending mainly on labor costs. 


Total “She Shed” Costs So Far: $10,448


Can you build a nice “She Shed” for less money than I’ve spent? Absolutely!! Labor costs really ratchet up the price. For example, my neighbor is building a “He Shed” right now ~ him & his buddy have been hammering away for two weeks now, building a shed that’s about 1/2 the size of mine.


The Tuff Shed guys put my shed up in about 5 hours, for reference.


So yes, you can do things yourself, & you’ll undoubtedly save money: but it will likely also increase the amount of time it takes to complete your project…unless you’re a professional!

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If you piece a shed together yourself, by using salvaged windows & doors ~ & corrugated roofing, as seen here: you could save yourself a lot of money. 

Photos of the Shed Building Process

These photos take you through the last nine months of progress on the “She Shed,” step-by-step.

How Much Does a She Shed Cost? What is the Cheapest & Easiest She Shed Foundation? Girl Who Gardens

The first step was to create a level base for the foundation, which cost $1,400 (mainly labor).

How Much Does a She Shed Cost? What is the Easiest She Shed Foundation? Girl Who Gardens

Next up was the actual install by Tuff Shed; you can see the “rough cut” they left for the French doors.

How Much Does a She Shed Cost? How to Insulate a She Shed, Girl Who Travels the World

Then came insulation ~ of both walls & ceiling, which cost around $300 (I did the labor).

How Much Does it Cost to Build a She Shed? How to Install Insulation in a Tuff Shed, Girl Who Travels the World

To create more of a “room,” my friend & I then drywalled over the insulation, at a cost of around $600. Drywall is definitely a 2-3 person job!

How Much Does a She Shed Cost? Girl Who Travels the World

I tried many paint samples before getting just the right shade of green…

How Much Does a She Shed Cost to Build? How to Intall Smartcore Pro Wood Flooring, Girl Who Gardens

Almost finished: I installed the flooring on my own; the materials cost around $650. Then my friend & I installed wood beams on the ceiling for $100!

How Much Does a She Shed Cost? Girl Who Travels the World

We’re in the middle of building a huge bookcase, so the shed isn’t ready for a photo yet ~ but in the meantime, I found the COMFIEST chair to curl up in!!

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And this is what she looks like from the outside in the height of a summer garden!

How Much Does a She Shed Cost?

I hope this post gives you a realistic idea of what it costs to have someone build a “She Shed” for you.  It’s certainly not cheap: but for me, its been well worth it ~ it provides privacy from my neighbors, creates a wind break for my plants, & will be a whole other room for guests (& me!) in the warmer months to come….plus the dogs already love it ; )

xoxo Noelia

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How Much Does a She Shed Cost to Build? Girl Who Gardens