A Day at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Welcome to the Blue Lagoon ~ one of the the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland!  In this post, we’re going behind-the-scenes, walking you through what it’s like to spend a day at the Blue Lagoon, the country’s most famous thermal waters.  It’s an easy, 30-minute drive from Keflavik International Airport ~ so relaxing at the Lagoon is an ideal thing to do on your way in or out of the country.

A Day at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, Girl Who Travels the World

Cheers, dahling….let’s find out what it’s like to spend a day at the world-famous Blue Lagoon.

Map of Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Info

Blue Lagoon Info
  • Hours: 8AM-10PM (changes seasonally).
  • Tickets: Must pre-book via Blue Lagoon website.
  • Price: 55-90 Euros for entrance, depending on amenities.
  • Nearest Towns: Keflavik is 30-45 minutes from the Blue Lagoon; Grindavik is 5-10 minutes.
  • Best Way to Get There: Via bus or rental car ~ taxis in Iceland are extremely expensive!


A Day at the Blue Lagoon

The first time I spent the day at the Blue Lagoon, I came straight from Keflavik International Airport.  My flight arrived at 6:30AM (as many international flights do), & I bought a bus ticket straight to the Blue Lagoon for about $20.  It was cold, raining sideways, & I wondered what the heck I was getting myself into!  Bring a heavy jacket with a hood!

Once arriving at the Blue Lagoon, you’ll shuffle off the bus (or out of your rental car) along with many other tourists.  If you need to store large bags, you can do so in the first building at the Lagoon ~ basically in the parking lot.  They’ll give you a receipt for your bag(s), then you’ll head down a long walkway that leads to the Blue Lagoon facility itself.  Here, it’s set up like clockwork: check in at the front desk, show them your reservation & a credit card, then you’ll be given a waterproof bracelet that tracks all purchases you make.  Pretty clever.

A Day at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, Girl Who Travels the World

Entrance to the Blue Lagoon, on a cold, windy morning…

The Shower Situation…

After checking in, you’ll walk down a hallway to men’s & women’s locker rooms ~ they’re HUGE!!  I counted over 150 women’s lockers ~ & they’re BIG: they fit my large backpack, boots, & all my heavy winter clothing.  There are also private bathrooms & changing rooms.  After putting on a bathing suit & robe (which came with the pricier package), you’ll head to the showers.  The Lagoon wants everyone to shower before entering, either communally OR in private stalls ~ to remove all scents, lotions, etc. that could be harmful to the Lagoon.  It’s not really a big deal.  They also have shampoo in & cleanser in the showers.

A Day at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, Girl Who Travels the World

This is the view that greets you when you exit the showers at the Blue Lagoon…mist rising over the largest “hot tub” in the world.

Entering the Lagoon…

After exiting the showers, you’ll open doors to the entrance of the Lagoon ~ which is indoors.  There’s a coffee shop to the right, & reclining chairs up above.  Toss off your robe, store it on one of the hooks (they need more), & wade into the Lagoon…

At first, the water seems lukewarm.  Don’t worry ~ it’s cooler inside than outside.  Push open the heavy doors & enter the Blue Lagoon.  A cave greets you right away: you can either swim through it, or head to the right, towards the main Lagoon.  It’s not too deep anywhere in the Lagoon ~ you should be able to stand up at all times.

A Day at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, Girl Who Travels the World

Where else can you get a picture like this?

Things to Do at the Blue Lagoon

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...
  • Grab a Drink at the Bar: Once you enter, head to the right side of the Lagoon, where you’ll find a bar offering smoothies, water, beer, & wine.  The smoothies especially are delicious!
  • Do a Face Mask: Over on the left side of the Lagoon, try the “Face Mask” bar ~ the Silica Mud Mask is what they’re known for!
  • Get a Massage: Massages are available at the Lagoon ~ but they’re pricey (you can get cheaper ones in Reykjavik)
  • Relax in the Sauna: Close to the “Face Mask” bar, on the left side of the Lagoon near the waterfall, are wet & dry saunas, if you need a break from the water.
  • Take a Waterfall Picture: Immerse yourself underneath the waterfall & have your friends snap a photo!
  • Wander to the Far Edges: The Blue Lagoon is HUGE, though most people congregate near the bars.  Wander out towards the edges for pictures with less people in them (& for the ability to take a topless picture : )

How to Spend a Day at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, How to Fix Blue Lagoon Hair, Girl Who Travels the World

Wander out to the edges of the Blue Lagoon for fewer people…and take a topless picture or two!


GWTW Tip: Only bring waterproof phones or cameras into the Lagoon!  Don’t even think about bringing your smart phone without bulletproof, water-tight casing.  I brought my Go Pro with its airtight, waterproof housing ~ & it worked perfectly.  Also, if you can avoid it ~ don’t wear glasses in the Lagoon!  I did my first morning, & regretted it.  Because of rain & wind, I was constantly taking them off & cleaning them.  Total pain in the butt. Wear contacts or leave glasses in the locker room.

Will the Blue Lagoon Ruin Your Hair?

In a word: YES.  If you get your hair wet (like I did), your hair will likely feel stiff for days, possibly weeks after!  I was so distressed, I actually wrote an entire post on how to fix Blue Lagoon hair.  I spent two weeks after the Lagoon feeling like I had horse hair.  Not cute!

The short answer is: you need to bring shampoo & conditioner that DON’T have protein in them!  Most do.  I found a charcoal shampoo that pulls out impurities, & an Herbal Essence conditioner with zero protein in it that did the trick, & got my hair back to normal.  I also wished I’d brought deep conditioner to Iceland.  After using, my hair really felt soft again.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland - Horse Hair

My hair felt as coarse as this guy’s for two weeks! Bring the right shampoo to Iceland or suffer a similar fate ; )

Enjoy the Blue Lagoon!

Enjoy your day at the Blue Lagoon!  Some bloggers don’t recommend it, saying that it’s too expensive & too touristy.  It is both of those things, but if you can fit it in your budget: I believe it’s a must.  Other hot springs are cheaper, & some are very scenic ~ but none are like the Blue Lagoon.  So, if you can afford it, GO!  And tell me about your experience in the comments below…it’s always great to hear other points of view!

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How to Spend a Day at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, Girl Who Travels the World