How to Fix Blue Lagoon Hair

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a one-of-a-kind place ~ & it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country!  Though it’s expensive compared to other nature baths, it’s still an “Iceland Must” because: there’s no place like it.  The only problem is: if you plan to get your hair wet….you need to know how to fix Blue Lagoon hair!  Unless you like having horse hair….

How to Fix Blue Lagoon Hair, Iceland Travel, Girl WHo Travels the World

Want to dunk your hair in waterfalls like this?! If yes, then keep reading & find out how to save your hair!

And knowing how to fix Blue Lagoon hair before getting in the water is crucial ~ as is bringing the proper shampoo & conditioner WITH YOU.  Grocery stores in Iceland are scarce, expensive, & product selection is slim.  So bring your own supplies ~ or deal with horse-hair like I did for two weeks!  NOT fun!! 

Find Out How to Fix Blue Lagoon Hair…

The Blue Lagoon

Okay, so you’re at the Blue Lagoon & you figure ~ you’re only here once in a lifetime, right?!  Why not get your hair wet?!  I totally get it.  That’s exactly how I felt.  Coming straight from the airport at 6AM with a bunch of other tourists: I was groggy, tired, & ready to soak.  And not only did I soak…I dunked my hair ALL IN that water, letting it soak for hours.  

So…What Happened to It?

My hair turned into HORSE HAIR.  It became stiff, brittle, impossible to brush (for WEEKS), tangled, coarse, & basically ~ a complete pain in the arse.  My hair is naturally thick & wavy, but usually feels pretty soft.  Not the case anymore: it felt like complete straw.  The mangiest horse you’ve ever seen??  That was me.  I wore my hair in a bun for the rest of my time in Iceland & never took it down.  

How to Fix Blue Lagoon Hair, Girl Who Travels the World

Hair in bun. Case in point.

Why Does the Lagoon Ruin Your Hair?

First off, the Blue Lagoon says the water won’t ruin your hair.  In fact, they tell you that the minerals in it are actually good for your hair.  Which may be true.  However, when you’re ripping chunks out of your hair while trying to comb it ~ that’s probably not ideal!

High levels of silica found in the Blue Lagoon are responsible for making hair unruly & coarse.  Which is ironic, because typically, silica is good for skin & hair.  Silica is a naturally-occurring mineral found in our bodies, that helps to maintain bone & tissue health.  It also helps maintain collagen, which gives skin elasticity & keeps hair strong.  

At the Blue Lagoon though, you can basically think of silica this way:

Silica = Stiff Hair!

I wondered if the water affected everyone’s hair similarly.  On my second visit to the Lagoon, I went with two friends.  I’m blonde, & they’re both brunettes ~ but the feel of our hair is very different.  And the conclusion: we ALL got our hair wet, & we ALL had stiff hair afterwards.  

The Blue Lagoon says to use their conditioner to help your hair recover.  Problem is ~ it didn’t work for any of us.  

How to Fix Blue Lagoon Hair, Girl Who Travels the World

Three of us got our hair wet. Three of us used the Lagoon’s conditioner. And we still had stiff hair.

Why Don’t Regular Conditioners Work?

Short answer: because they have protein in them.  Any shampoo or conditioner with protein in it will interact with the silica in negative ways.  Meaning: it won’t fix the problem.

Check your shampoo & conditioner before to traveling to Iceland: if they have protein in them, likely they WON’T fix your Blue Lagoon hair.  

What Products Actually Work?!

Any shampoos & conditioners WITHOUT protein!  If you carefully study labels at the drugstore, you’ll realize this is hard to find.  Most have some kind of protein: soy, silk, rice, hydrolyzed ~ you name it.  And believe me, none of these will help you at the Blue Lagoon.  

How to Fix Blue Lagoon Hair, Girl Who Travels the World

Most shampoo & conditioners have protein in them. Shea Moisture’s Frizz Defense line is organic, shown above, does NOT contain protein, & it smells like HEAVEN.

How to Fix Blue Lagoon Hair

in 3-Steps:

Step 1) Bring Clarifying Shampoo.  This will remove ALL minerals (& silica) from your hair.  At home, I got the best results with a charcoal shampoo.  Charcoal actually pulls out unwanted materials from your hair.  Once I used this shampoo, my hair actually felt normal for the first time in weeks!

 Step 2) Use Regular Conditioner WITHOUT Protein!!  Read labels carefully.  If there’s any protein in your conditioner, it will react with the silica.  Herbal Essences Color-Safe Conditioner is one of the only conditioners I found with zero protein in it.

Step 3) Bring a Great Deep Conditioner & Leave it in Overnight.  It must have ZERO protein in it, like Neutrogena’s Deep Recovery Mask.  Leave in for at least 3-5 minutes ~ or overnight, & really let it soak in.  After, your hair should feel soft again, not like horse hair!  If you prefer organic (without parabens), try Shea Moisture’s Frizz Defense.  It has no protein in it & smells like heaven ~ & is great for wavy hair.


And That’s It!

How to Fix Blue Lagoon Hair, Iceland Travel

We figured out how to fix Blue Lagoon hair! Yay!!!

Charcoal Shampoo

Protein-Free Conditioner

Deep Conditioner

 How to Fix Blue Lagoon Hair

Thanks for reading this guide…I hope it keeps your hair from breaking like mine did!  If you’re looking to stay by the Blue Lagoon, read this article on nearby hotels ~ or check out the cozy Northern Lights Inn, which is about a mile away.

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How to Fix Blue Lagoon Hair, Girl Who Travels the World