Best Workouts for Travel!

So….you’re on the road a lot ~ and you want to stay FIT, right?  Though you may be walking a lot, especially if you’re exploring new cities: your absarms, & booty may not be getting the attention they deserve.  Which is why in this post, we’re talking about the best workouts for travel!  

Most of these routines require no weights, & as long as you’ve got Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to stream them anywhere in the world.  

All-Over Toning + Stretch

I LOVE this workout.  It hits a little bit of everything: cardiotoning, lots of abs, & great stretches.  If I haven’t worked out in a few days, this is the routine I use to get back in the swing of things.  Note: She uses a kettle bell in this routine – however, you can either improvise (find a heavy object), or do the workout with no weight; it will still be effective. 

Video length = 36 minutes Level = Beginner.

Core + Abdominals

More from the Tone it Up girls.  This video is called “Cardio Abs” ~ so you’ll get your heart rate up a little more, while working your core. 

Video Length = 13 minutes.  Level = Intermediate. 

This is one of my favorite total core routines (back as well – not just stomach).  It’s very challenging!  I especially love how she incorporates yoga poses & stretching throughout the entire workout, which provides welcome relief from the challenging moves.  Excellent ab routine. 

Video Length = 29 minutes.  Level = Difficult. 

BOOTY + Legs

Next up: just pure BOOTY MaliBooty, that is.  Best name for a workout video!  This is one of the quickest & best workouts for travel, hitting your hamstrings (back of the legs), side of the thighs, & deep in the booty.  Plus, the best part about Tone it Up videos, aside from being free & effective ~ are their great, beach settings.  Watching them instantly puts you into vacation mode.  

Video Length = 9 minutes.  Level = Intermediate. 

Yoga + Stretching 

This is a great, basic stretching video.  And it’s short.  There’s no excuse not to pop it on before or after a workout.  Anyone can do it, anywhere ~ no weights required.  It’s also a great video to use at the start of your day to limber up & give you a relaxed, positive vibe, setting the tone for your day. 

Video Length = 9 minutes.  Level = Easy.   

When traveling frequently, you may get what’s known as “bus back.”  Basically, it means you’ve been sitting too long in one position, and now your low back is aching.  This video helps counteract that, by working you into a gradual series of back bends.  She uses blocks in this video ~ but you can improvise and use pillows instead. 

Video Length = 9 minutes.  Level = Intermediate. 

Finally, we have a great, all-over stretch for your entire body.  Cuing & timing are well-thought out, it’s easy to follow, & afterwards, you’ll feel lengthened & relaxed.  If you want to stay in a stretch longer: just pause the video, and relax.  Best part: it’s set on the beaches of Ibiza. 

Video Length = 19 minutes.  Level = Intermediate.   

Best Workouts for Travel!

Thanks for checking out my absolute favorite workouts to do on the road!  What are your favorites when you travel?  Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo Noelia

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