Best Workout Videos for Women Travelers

When I began traveling, I mainly used free workouts on YouTube in order to exercise on the road.  And I’ve shared many of my favorites here on this site.  But the problem is: you need Wi-Fi to stream, & sometimes Wi-Fi doesn’t work! Or, there are just too many workouts to choose from.  So this year, I changed things up: I burned my favorite workouts directly onto my computer.  This has been a game-changer.  And it’s what I share with you now: the best workout videos for women travelers.

I have a workout for every mood.  If I want cardio, I go to Shaun T (T-25 Cardio or Speed 1.0).  If I want to work my whole body & get out some aggression, I kick-box with Jillian Michaels (Kick-Box Fastfix).  If I want to feel taller & leaner, & work my core, I do pilates (Denise Austin’s Pilates Mat Workout).  And if I want to work my booty….I go to the queen of butt work: Tracy Anderson (Original Mat Workout or TA Metamorphosis). 

Best Workout Videos for Women Travelers, Girl Who Travels the World

I love climbing mountains…but to make sure I’m working my body all-over, I use the workouts below.

Best Workout Videos for Women Travelers

In order to make the cut for the “Best Workout Videos for Women Travelers,” all videos had to have three things: 1) Be under 30 Minutes, 2) Be EFFECTIVE, & 3) Be FUN (aka I can do the workout over & over again, without getting bored). 

How To Burn Videos onto Computer!

  1. Purchase the video via Amazon or ITunes.  If you get a digital copy, all you need to do is to download the video, & it should be available on your computer ~ with or without Wi-Fi.  Create a folder on your Desktop called “Favorite Workouts,” & move your favorite workouts into that folder. 
  2. If you have a DVD, you’ll need to “rip” the DVD in order to add it to your computer.  Type “free DVD ripper” into Google, or I used WinX DVD Ripper.  I tried the free version, but it would only “rip” the first 5 minutes of each video, so I opted for the paid version.  Once the DVD’s are ripped, they’ll be in a separate folder on your computer ~ simply add them to your “Favorite Workouts” folder on your Desktop.
  3. Get your workout on anywhere you go ~ no weights, gym, or Wi-Fi necessary!

Best Workout Videos for Women Travelers

Best Cardio Workout

1. Shaun T, T-25 Cardio & Speed 1.0

T-25 stands for “25 minutes.”  T-25 is a series of videos that get progressively harder ~ but they’re all only 25 minutes.  It doesn’t mean they’re not hard though!  The two workouts I’m specifically pulling from this series are the “Cardio” & “Speed 1.0” DVD’s.  It can be challenging to do cardio on the road ~ especially in a confined space like a hotel room.  These two DVD’s are your answer: & they’re do-able, even for beginners.  He shows modifications for all moves, & takes you through a progression that gets harder as you go.  They are highly effective cardio workouts, & get the job done in 25 minutes.

Video Length = 25 minutes (10 DVD’s total in the set)

Difficulty Level = All Levels (every move has a modification)

Equipment Needed = NONE.

If You Like Time Limits & Seeing Them On-Screen = Use the T-25 Workouts.  There’s always a countdown timer on-screen, showing you how much time is left for each “move.”  They also tell you which move comes next.

Best Total Body Workout

2. Jillian Michaels Kickbox Fast-fix

If I could bring just ONE video with me when I travel ~ I’d bring this one.  Why?  It’s fun, it’s fast, it relieves stress, & it’s EFFECTIVE.  I always sweat ~ & I never get bored.  There are three different workouts on the DVD: but they’re all kick-boxing, & all 20 minutes.  Each workout has a different focus : 1) Arms, 2) Lower Body, & 3) Abs.  Jillian brings a sense of urgency to her workouts ~ & she does each move for 30 seconds, keeping it super fast-paced.  The kickboxing moves are challenging, but not so complicated that you can’t follow.  The first video, focusing on arms, is my overall favorite travel workout EVER.

Video Length = 20 minutes (Three 20-minute workouts = 60 minutes total)

Difficulty Level = All Levels

Equipment Needed = Weights (but only for a few moves).  If you don’t have weights, do push-ups or tricep dips during those brief sections.

If You Need a Strong, “Tough Love” Kind of Coach: Use a Jillian Michaels workout video!  Her momentum & enthusiasm will pull you forward & get you to the finish line.

Best Core Workout

3. Jillian Michaels, Six-Week Six-Pack

When I re-visited this video, I forgot how many of Jillian’s ab moves I’d used over the years while teaching my fitness classes!  (The diagonal get-up is one of my all-time favorites.)  Point is: if you want to work your abs, this is your video.  It’s best for intermediate to advanced exercisers ~ though she does modify all moves.  She also incorporates cardio, making it a great all-over workout.  

Video Length = 30 minutes (Two 30-minute workouts)

Difficulty Level = Intermediate to Advanced.

Equipment Needed = Weights (only for a few moves).  It’s still highly effective without them.

Best Butt Workout

4. Tracy Anderson Mat Workout + Metamorphosis

Tracy Anderson is one of my absolute faves.  But at first, you may not “get” her.  Tracy’s moves are so ORIGINAL & UNIQUE, they may initially have you wondering what the heck is going on.  Give it time.  Her whole method is ideal for female travelers, because she doesn’t rely on weights.  She uses body weight & dancer-like moves combined with some of the most INSANE butt work I’ve ever found.  My boot camp ladies used to specifically request “Tracy Anderson butt days!” 

Your butt will feel more lifted & “awake” than it has maybe in your whole life after doing a Tracy video.  Her workouts are difficult ~ but they’re also low-impact, great for all ages, & easy on the joints.  Start with her Original Mat Workout.  If you like it, invest in the Metamorphosis series ~ which gives you tons of workouts to choose from.  With Tracy, you’ll never be bored. 

Video Length = Original Mat (1 hour), Metamorphosis Videos (30 mins)

Difficulty Level = All Levels.

Equipment Needed = Occasionally, 3-LB weights ~ but they’re not necessary.

If You Love Variety & Prefer Minimal Instruction = Workout with Tracy Anderson.  Tracy doesn’t talk a lot during her workouts, but you’ll understand why when you do them.  She’s inviting you to feel your body.  If necessary, watch the video first to get an idea of the moves.

Best Core + Stretch

5. Denise Austin Pilates Mat Workout

I LOVE this video.  The second workout in particular, which combines yoga with pilates, is one of the best 20-minute workouts I’ve ever found.  If you’ve had a long day of travel, or have been sitting all day: do this workout.  You will feel SO much better: taller, leaner, with a stronger core & less back pain.  Denise Austin is usually super peppy in her videos (which can get annoying) ~ but in this one, she’s very mellow.  Her sequencing is excellent, & both 20-minute workouts on this DVD will get your core burning.

If You Want to Feel Taller & Leaner, & Alleviate Low Back Pain = Use this Pilates workout.

Video Length = Two 20-minute videos (40-minutes total).

Difficulty Level = Beginner & intermediate.

Equipment Needed = NONE.

Best Workout Videos for Women Travelers

There are SO many workouts out there ~ many are great, but many are ineffectual.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this curated edition of the best workout videos for women travelers.  I hope it helps you hone in on some highly effective, short workouts that can be done anywhere.  Make the investment.  Buy the videos.  Burn them onto your hard drive or external hard drive.  And then, you’ll be able to workout ANYWHERE, with or without Wi-Fi ~ no excuses! 

You’re welcome! ; )

xoxo Noelia 

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