Best Brunch Spots in Cusco, Peru

Over the years, I’ve spent over three months exploring the amazing Peruvian city of Cusco.  Sitting at a lofty 11,000 feet, this is the gateway to Machu Picchu: meaning, all travelers headed there must pass through Cusco (via their small but busy airport).  And I can’t even describe to you how AMAZING the food in Peru is: they banned GMO’s many years ago, & you can taste the difference in their food.  Most ingredients are grown mere yards away, as opposed to hundreds of miles away.  To get a taste of their food scene, here are some of the “Best Brunch Spots in Cusco!”

Best Brunch Spots in Cusco, How to Get to Saqsaywaman, Why Cusco is One of My Favorite Cities in the World, Girl Who Travels the World

Welcome to CUSCO!! The Plaza de Armas is wayyyy below me here (I’m at Sacsayhuaman) & many of the city’s best brunch spots are scattered nearby…

For more photos of the famous Inca site Sacsayhuaman, which is one of my favorite places in Cusco (it’s actually right up the hill from most of these brunch spots) ~ read this article.

Map of Cusco Brunch Spots

Jack's Cafe

Aulita Restaurant

Green Point (Vegan)

Avocado Toast & More

La Bo'M Creperia

Molly's Irish Bar & Restaurant

LOCAL Restaurant

Palacio Inka (GREAT Buffet)

JW Marriott El Convento

Limbus (VIEWS!!)

Search Tours to Machu Picchu

If you’re wondering how to reach Machu Picchu from Cusco: you can embark upon a 4-day trek via the historic Inca Trail (very arduous, & best-suited for fit travelers).  For an easier way to get there, simply hop on a train ~ or you can take a 2-day tour through other Sacred Valley sights, like the incredible ruins at Pisac & Ollantaytambo….which I highly recommend!!  Both places are absolutely stunning.

Viator offers a number of these tours, which you can search here.

Overview of Brunch Spots in Cusco

Below is a quick overview of each Cusco breakfast spot.  Typically, I link to all menus ~ but many of these restaurants don’t have websites…so you’ll have to rely on my brief descriptions.  Also, many places in town don’t accept credit cards: so make sure to bring cash!

Best Brunch Spots in Cusco, Peru, Why Cusco is One of My Favorite Cities in the World, Girl Who Travels the World

La Bo’M Creperia has one of the BEST views in town, & serves delicious crepes all day long. And yes: that is my Spanish homework you see on the table!


  1. Aulita Restaurant = Artistic Cafe Serving Fresh Fare from All Over Peru.  Open breakfast, lunch, & dinner ~ this colorful cafe serves up Eggs Benedict, Huevos Revueltos (Scrambled Eggs), Arepas, & a Breakfast Burrito….ALL DAY! I love an all-day breakfast spot. They also have delicious Peruvian coffee + cocktails & craft beers. Hours: 8AM-10PM DAILY.  
  2. Avocado Toast & More = Adorable Avocado-Based Restaurant in San Blas Neighborhood.  This is a new-ish place (across from Green Point) with a fantastic reputation: try their Bacon & Eggs Salad, plethora of Avocado Toasts (they have gluten-free bread), Burgers, & Salads. Their Avocado-Almond Milk Smoothie is a hit, as are their Kombuchas.  Hours: 11AM-8PM DAILY.  
  3. Best Hotel Buffet Brunches: Palacio Inka & JW Marriott El Convento = Great for Boozy Upscale Brunches!  I stayed at both these hotels during my time in Cusco (Palacio Inka after my first Machu Picchu trek, & the JW Marriott after a 17-mile trek to Rainbow Mountain). Brunches at both are exceptional. Palacio Inka has a HUGE breakfast buffet: with fresh juices, omelettes, & pretty much anything you could ask for….while the JW Marriott’s is equally excellent, if not quite as extensive. You can get mimosas & cocktails at both, as each has full bars. Breakfast Served Daily at Both Hotels.  
  4. Green Point Cusco = Amazing Vegan Restaurant in San Blas with Great Healthy Options.  Green Point is right across from where I studied Spanish ~ thus, I went here a lot. Try their Banana Pancakes, Crepe-Style Hash Browns, or Avocado, Pesto & Hummus Sandwich. They’ve got TONS of homemade Kombuchas & amazing cocktails with all kinds of fresh Peruvian fruits & juices. Breakfast Hours: 8AM-12PM DAILY
  5. Jack’s Cafe = My #1 FAVORITE American-Style Breakfast in Cusco!! This is a spot I returned to again & again. Portions are hearty, & there’s always a bustling vibe here: try their Eggs on Toast, Big Fluffy Pancakes, Hot Chocolate with Marshellow, or one of their Big Toasted Sandwiches. And BRING CASH!! Also open for lunch & dinner. Breakfast Hours: 7:30AM-12PM DAILY.
  6. La Bo’M Creperia = Set on Top Floor of Cute French Hostel with AMAZING Views!!  I’ve stayed at this adorable hostel, & used to visit this Creperie ALL the time ~ to do homework, meet friends, & of course: to enjoy their amazing French-Peruvian crepes. There offer Sweet or Savoury options ~ with ingredients like Avocado, Passion Fruit, Mango, Pisco, & Nutella. Hours: 11AM-10PM DAILY.  
  7. Limbus Restobar = One of the Best Rooftop VIEWS in Town…High Up in San Blas.  Though Limbus is more well-known as a popular nighttime spot (views of Cusco might be the best in town) ~ they’re also open early for breakfast. If you want breakfast with a view: head here. But the food isn’t the best…it’s pretty average. Cocktails are great though, & the view is to die for. LOTS of stairs to get here!! Hours: 8AM-12AM DAILY.  
  8. LOCAL Restaurant = Popular Italian-Peruvian Spot in San Blas with Daily Breakfast.  Also located in San Blas, LOCAL combines several cuisines-in-one. For breakfast, try their Fresh Bread, Eggs with Avocadoes, & their fresh fruit juices are a MUST-TRY!! Great coffee as well. Also popular for lunch & dinner. Hours: 8AM-10PM DAILY.  
  9. Molly’s Irish Bar & Restaurant = Upstairs Irish Pub Overlooking Plaza de Armas with Lively Vibes!  If you want a (slightly) rowdy pub atmosphere & a good place to watch sports: head to Molly’s. Though they’re open late, you can still do breakfast here ~ try their Irish Fry or Big Irish Breakfast. And they have a full bar: so you can drink pretty much anything you want! VERY friendly & personable staff here; they’re a real stand-out. Hours: 9AM-1AM DAILY.  

Molly's, Where to Brunch in Cusco, Peru, Girl Who Travels the World

For a “Cheers” vibe, where “Everybody knows your name” ~ head to Molly’s Irish Bar in the Plaza de Armas!

Photos of Cusco Brunch Spots

Best Brunch Spots in Cusco, Peru, Girl Who Travels the World

Aulita Restaurant is a cozy little artistic cafe serving up delicous breakfasts (lunch & dinner too)!

Best Brunch Spots in Cusco, Peru, Girl Who Travels the World

If you LOVE avocadoes: head to Avocadoes & More, in the San Blas neighborhood (across from Green Point).

Best Brunch Spots in Cusco, Peru, JW Marriott El Convento Cusco

The two best HOTEL breakfast buffets are at the JW Marriott El Convento & Palacio Inka. This is the Marriott’s lobby bar…which I loved! (And that’s a Pisco Sour, Peru’s official drink).

Where to Brunch in Cusco, Peru, Girl Who Travels the World

For my money, Palacio Inka has THE best breakfast buffet in Cusco!! This is just part of it….it’s truly huge, & in a magnificent setting.

Molly's, Where to Brunch in Cusco, Peru, Girl Who Travels the World

For great vegan food, amazing juices & TONS of kombucha options, in a gorgeous garden atmosphere: head to Green Point (in San Blas).

Where to Brunch in Cusco, Peru, Girl Who Travels the World

My FAVE breakfast place in Cusco is hands-down Jack’s Cafe. Come hungry!! Portions are large. And bring cash!

Best Brunch Spots in Cusco, My Favorite Places in Cusco, Girl Who Travels the World

The views from La Bo’m Creperie are AMAZING! And they’ve got a hostel attached with great rooms for around $20/night.

Limbus, Best Brunch Spots in Cusco, Girl Who Travels the World

The view from Limbus is next-level. Breakfast is ok ~ but coffee & drinks are very good. Photo by Cusco Chocolate Workshop.

Where to Brunch in Cusco, Peru, Girl Who Travels the World

LOCAL Restaurant in Cusco serves breakfast, lunch, & dinner in a cute & cozy atmosphere.

Where to Brunch in Cusco, Girl Who Travels the World

Another shot of Molly’s Irish Bar & Restaurant ~ a great place to meet people & watch sports from around the world.

Best Brunch Spots in Cusco, Peru

For more articles on Cusco & the surrounding area, you can read about my time in gorgeous Pisac ~ discover great hotels by Machu Picchu….or simply find out why I love Cusco so much.

xoxo Noelia

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Where to Brunch in Cusco, Peru, Girl Who Travels the World