Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru!

I lived in Cusco for two months, at the beginning of 2016.  During that time, I stayed in over 10 different hostels, Airbnb’s, hotels, & even with local Peruvians I met ~ so I have a pretty good sense of the city & its many different accommodations.  Cusco has everything from killer hostels, to great mid-range options, as well as a handful of true luxury hotels.  I’m convinced: there’s an ideal hotel for everyone in Cusco.  So with that, here are my choices the best hotels in Cusco!

Though I began my Peru trip with a friend, I traveled solo for the remainder of my time.  As such, all my hotel recommendations are ones I’d highly recommend to other solo female travelers.  I felt perfectly safe in all of them.  

Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru

Standing high above Cusco, at the famous Inca ruins, Sacsayhuaman.

From Budget to Luxury…

Recommendations are listed in order from least expensive to most, starting with the budget category & moving up into luxury.  No matter the price, I found luxury in all these places ~ & wonderfully friendly people running them. 

Budget Category

  1. La Bo’M Hostal & Creperie – Budget Category/Hostel

Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru ~ La Bo'M Hostal & Creperie

One of my absolute favorite places to work & study anywhere ~ La Bo’M Creperie, just above their hostel, with incredible views of the Andes Mountains.

Set in a Delicious Creperie…

I adore this place.  My friend & I literally stumbled into this creperie our first morning in Cusco, & got hooked on their reliable Wi-Fi, killer view, & delicious food (their crepes are bomb).  After looking at no less than five other Cusco hostels, I chose this one.  It’s in the San Blas neighborhood in Cusco, which is a short but steep, 10-minute uphill walk from the main square. 

Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru ~ San Blas Neighborhood

To get anywhere in the San Blas neighborhood of Cusco ~ you need to walk up this cute, cobble-stoned hill.

Pros: Great, helpful staff; fast Wi-Fi; free breakfast; cute restaurant upstairs (the creperie) with amazing views of Cusco; clean, colorful rooms; cute courtyard with benches & hammocks.  Lots of French travelers stay here, so don’t be surprised to hear French voices float into your bedroom. My room was small, but adorable. There are three bathrooms, & the shower is HOT!  This is a BIG deal in Cusco ~ especially at hostels & Airbnb’s. 

Cons: The bathrooms aren’t exactly luxurious, but they’re clean, & most importantly: they have reliable hot water.  You can hear noise from the courtyard if your windows are open, but at night while sleeping, it was never a problem.

Price: $12+ (for a private room).  

Check prices & availability at La Bo’M here.

La Bo'M Hostal & Creperie in Cusco, Peru

My tiny but very cute, colorful room at La Bo’M Hostal in Cusco, Peru. There is an Inca map that you can barely see along the right side wall…

Another Great Budget Option: Hostal La Posada de Pardo

Best Hotels in Cusco: Mid-Range

2. Apu Huascaran Boutique Hotel – Budget Hotel, San Blas neighborhood

Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru ~ Apu Huascaran Hostal, Girl Who Travels the World

View from the third floor in the Apu Huascaran Hostal, which is more like a hotel than a hostel (because you have your own private room).

I stayed here for almost two weeks, making it my longest stay in Cusco.  Like La Bo’M, it’s located in the San Blas neighborhood, across the street from the San Blas Spanish School, where I was took lessons ~ so it made a great home base for me in Cusco.  Their courtyard is a wonderful yellow sanctuary; I spent many a morning there happily writing.  In the mid-range price category (under $50), this is definitely one of the best hotels in Cusco.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Wonderful courtyard; cute, rustic rooms with hardwood floors; great location in San Blas, close walk to main square, & right next to Green Point, an excellent vegetarian-friendly restaurant; great views from second & third floor rooms.

Cons: Wi-Fi not always reliable ~ okay for computers, not for phone calls. Showers more lukewarm than hot; squeaky floors; breakfast OK (i.e. not a great protein option); squeaky floors & some noise from the courtyard.

Price: $20-25+ (during low season).

Check prices & availability here.

Luxury on a Budget…

3. Novotel Hotel Cusco – Luxury Hotel at Mid-Range Price

Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru ~ Novotel Hotel Cusco

Gorgeous courtyard at one of my favorite hotels in Cusco, the Novotel.

This was the final place I stayed in Cusco, on the fifth floor, with a stunning view overlooking Cusco’s cathedrals.  Though it’s just a few doors down from the JW Marriott, views here are better: as the hotel is set above ground.  Though the JW gets much of the luxury buzz in town, I found the Novotel a fantastic option if you want high-end amenities, minus the large price tag.  For roughly half what the Marriott costs ~ you can have an outstanding experience in a beautiful, 16th-century historic building.  For the money, this is definitely one of the best hotels in Cusco.

Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru ~ Novotel Hotel

Though the building is from the 16th century, the rooms at the Novotel are highly modern & efficient, but a little Ikea-ish. Photo courtesy of Novotel.

Pros: Peace and quiet ~ this is the quietest room I had in Cusco (hard to find in this festival-loving town); great location ~ a few steps from the main square; clean, efficient rooms; fast Wi-Fi; nice breakfast; beautiful courtyard; helpful staff; good room service; lovely views from higher floors; overall great value

Cons: Though the Novotel is set in a historic building ~ the modern rooms offer no sense of that history.  Other than that, I can’t think of any reason not to stay here.

Price: $90-120.  

Check prices & availability here

Best Hotels in Cusco ~ Luxury

4. JW Marriott El Convento Cusco – Historic Luxury Hotel

Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru ~ JW Marriott El Convento Cusco

Entrance to the JW Marriott Hotel in Cusco, Peru.

I came to think of the Marriott as my “home away from home” in Cusco.  I absolutely LOVE this place.  From the moment you walk through the heavy wood doors into the grand, golden entrance ~ you’re transported.  It is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Cusco.  

Fastest WiFi in Town…

The JW lobby & bar area also became my official work space.  Because their Wi-Fi is so fast (the best I found anywhere in Cusco), I often returned after my stay to book flights, pay bills, write, & make calls.  Though I only stayed here for three nights, I returned countless times to work & use their Internet, for the small price of a pisco sour.  And their staff is wonderful ~ so friendly.

Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru ~ JW Marriott El Convento Cusco

Yes ~ a pisco sour makes finishing my taxes just that much more enjoyable…

Pros: Phenomenal, cave-like bedrooms; cozy robes; historic building; world-class spa; steamy hot rainfall shower; oxygen available in rooms; room service (until you’ve been out trekking in the Andes, bunking in shitty hostels, you just can’t understand how thrilling great room service is!); perfect location, one block from main square; great restaurant & bar; wonderful staff who go above & beyond; & a delicious breakfast buffet.

Cons: Lack of a view.  Other than the high price tag, this is the primary drawback of the JW.  Because it’s set in an old convent, the hotel is actually subterranean ~ for most rooms, you’ll take the elevator down.  If you really want a view here, request an upper-level room.  You can check out all of the Marriott’s room types here ~ & get exactly the view you want!

Price: $89-400+ (plus resort charges). 

5. Palacio del Inka – Luxury Hotel

Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru ~ Palacio del Inka

View of the night skyline over one of Palacio del Inka’s beautiful courtyards.

The Palacio del Inka is, in a word: fabulous.  Set in a centuries-old mansion, this hotel radiates understated opulence.  You may get lost wandering down one of its many hallways, catching glimpses of Cusco’s beautiful skyline.  And whether you’re staying here or not ~ use their spa.  It’s phenomenal, & relatively inexpensive for a day pass.  It has many spas, whirlpools, cold plunges, a steam room, & saunas.  Heavenly ~ especially after a long trek.

Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru ~ Palacio del Inka, Spa

The spa at Palacio del Inka is…..heavenly.

Pros: Luxurious & elegant, everything you’d expect from a five-star hotel; excellent room service; huge bathroom (bigger than the Marriott’s); super comfy beds & pillows; gorgeous, world-class spa; best breakfast buffet in Cusco; helpful staff; fast Wi-Fi; good location (not as convenient as the JW) ~ but just a few blocks from the main square. 

Cons: Because it’s set in the city, the views aren’t fantastic.  And because it’s on a busy street, you may hear street noise from your room ~ but with windows shut, the noise should go away.

Price: $150-400+ (plus resort fees). 

Check prices & reviews for Palacio del Inka here.

Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru

Those are my picks for the best hotels in Cusco!  No matter what kind of traveler you are, I know one will be perfect for you…

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Best Hotels in Cusco, Peru, Girl Who Travels the World

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