Abs & Yoga Travel Workout!

Welcome to your “Tuesday Travel Workout!”  Yesterday’s workout was all about cardio & working the booty ~ so today we’re gonna mix it up & focus on lengthening the body with some yoga, then strengthening our abs, with this “Abs & Yoga Travel Workout.” 

If you have time, add in some cardio before or after the workout (I’m headed out to explore Buenos Aires) ~ walk your dog, take a lunchtime stroll, or head to the nearest hills…whatever works for you!

Abs & Yoga Travel Workout, Girl Who Travels the World

You’ll be ready to hit the beach in your bikini after this workout!

 Beach Abs & Yoga!

Today’s Workout has 3 parts: 1) Boho Beautiful’s “Abs & Yoga” video, a great routine that strengthens the core & stretches tired muscles, 2) Tone it Up’s “Bikini Abs,” & 3) Tone it Up’s “Beach Yoga.”

If you don’t have time to do all the workouts, pick one or two!  ALL these videos are set on beautiful beaches ~ soak in that gorgeous scenery!

Total Workout Time = 46 minutes 

1) Boho Beautiful – Abs & Yoga!

I always love her videos because they’re set in fantastic, beach-side locations.  They make me feel like I’m on vacation even if I’m not!  This one is a combination of our two goals today: abs & yoga, making it the perfect abs & yoga travel workout.  Enjoy!

 2) Tone it Up ~ “Bikini Abs!”

Another beach-side video with Katrina from Tone it Up ~ it’s quick (only 10-minutes), efficient, & burns in a good way…I always feel it!

3) Tone it Up ~ Beach Yoga

Keeping up with our beach theme, enjoy a final relaxation & stretch in this last video, set on the beaches of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain.  There’s nothing too hard here, so just let go, stretch it out, & enjoy how your body feels when you’re done.

You’re Done!

Your “Abs & Yoga Travel Workout” is complete!  How do your abs feel?  Does your body feel a little taller?  I hope so!  Tell me about it in the comments below!

xoxo Noelia 

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