Where to Stay in Roma Norte

A good friend of mine just came back from a business trip to Mexico City, & unfortunately she stayed in one of the less *charming* parts of town: the 7-11 & fast food-filled Zone Rosa.  Because the convention had booked her hotel: she was stuck, & really missed a lot of the charm, character, & great architecture that lies in this giant city.  I’ve already written a post that gives an overview of Mexico City’s safest & most popular neighborhoods, but at the top of that list is Roma ~ an area filled with shops, nightlife, & great hotels.  Here, we’ll find out “Where to Stay in Roma Norte.”

Where to Stay in Roma Norte in Mexico City, Girl Who Travels the World

From my trip to Mexico City, walking in Plaza Rio de Janeiro, which has a replica of the “David” statue in the fountain.

Overview of Great Hotels in Roma Norte

I’ve found five of the best hotels in Roma Norte, which are listed below from least expensive to most ~ giving options for all budgets.  My favorites are starred…

Where to Stay in Roma Norte, Girl Who Travels the World

The rooftop terrace of the moderately-priced Nana Vida Hotel…which also has a location in Oaxaca.

  1. Hotel Marbella ($47+/night) = Best Roma Norte Hotel on a Budget: For less than $50/night, you’ve got a hotel with clean, bright rooms + air conditioning, flat screens, Wi-fi, a restaurant, terrace, & happening bar. And they offer room service too!
  2. **Nana Vida CDMX ($85+/night) = Authentic Mexican Design in Roma: I’ve stayed at the Nana Vida Hotel in Oaxaca & loved it; their staff & whole vibe was seriously charming, with authentic Mexican art & a beautiful courtyard. Their hotel in Roma is an extension of this ~ you’ll love their cozy beds, great location, & plentiful coffee & sweet bread.
  3. Ignacia Guest House ($303+/night) = Sleek & Modern Design: There are just five elegantly modern rooms here, & this place has gotten so hip, you may have seen it gracing the pages of Conde Nast or Architectural Digest. Flat screen TV’s, Ipod docks, & beautiful common areas can be found at Ignacia ~ along with a wonderful breakfast, pretty garden, & library.
  4. La Valise ($440+/night) = Trendy Boutique Hotel with Beds on Terraces! This is another spot you may find in Conde Nast: its gotten very popular…possibly because you can roll your bed right onto the terrace if you decide to sleep under the stars! Other amenities include flat screens, Nespresso machines, hammocks, living rooms & sofas ~ as well as room service & in-room massage.
  5. **Nima Local House ($505+/night): Elegant Hotel with a Flower-Filled Courtyard: If I could afford it: this is where I’d stay. They had me at “hello” with their insanely gorgeous & plant-iful courtyard ~ plus their four rooms are serene & beautifully simple, providing a relaxing respite at the end of a busy day. Flat screens, mini-bars, balconies, & room service are all offered at this lovely hotel.

Nima Local House, Where to Stay in Roma Norte, Girl Who Travels the World

This is the beautiful courtyard of Nima Local House Boutique Hotel.

Mexico City International Airport

La Valise

Nima Local House

Ignacia Guest House

Nana Vida CDMX

Hotel Marbella

Best Luxury Hotels in Roma Norte

My top three luxury hotel picks for Roma Norte are the ultra-modern Ignacia Guest House, the gorgeously sleek & modern La Valise Hotel, where you can roll your bed right out onto the terrace….or soak in your freestanding bath.  And finally, my top choice: the oh-so-pretty Nima Local House Hotel, which makes you feel like you’re walking into a chic Mexican garden….

Where to Stay in Roma Norte in Mexico City, Girl Who Travels the World

Ignacia Guest House has five ultra-modern rooms, some with terraces ~ as well as a beautiful private garden. Photo by The Hotel Guru.

Check prices at ultra-chic Ignacia Guest House.

La Valise, Best Hotels in Roma Norte, Girl Who Travels the World

Bring your bed right out onto the terrace at La Valise…& have your breakfast out there while you’re at it.

Best Hotels in Roma Norte, Safest Areas of Mexico City to Stay In, Girl Who Travels the World

The Nima Local House Hotel sits right in the center of Roma Norte, featuring open, airy decor with plenty of style ~ & lots of plants…

“Wow…where do I begin? We couldn’t have picked a more beautiful & romantic place to spend our wedding!
A week before check-in, the level of hospitality Nima Local House showed us put me at ease, as we prepared to arrive in Mexico. Highlights: aromatherapy in rooms as part of turn-down service, incredibly delicious breakfasts, comfortable beds, stunning decor & plants throughout the hotel, & welcome drinks with a guitar player on the roof when we checked in! The staff treated my entire family with kindness & love.


As we left crying happy tears, the staff waved ‘Adios’ to us as we drove away ! a memory I will never forget!”


– Rachel Schultz

Best Budget Hotels in Roma Norte

Two hotels that will cost you less than $100/night (which can be hard to find in Roma), are Hotel Marbella & Nana Vida CDMX.  I recommend staying at the latter, as Nana Vida’s rooms give you a little more space, as well as more culture & design.  But both are great options if you want to save money!

Best Hotels in Roma Norte, Girl Who Travels the World

Hotel Marbella is one of the best budget hotels in Roma: & its rooms are perfectly clean & comfortable.

Nana Vida CDMX,Best Hotels in Roma Norte, Girl Who Travels the World

But if it was me: I’d spend a little bit more money & stay at the graceful & wonderfully-decorated Nana Vida CDMX Hotel.


Best Hotels in Roma Norte in Mexico City

For more articles on Mexico City, read this one on safety, or check out some of the city’s best parks.  While I was there, we did an amazing hike to the hilltop ruins of Tepoztlan ~ which I highly recommend for all adventure lovers! 

xoxo Noelia

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Best Hotels in Roma Norte in Mexico City, Girl Who Travels the World