Best Morning Meditation for Gratitude & Positive Energy

When traveling, one of the best things you can do ~ particularly when traveling solo, is to start your day with a positive, guided meditation.  In this way, you can replace any negative or fearful thoughts that may have cropped up with more uplifting ones.  Someone once said: “Gratitude & fear cannot co-exist.  If you’re feeling grateful, there is simply no room to feel afraid.”  I find this to be very true.  Louise Hay is one of my absolute favorite authors in the inspirational sphere, & I find her voice particularly soothing & comforting for guided meditations.  Here is her “Best Morning Meditation for Gratitude & Positive Energy.” 

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Louise Hay has a voice that reminds me of a kindly grandmother; it’s gentle & soothing, perfect for guided meditations. Louise passed away in 2017, but she left a huge legacy of work that is ALL rooted in loving the self; her landmark book “You Can Heal Your Life” has sold over 50 million copies.

This meditation can be used whether you’re traveling or at home: it’s for anyone who wants to cultivate more gratitude & peace in their life.  You can find it on YouTube as a video (which I’ve linked below), or if you’d prefer to have it onto your phone, go to “Podcasts” & look up “Hay House Meditations.”  You’ll also find it there!

It’s very difficult to feel grateful & fearful at the same time. Try it. Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools we have to combat fear & anxiety.

Best Morning Meditation for Gratitude & Positive Energy

When I originally started drafting this article, just a few weeks ago, this video had 4.5 million views.  Now, it’s at 4.6 million views!   It doesn’t necessarily have the most cutting-edge technology or sound production ~ but clearly, people are still listening.  I think it’s Louise’s intention that comes through so strongly, & that people find so powerfully healing.  Her message of love & well-being comes through with every word; you can feel it.  And that is something even technology cannot reproduce. 

Set your alarm for 30 minutes before you actually need to wake up, & listen to this meditation during that state between sleep & wakefulness; this is when I find it the most beneficial.

More on Louise Hay….

If this meditation by Louise Hay resonates with you, & you wish to discover more of her work ~ check out her landmark book, “You Can Heal Your Life.”  In it, she lists the psychosomatic causes of nearly every physical ailment. She calls this, “The List.”  It came about when she was a therapist, & she started noticing that people with similar diseases had similar underlying issues…so she started taking notes.  Not everyone believes this, of course, but it’s fascinating no less. 

Speaking from my own experience in reading her book: when I was growing up, I used to have chronic sore throats.  It was the one “illness” I kept getting over & over again.  According to Louise, any ailments in & around the throat area indicate that there’s an issue speaking up for yourself.  Something in your throat area is literally blocked.  Nowadays, & certainly since I’ve become a writer, sore throats are something I no longer deal with; in Louise’s terms, it’s because I’m now freely expressing myself.

xoxo Noelia 

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Best Morning Meditation for Gratitude & Positive Energy, Girl Who Travels the World