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So you’re heading out on an Icelandic road trip, and you want the best playlist possible…right?!  There’s quite a bit of distance between the major sites in Iceland, especially if you’re heading out to places like the #1 rated tourist attraction, Jokulsarlon Glacier ~ which you absolutely should!  Places like this are hard to find anywhere else in the world…& Iceland is full of them.  It’s a breathtaking country. 

But, if you’re planning to explore a lot while you’re in Iceland ~ that means you’re going to be in the car….a LOT.  Which means: you need the perfect Iceland playlist

Because no road trip is complete without great tunes.  

Perfect Iceland Playlist

The road is long in Iceland, & filled with wonder…

Iceland = Meant for Road Trips

Iceland is simply the one country where you HAVE to road trip.  It’s that simple.  Sure, you can hop on a big tourist bus along with 50 other gawking tourists.  But if you have ANY kind of independent, adventurous spirit in you ~ I’d highly recommend renting a car.  You can go where you want, pull over when you want, & get recommendations from locals about great secret spots to visit: all of which is hard to do when you’re on a massive tour bus.   

Perfect Iceland Playlist, Iceland FAQ

To get to sunsets like this in Iceland, you need 2 things: a car & great tunes.

Perfect Iceland Playlist!

So to make sure you have a rocking time while on the wide open roads of Iceland ~  let’s set the mood with a soundtrack that matches the rugged & often desolate Icelandic landscape.  It’s usually stormy, (always) windy, and in one day, don’t be surprised to see about 3-4 seasons worth of weather.  Thus, songs that seem to suit Iceland best are more moody, a little dark, & definitely sexy.  

Sugary pop music just doesn’t cut it in Iceland.  

Think instead, of artists like Of Monsters and MenThe Weeknd, Sia, Miguel, & Florence and the Machine.  Moody.  Dark.  A little mysterious.  Enticing.  So let’s go ~ it’s time to check this playlist out.  We’re off to Iceland with our mellow & moody Iceland playlist, side of sex courtesy of Miguel & The Weeknd…

Click PLAY below to cue up your Iceland playlist…

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Enjoy Your Iceland Roadtrip!

Have you been to Iceland?  What were your favorite Icelandic road trips ~ and what songs would you add to the list?  Let me know in the comments below, and happy road-tripping!

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Noelle Bertram is a restaurant owner, former fitness coach, Huffington Post writer, & all-around entrepreneur who now travels full-time & writes all about it. Catch up with her on Instagram or @ her website about being the ultimate, fearless travel girl: GirlWhoTravelstheWorld.com!
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