Welcome to your Iceland Packing List

Iceland is a phenomenal country, filled with stunning, out-of-this-world settings & boundless natural beauty.  From watching the Northern Lights to relaxing at the otherworldly Blue Lagoon ~ Iceland is truly a magical country!  But it’s also very COLD, & very WINDY….so, if you’re not appropriately dressed, you’re in for one heck of a cold vacation!  To fully enjoy Iceland, it’s essential to pack the proper gear.  So, on that note, welcome to your official Iceland Packing List!

Iceland Packing List, Girl Who Travels the World

Welcome to your Iceland Packing List!

My Trip Details

Travel Dates: October to November 2016

Length of Stay: Four Weeks

Weather: Average temperature was in the 40’s Fahrenheit.  When dressed properly, I rarely felt cold ~ though, it was almost ALWAYS windy in Iceland!  VERY windy!

Iceland Packing List

Iceland Packing List, Girl Who Travels the World

 One item you absolutely need in Iceland? Your bathing suit, so you can enjoy the Blue Lagoon and other natural pools.

What to Pack ~ The “Essentials” 

1) Heavy Coat with Fur Collar ~ This will be your biggest investment, but it’s the one thing you need most.  Since high temps in Iceland are around 52 degrees, bring a heavy coat no matter when you visit.  But in winter ~ it’s an absolute must.  I wore my heavy, fur-lined, hooded jacket every single day.

2) Waterproof Jacket ~ I encountered rain every day of my trip.  Most days it rained sideways, like my first morning at the Blue Lagoon.  A warm, waterproof jacket is essential in Iceland, preferably with a hood.  

3) Photo-Ready Swimsuit ~ Why bring a swimsuit to Iceland?  Because there are hot springs ALL over the country!  Aside from the world-famous Blue Lagoon, there are countless nature baths all over Iceland.  Nothing feels better after exploring in the wet & cold ~ I suggest packing at least two swim suits.  

4) Sorel Fur-Lined Winter Boots ~ My Sorel boots were hands-down my favorite item of the trip….I wore the heck out of them!  Sorels are made for Iceland: they’re thick & waterproof, keeping your feet & legs warm while traipsing through puddles.  And they’re slip-resistant ~ which is important, because many paths in Iceland are very slippery.  And finally, they’re super photogenic ~ I took many great shots with them.  

Scarves, Flannels, & Jeans

5) Warm, Colorful Scarf ~  A warm scarf wrapped around your neck will make you feel 100% warmer, especially with the crazy Icelandic wind.  And color will add some “pop” to your photos.  Pack two to three scarves.

6) Black Leggings/Black Fleece Liners ~ I brought two pairs of black spandex leggings: a thicker pair to wear alone, and a thin pair to wear under jeans.  These were my go-to pants, which I wore nearly every day.  Bring one to two pairs.

7) Plaid or Flannel Shirt ~ This is a no-brainer.  You need to layer in Iceland ~ so bring a few of your favorite flannels & fleeces.  Depending on the length of your stay, bring 2-5 of your favorite long-sleeve shirts.  You’ll wear them every day.  

8) Dark, Comfortable Jeans ~ Don’t bring your skinniest pair of jeans.  Comfort trumps fashion in Iceland.  You’ll want jeans or pants that you can hike in & be comfortable sitting for long drives in.  Bring one to two pairs of comfy jeans/pants.  

Electronics & Accessories

9) Waterproof Camera ~ Whether you’re at the Blue Lagoon, snorkeling the Silfra fissure, or just braving the Icelandic rain ~ you’ll need a waterproof camera.  The weather on a normal day may ruin your phone.  The Go Pro, with its waterproof case, is ideal for Icelandic photography.

10) Water Bottle ~ Iceland has some of the best tap water in the world.  And since bottled water will run you about $5 a pop, I highly suggest bringing your own water bottle!  The Hydro Flask is so well-insulated, it will keep your hot beverages nice & toasty while you’re out searching for the Northern Lights.

11) Thick Wool Socks ~ If your feet are warm, your whole body will feel warm.  If your feet are cold & wet, your whole body will feel cold & wet.  Pack at least 4-5 pairs of thick, wool socks on your Iceland packing list.

12) Cute Boots ~ You can’t wear heavy boots all the time.  Bring one pair of “cute” winter boots, that will look good in photos but still give you traction on slippery surfaces.

Books & Entertainment…

13) Good Books ~  Iceland isn’t exactly the nightlife capital of the world, though Reykjavik is very fun & lively.  But Iceland is a great place to get cozy, put on your favorite PJ’s, & curl up with a good book.  Since everything is expensive in Iceland, bring your own reading material ~ unless you want to spend $25-40 per book!  

14) Iceland Guide Book ~ I don’t bring guide books to every country I visit, but I’d suggest bringing one to Iceland.  If you lose Wi-Fi while in the countryside, having a good map is extremely helpful.  And if you end up somewhere unexpected, you’ll be able to look up hotels, hikes, & restaurants.  So much good stuff in Iceland is hidden: a good guide book will help you find it.

15) Good Tunes ~ Every road trip needs a good playlist!  Check out my “Perfect Iceland Playlist” here ~ with artists like Miguel, Sia, &  The Weeknd.  Iceland is a moody, introspective place, & requires a playlist to match…

Enjoy Iceland!

That completes your Iceland packing list!  Gloves, hats, & mittens are all things to pack at your discretion.  Just think “warm” ~ & you’ll be good!  Have you been to Iceland?  What items are on your essential Iceland packing list?  Let me know below!

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