It’s Monday…Time to Get Moving!

Monday means…a fresh start!  I love Mondays because they represent a blank slate ~ you can turn this week into anything you want it to be.  Soooo…..get out your planner, take a look at the week ahead, & schedule your workouts ~ this is your time for YOU!!

And if you’re on the go & traveling a lot like I am, then this weekly “Travel Workout” series is meant for YOU!!  I’m in Costa Rica right now, & just finished volunteering at a coffee plantation, actually….talk about a great workout!  If you have a computer & wi-fi ~ then you can do ALL of these workouts, anywhere you want!

What I’ve done here, is to compile my favorite workouts that don’t use weights ~ which means you can do them ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.  Soooo….you know what that means….

Stay Fit on the Road with Me!  

Just because you’re traveling does NOT mean you have to give up being in shape ~ & I’m here to prove it to you!  I used to be a fitness trainer (I owned & operated a women’s bootcamp in Portland, Oregon), so what I’ve done here is put together a workout for EVERY day of the week, making sure to hit all muscle groups, so that you get a great, all-over workout.

To me, it’s about achieving balance & strength in body AND mind, which is why I include yoga & optional meditations throughout the week.  All of these videos should make you feel GREAT afterwards ~ that’s how they make me feel!  And to me, feeling great is the whole point.

So let’s get started!  Helloooooo Monday!!  We’re gonna start our week by getting our hearts pumping ~ with CARDIO, of course!  (Hence, cardio-vascular : )  I’m showing you one of my favorite online cardio routines from Tracy Anderson that I’ve literally done in hotel rooms all around the world!  But you can certainly go for a 30-minute run or walk….just GET MOVING!!  Then it’s time to Work.  Dat.  Booty.

Monday’s Workout ~ Cardio + BOOTY!

Today’s Workout has 3 parts: 1) Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio, to warm us up & work our cardiovascular system ~ that’s why they call it “cardio” ~ it’s good for your heart!  If dancing isn’t your thing, get outside or on a treadmill & walk/run for 30 minutes…& get in some inclines ~ it’s BUTT day, after all! 2) Tone it Up’s “Mali-BOOTY Workout,” & 3) Tone it Up’s “Lift & Tone Booty.”  At the end of the routine, I’m including a **Bonus Meditation by Boho Beautiful, for those who wish to meditate.

Total Workout Time = 50 minutes (60 minutes with meditation)

1) Tracy Anderson Cardio!

I LOVE this routine.  She jumps, she hops, she punches, she kicks ~ she does it ALL here, & by minute FIVE your blood will be pumping.  By minute FIFTEEN, you may want to give up.  But don’t!  Turn up your music, don’t do as much hopping ~ do whatever you need to do to KEEP GOING.  I love this routine because it’s so diverse: every 4, 8, or 16 counts ~ she changes moves.  Watch first, then get in there!

2) Tone it Up ~ Mali-BOOTY!

For the first move here, a dead-lift, she uses weights ~ after that, the routine is completely weight-free.  In particular, the section when she’s on all fours is a killer….it hurts SO GOOD!!  Enjoy working that booty!

3) Tone it Up ~ Lift & Tone Booty!

More BOOTY here!!  This routine is a little different, because while you’re doing it, you may notice that you’re working your lower back in addition to your booty.  I especially love doing this routine after a long day of travel, or when my back is aching from sitting too much ~ this routine is the antidote to that!


**Being Present Meditation by Boho Beautiful**

Even if you’ve never meditated, this 10-minute guided meditation set in front of a beautiful waterfall, should be easy to complete.  Set the tone for your week.  Meditate whenever & wherever you want.  Pick the time & place that work best for you, whenever you’re without distractions.

And That’s It!

Your Monday Workout is finis ~ finito ~ finished!!  How do you feel??  Calmer?  More energized?  Exhausted??!  Haha that Tracy Anderson cardio is NO joke ~ but the good news is, you’ll sleep great tonight!  How about the mediation ~ did you give it a try?  Were you able to settle in & enjoy it….or was your mind wandering?!?  Let me know in the comments below!

Noelle Bertram is a former fitness coach & restaurant owner who travels full-time now & writes all about it. Catch up with her on Instagram or @ her website about being the ultimate, fearless travel girl:!

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