How LED Masks Reduce Puffiness

I first heard about LED face masks on Instagram, from Ashley Iaconetti ~ a girl from “The Bachelor“.  She said it made a HUGE difference in her skin tone, & in reducing puffiness.  Sounds good, right?  Well, fast-forward to my own use of this miracle mask, & I discovered a completely unintended side effect: MAJOR sinus relief!!  I didn’t even know that was a potential benefit of the mask.  So needless to say, I was both surprised & delighted.  Here, we’ll discuss “How LED Masks Reduce Puffiness & Help Allergies,” along with many other benefits.

How LED Face Masks Provide Natural Sinus Relief, Girl Who Travels the World

My niece & I were BOTH curious if these LED face masks really work….or not!!? Little did I know they would make a major difference with my sinuses…

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Jessica Alba, Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Chrissy Teigen, & Ashley Iaconetti are just a few celebrities who use LED face masks as part of their beauty regimen.

How LED Masks Reduce Puffiness & Help Allergies, Girl Who Travels the World

We know she uses it….because she posted the pic on her very own Instagram account.

How LED Masks Reduce Puffiness

So, why was Ashley Iaconetti even talking about this mask in the first place?  She was referring to things that help with lymphatic drainage.  What the heck is lymphatic drainage, you may ask??  Lymph nodes exist all throughout your body, including in your face & sinuses.  They act as filters for harmful substances ~ making them an important part of your immune system.  Essentially, your lymph nodes are there to filter & carry out waste, proteins, fat, & other cellular debris.  If your lymph system is not properly draining, you may notice an additional “puffiness” or retention of fluids.

A Healthy Lymph System = Healthy Circulation & NO Puffiness!!

How LED Masks Reduce Puffiness & Help Allergies, Girl Who Travels the World

No puffiness here. Photo of Ashley Iaconetti, via Instagram.

Lymph nodes can also get swollen, indicating that your body may be fighting off infection.  And this is what Ashley was referring to: by helping lymph nodes drain (i.e. with the LED mask), it can also help your skin from a superficial standpoint, by reducing puffiness & bloating.  Because there are so many lymph nodes in your neck & sinuses, these are common areas for swelling. 

How LED Masks Reduce Puffiness & Help Allergies, Girl Who Travels the World

These are the MANY lymph nodes in your face & neck. The goal is to help keep them circulating & draining freely, as they were meant to ~ not clogged & stagnant.

How LED Helped Relieve My Sinuses

And here’s where the Angel Kiss LED Mask comes in.  It has 7 different light settings, two of which are specifically meant to help with lymphatic drainage: green & purple.  I’ve personally noticed better results with the green light.  When I first used the mask, I wore it for 20 minutes before bedtime….with zero expectations.  And when I woke up the next day: I didn’t have a stuffy nose.  At the time, I was in Palm Springs, & the hot, dry climate usually wrecks my sinuses.  It’s very common for me to wake up with a stuffy nose there. 

But after using the LED mask, it was almost miraculous: I could breathe totally fine!  I’d been popping Claritin D every day for weeks…but now, I didn’t need it.  And the only thing I’d changed was using the LED mask. 

All in all: the mask is a bit of miracle for me.  Simply being able to breathe fully makes me feel about 10X happier!  Typically, my sinuses don’t clear up until I work out around mid-day (exercise is another way of stimulating your lymphatic system & circulation).  And this mask didn’t just work that first day.  I’ve brought it on my travels with me, & it continues to work ~ particularly when I’m in environments where my allergies tend to flare up.

How LED Masks Reduce Puffiness & Help Allergies, Girl Who Travels the World

This is a brief description of the Angel Kiss LED Mask’s benefits for each of the 7 colors.


But What are the Beauty Benefits?!?

Ok, ok….the main reason people are using this mask is to improve their skin, right?!  I’ve gotten sidetracked talking about how it helps with sinuses & puffiness.  Personally, the main thing I noticed with my skin was a brighter complexion.  But the different light settings help with many different issues: acne, wrinkles, collagen stimulation, improvement in skin circulation & tone, brightness, & the fading of dark spots & acne scars.  It works by emitting light at specific wavelengths, which penetrate the skin at different levels.  Each light color targets specific cells, & so each has its own results. 

Take a look below at some before & afters for the LED face mask…

How LED Masks Reduce Puffiness & Help Allergies, Girl Who Travels the World

You can see less redness in her face, brighter skin tone, less noticeable bags under the eyes, & significantly less deep lines between the nose & mouth.

How LED Masks Reduce Puffiness & Help Allergies, Girl Who Travels the World

Note: I’ve spoken to my dermatologist about LED face masks, & she’s a fan. But the one thing she mentioned was that if you have filler (such as Juvaderm or Restylane), LED light will actually dissolve the filler.  As for Botox, she said that LED light does not affect it.

How LED Masks Reduce Puffiness

 Thanks for reading this article, & if you’re a fellow sinus-sufferer like myself, I really hope this mask helps you!  I don’t think you realize how much allergies & blocked sinuses affect you until suddenly….you can breathe fully. 

It’s pretty great. 

xoxo Noelia 

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