Solo Female Travel at Iguazu Falls!

I traveled to Iguazu Falls by myself in March 2018, staying at a cute little place in the jungle called Palo Rosa Lodge.  When you fly into Iguazu, you’ll see that the entire surrounding area is straight-up JUNGLE!!  Green as far as the eye can see.  And then, somewhere in the midst of that dense, green jungle, is one of the most massive waterfalls in the world: Iguazu Falls.  If you’re traveling to Argentina, you MUST visit ~ whether you’re with friends, or by yourself.  I think it’s a fantastic & safe destination for solo travel.  So on that note, let’s talk solo female travel at Iguazu Falls!

Solo Female Travel at Iguazu Falls, Girl Who Travels the World

On my second day at Iguazu, I saw sooo many rainbows ~ it was incredible!

How to Get to Iguazu Falls

Relaxing in the jungle was just what I needed after endless 24-hour bus rides in Patagonia.  Argentina is a MASSIVE country ~ a 24-hour bus ride doesn’t even cover 1/3 of the country!!  I HIGHLY recommend flying to Iguazu Falls (IGR is the airport on the Argentina side, IGU on the Brazil side).  Because every bus ride to Iguazu is sooo, sooo long!  And flights are often cheaper.  I caught an $80 flight from Mendoza on Fly Bondi, a low-cost Argentina airline. 

The bus ride from Mendoza would have cost at least TRIPLE, & taken….35+ hours?!???  Forget that! 

Another good low-cost Argentina airline that flies to Iguazu: Andes Lineas.

How Safe is Iguazu Falls?

Iguazu Falls is a great place for solo travel, as both towns (Puerto Iguazu in Argentina, & Foz de Iguazu in Brazil) are pretty small, & always filled with tourists ~ as the Falls are a year-round attraction.  And once you’re at the Falls themselves, you’ll never be alone: Iguazu is a magnet for tourists from all over the world.  The local bus to Iguazu was an easy, 5-minute walk from my hotel, making the solo journey nice & easy.  If you don’t want to take the bus, you can also take a taxi right into the park. 

All my taxi drivers in Iguazu were friendly, personable, & offered me rides to & from.

As for bringing a nice camera into the Falls, I’d say: go for it.  During the 8+ hours I spent inside the park, there was no point where I felt unsafe.  There are so many people around, & everyone is so mesmerized by the Falls: it really didn’t strike me as a place with much theft.  Not to mention, most thieves probably won’t want to pay the 500 peso entrance fee ($25 US).  The most danger you’re likely to encounter at Iguazu Falls is from “coaties” ~ small, raccoon-like creatures that will literally steal food right out of your hands!

Solo Female Travel at Iguazu Falls, Girl Who Travels the World

At no point during my time at Iguazu Falls did I feel unsafe. Except ~ when a coati (small, raccoon-like animal) climbed onto a table & stole my sandwich right out of my hands!

But, if you’re really worried about going to Iguazu Falls by yourself, or would prefer to share the experience with others: all you need to do is join a tour!  There are boat & jungle tours inside the park, & you can also book a tour directly from your hotel ~ so you won’t need to go in to the park alone. 

I opted to go solo because I wanted plenty of time to explore on my own & find the best photo spots.

Solo Female Travel at Iguazu Falls ~ Video!

For a better look at the Falls themselves….check out the video below, set to “Elysium,” by Hans Zimmer, from one of my favorites: the “Gladiator Soundtrack.”

What You Need at Iguazu Falls

When I visited Iguazu Falls (in March), it was about 95 degrees & 90% humidity.  Translation: it’s HOT AS HECK!!!  And you’ll find many bugs in the jungle ~ so bringing chemical-free bug repellent is a great idea.  Other musts: sunscreen, light clothing that will look cute in photos, wide-brimmed hat, & a bikini (they have showers throughout the park to cool off in).  And if you plan to solo female travel at Iguazu Falls ~ I HIGHLY recommend bringing a GoPro, as you’ll be able to get great shots of the falls without help!  My GoPro shots are my favorites, because of the high angles you can create.

Solo Female Travel at Iguazu Falls, Girl Who Travels the World

My absolute favorite shots of me + the Falls came from my GoPro. The birds-eye angles you get can’t be beat.

Wide-Brimmed Hat

Face Sunscreen SPF 50

What’s the Difference Between Sides?

The Argentina side of the park is much larger than the Brazil side, & you’re able to get closer to the Falls.  You need at least FIVE hours on the Argentina side to see it all.  Especially if you take the 20-minute train ride to Garganta del Diablo (the Devil’s Throat).  As for the Brazil side, it can be done in about TWO hours.  In Brazil, you’ll see more of a panoramic view of the Falls.

Solo Female Travel at Iguazu Falls, Girl Who Travels the World

On the Argentina side, you are INCHES away from hundreds of waterfalls…on the Brazil side, you’ll get more of a panorama view.

If you only have time to go to one side of Iguazu Falls: go to the Argentina side.

Where I Stayed at Iguazu Falls

  • Under $50/night: For solo female travel at Iguazu Falls, I highly recommend Palo Rosa Lodge in Puerto Iguazu.  The Argentina side is more spectacular than the Brazil side, & you have just a 5-minute walk to the bus station from Palo Rosa to reach the Falls.
  • Hotels Inside Iguazu Falls National Park: There are only 2 hotels inside the park ~ Melia Iguazu (right next to the “Lower Circuit,” on the Argentina side), & the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas, in Foz de Iguazu, on the Brazil side.  Both hotels are pricey (over $300+/night), but the Belmond is the nicer of the two, as it’s perched directly on the edge of the Falls, with STUNNING views.


Solo Female Travel at Iguazu Falls, Girl Who Travels the World, Belmond Cataratas

Belmond Cataratas, on the Brazil side of the Falls, offers the most magnificent views of Iguazu ~ & is the only hotel inside the National Park on the Brazil side.

Solo Female Travel at Iguazu Falls

In case you’re wondering what some of my other favorite solo travel destinations are, they include Iceland, Austria, & Ireland ~ as well the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  If you’re new to travel & need some encouragement ~ leave a comment below or email me! 

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Solo Female Travel at Iguazu Falls, Girl Who Travels the World

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