Great Destinations Around the World!

Visit some of the greatest destinations around the world right here on my travel blog!  We’ll travel from the beaches of Central America to the heights of Machu Picchu in South America, then traverse the globe over to Europe for some of the most amazing European sights ~ like Ashford Castle in Ireland, the Cotswolds in England, the turquoise waters of Croatia, great architecture in Prague, Italy, & Vienna….& the list goes on! 

Next, it’s off to Asia for exotic adventures in India & Thailand ~ & let’s not forget New Zealand & Australia down south.  Finally, we’ll end up right back in one of the most underrated places of all: the United States.  From its soaring national parks & beautiful coast lines, to its majestic forests & hiking trails of the Pacific Northwest: there are very few great destinations that aren’t on this list!  So let’s go…

South America


Central America