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Welcome to Cuba!

Traveling to Cuba is like traveling back in time.  As though you’ve stepped onto a 1950’s movie set…you could see Humphrey Bogart or Ingrid Bergman round the corner at any moment.  Cuba is classic.  Timeless.  History and smoke linger in the air here.  Vintage cars line up at the airport, waiting to whisk you off to Havana.  Your driver turns on Latin music, and he turns it up loud.  Cubans have rhythm.  They love to dance.  At the nightclub, they’re not on their phones.  They’re dancing.  And they’re dancing with more passion than you’ll ever find at home.  

Your phone may not work in Cuba, and Wi-Fi is scarce ~ but it won’t matter.  You’ll be too caught in the moment in Cuba…in awe of all the old cars, cigars, and sexy Cubanos strolling the streets.  So sit back, take a puff on a stogie, and enjoy the ride that is Cuba…

Cuba Quick Facts!

  • Cuba in One Word = Sexy.
  • Cuba in One More Word = Classic. 
  • Wi-Fi = Terrible.
  • What You Need = CASH. CASH. CASH.
  • What Won’t Work = Your credit & ATM cards. Not even at fancy hotels.
  • Global Peace Ranking = #85 out of 163 (U.S. is #103) = Very little crime.
  • Hotels = Pricey & not great quality ~ stay at an Airbnb & pay in advance from the States.
  • Must-Do’s = Drive in vintage cars. Swim in turquoise water. Get lost wandering Old Town Havana. Go salsa dancing.
  • Best Bars for Dancing = 1830, Hotel Florida, Hotel Inglaterra, Cafe la Musica. 
  • Is Cuba Good for Solo Travelers = No. If anything happens to your cash, or you run out ~ you’re screwed.   
  • What to Expect as a Female Traveler = Expect to feel like a WOMAN. Read this.  
  • Would We Go Back = YES. YES. YES. Return trip already booked. 

Map of Cuba!

Havana, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba

Cars in Cuba!

Cuba Travel Overview!

  • Safety = Very Safe 90%
  • Cost = Food & drink cheap, hotels pricey ~ but ALL cash necessary 50%
  • Music & Salsa Dancing = EVERYWHERE!!! 100%
  • How Safe I Felt as a Female Traveler = Very Safe 90%
  • Cuban Men = HOTTEST Men on the Planet 100%

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