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Women's Fitness & Bootcamp in Redmond, Oregon

Join a women’s-only fitness bootcamp in Redmond, Oregon ~ & get fit while having fun & meeting like-minded ladies! Classes are one-hour long & focus on strength training, cardio, & ab work….plus we meet for monthly hikes, happy hours, & quarterly wine tastings!

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My Story

The Best Life is a Life Lived Outdoors

My name is Noelle, & though I’ve been traveling the world (as a travel writer!) for the last 4 years ~ I led a women’s boot camp in Lake Oswego, Oregon for 6 years before that….& had a BLAST doing it!  I’m so excited to start a women’s fitness & boot camp here in my new home of Redmond, Oregon: I can’t wait to meet you & work out with you!

Only the Best

What is a Typical Workout Like?

There IS no typical workout at boot camp: that’s the FUN of it!  Each workout includes strength training, cardio, & abdominal work ~ but the format is always changing…to keep both you & your muscles guessing.  Some days may involve an “Amazing Race” workout that you complete with a partner, while other days I’ll keep you moving with a “Timed Tabata” or Tracy Anderson butt work. Classes are limited to no more than 15 women, to ensure that your form is correct & that you receive maximum benefit from each workout. All you need to bring is a set of weights (3-8 LBS) & a yoga mat!


What People are Saying

“Now I Actually WANT to Workout!”

“My proudest accomplishment was my half-mile run. During week one, it took me over 7 minutes, & I had to walk most of that time. In the last week, I cut my time down by 1 minute & ran the whole way. I thank Noelle for all her help & encouragement!”

– Laney Q.

“LOVE the class!”

“I can’t tell you how nice it is to get my tush up in the morning & work out with a bunch of fun girls! You’re both motivational & push us hard! Thank you for using the time well – in the past, I haven’t had that experience. I’m looking forward to the next 3 weeks!”

– Brandi D.

“Workouts Fly By!”

“The positive vibe of everyone in boot camp makes the workouts fun & they fly by in no time! Noelle pushed me to a whole new level of dedication. So far, I’ve lost 10lbs! And I’ve already recommended boot camp to two other friends who’ve are loving it. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about joining – go for it!

– Leif I.

“EVERY Workout is Unique!”

“I started boot camp in August & what a fun summer its been! Noelle & Katie are energetic, supportive, & funny ~ even at 5:30AM! Every workout has been unique; I can’t think of one repeat. I’ve consistently burned 400+ calories each workout, & after just a couple months, & I’ve upped my workouts to 4 days a week, even though I live 10 miles away. Boot Camp is that awesome! 

– Deb F.

“I’ve never been in better shape than when I joined Noelle’s boot camp in Lake Oswego! Her workouts kicked our butts & were always changing; I also met a ton of friends through boot camp that I still have to this day. LOVED IT!!”


“One of my favorite parts of boot camp was by far the group hikes: from Mt. Hood, to McNeil Point, to Paradise Park – I’ve seen so much more of Oregon’s most beautiful places since joining boot camp!”


“When I was younger, I could tone my body in just a few sessions. As I got older (just turned 60), I refused to wear tank tops as I didn’t like my arms. I couldn’t get them toned no matter what I did! Within a few weeks of starting boot camp, I could see definition in my arms again!  This is a life style for me now & I love it!”

Vivian Y.

“I’d been in a workout rut since injuring my back in a car accident. Noelle is sensitive to my injuries, offering great modifications for almost every exercise. I was surprised by all the things I could do! And I’m VERY happy with the results ~ I’ve lost inches, pounds, & it has really boosted my self-esteem!”

Caitlin M.

“Noelle & Katie are awesome trainers. They made me laugh, kept me going when I thought I had nothing left, & kept the routines unpredictable, challenging, & fun! I love the camaraderie & support among the ladies. Not to mention, I went down a whole size!!”

Hannah B.

Hours of Operation

6:30AM – 7:30AM
8:30AM – 9:30AM

3 Days/Week = $199 per month
2 Days/Week = $149 per month

SPECIAL PRICE or “Buddy Rate”:
Bring a new friend to camp & you BOTH pay $99!

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Check out articles on my blog about fitness & natural health ~ plus great workout videos to use when you’re traveling!

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