Why You Should Take a Solo Luxury Cruise Trip

Cruises are a great way to see multiple locations in one journey, whilst enjoying all the amenities a luxury ship has to offer.  Around 41% of Americans (& 52% of millenials!) are considering taking a cruise in the future, according to Travel Market Report.  The all-inclusive experience, onboard activities, & shore excursions are some of the most exciting parts of cruising.  And while these things are great to explore with family & friends: they can be just as exciting when you’re on your own.  In this post, we’ll find out “Why You Should Take a Solo Luxury Cruise Trip,” particularly if you’ve never considered it before.

Why You Should Take a Luxury Solo Cruise Trip, Girl Who Travels the World

Taking a luxury solo cruise may just be one of the best trips of your life…

A luxury cruise trip can be a unique & fulfilling experience for solo travelers, whether it’s your first solo vacation or your hundredth.  You’ll enjoy prestigious onboard amenities, while visiting all sorts of locations you wouldn’t be able to on a group trip or “regular” vacation.  Below, we’ll list out a few reasons why you may want to consider taking a solo luxury cruise trip…

Why You Should Take a Luxury Solo Cruise Trip, Girl Who Travels the World

It’s easy to meet people on a cruise ship ~ so “dinner for one” need not be intimidating. And if you really want to take it easy: you can always opt for en-suite dining.

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Enjoying Immersive Travel

Most group trips with loved ones require you to cram a lot of activities & destinations into your vacation, making it difficult to maximize your time in each place.  You can end up feeling like you didn’t spend enough time in a particular place; that you didn’t fully absorb your surroundings.  A solo luxury cruise trip allows travelers to enjoy a more immersive experience, even while onboard the ship. 

Explora Journeys, for example, lets solo travelers go further, immerse deeper, & linger a little longer.  Their all-inclusive journeys feature amenities such as a shopping center with over 30 of the finest artisanal brands, & nine distinct culinary experiences ~ which can also be enjoyed en-suite.  Even the wine onboard reflects various regional areas where each ship sails: you can taste & delight in diverse flavors from several countries before even stepping foot on-shore.  This helps you spend more time getting lost in the overall vibe of a destination, long after you’ve docked.

Why You Should Take a Solo Travel Cruise Trip, Girl Who Travels the World

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Experiencing Solo Traveler-Friendly Features

Flying on planes, staying at hotels, & roaming around a new destination can be fun & exciting for solo travelers, but it can also be challenging to find activities made for those on their own.  While luxury cruises mainly cater to families & larger groups, they also offer unique amenities specifically for solo travelers.  Luxury outfitters such as Norwegian Cruise Line have amenities & areas especially for individual passengers ~ such as a studio lounge exclusively for solo travelers on eight of their ships.  This allows singles to both mingle & enjoy a quieter environment, helping them feel as welcome as the couples & families onboard. 

They also have cabins for singles, which are more affordable than those made for couples or larger groups.  Taking a solo luxury cruise on a line that suits your needs as an individual passenger really helps you feel cared for & catered to.

Why You Should Take a Solo Travel Cruise Trip, Girl Who Travels the World

Traveling solo really allows you to figure out what YOU like, & HOW you like to travel.

Traveling on Your Terms

Luxury cruises offer various tours, including many unique locations & activities.  And the benefit of solo travel is: you’ll find it easier to cross those dream destinations off your bucket list ~ no waiting for friends to book your trip!  Maybe you’d like to take a relaxing vacation on the beaches of Central America, or a more adventurous trip to places like the Galápagos Islands ~ luxury cruises can make both happen.  Onboard a cruise, you’ll see things & places that aren’t accessible on a regular, land-locked vacation.

For instance, Compagnie du Ponant offers a luxury vessel that brings passengers to the true, geographic North Pole.  You can disembark the ship to go kayaking, snow-shoeing, & ice fishing ~ or stay onboard to enjoy their spa & high-end restaurants.  Traveling solo allows you to be more flexible with your itinerary & stops.  You don’t need to worry about other people not enjoying the activity you really wanted to do, or vice versa: having someone upset that you’d prefer to stay on the ship for a day.

Traveling on your own truly gives you the ultimate freedom of choice.

The Benefits of Taking a Solo Luxury Cruise Trip, Girl Who Travels the World

Traveling solo gives you the ultimate freedom of choice: it’s all up to you.

Why You Should Take a Solo Luxury Cruise

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The Benefits of Taking a Solo Luxury Cruise, Girl Who Travels the World

Why You Should Take a Solo Luxury Cruise Trip, Girl Who Travels the World