Where to Stay by Valensole’s Lavender Fields

We’re coming into that time of year when the weather’s getting warmer ~ signaling that lavender season is just around the corner.  The country most associated with this fragrant flower is France: & more specifically, the Provence region.  And there, the star of the show is a little town called Valensole, which sits on top of a hill overlooking a valley that’s literally filled with lavender….from June through August.  This is a wonderful area to base yourself in, as it’s also close to the magnificent Gorge du Verdon.  So let’s find out where to stay by Valensole’s lavender fields…

Where to Stay by Valensole's Lavender Fields, Girl Who Travels the World

You can get this exact photo in Valensole’s lavender fields.

Did You Know You Can Stay in a Castle by the Lavender Fields?? Chateau du Grand Jardin is just 6-minutes from Valensole’s lavender fields, yet takes you back in time with its 18th-century history & gardens….


Quick Facts About Lavender Fields

  • Closest Airport(s) to Valensole = The closest international airports are Marseilles-Provence (1 hour) & Nice-Cote d’Azur (2 hours).  
  • When to See the Lavender Fields in Valensole = The lavender blooms in Valensole from mid-June to mid-August, dependent on rainfall.  But “peak bloom” is typically in early to mid-July. 
  • Why is Valensole So Popular for Lavender Viewing? Valensole means “Valley of the Sun,” & what makes this picturesque, medieval town one of the top spots for lavender viewing is its “Plateau de Valensole,” which is the largest lavender-growing area in France. It’s located just a short drive from town; for the most flexibility, renting a car is the way to go here.  Provence’s country roads are quite easy to navigate, & there are other attractions near Valensole which are also worth a visit, such as the stunning Gorge du Verdon (one of my favorite places in France)!
  • Best Way to Get Around Provence = If you’re flying into the region, I’d suggest renting a car at the Marseilles-Provence Airport, or at Nice International Airport.  The hardest parts of the drive will be right in each city, so have your Google Maps on ~ but once you get out into the country, you’ll find the driving much more relaxed, & the scenery stunning. 

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Where to Stay by Valensole's Lavender Fields, Girl Who Travels the World

Rent a classic car & live out your “To Catch a Thief” fantasies…Photo by Provene Classics.

Map of Valensole Hotels

Route de la Lavande

Chateau du Grand Jardin (Castle)

Le Jardin de Celina (Great Restaurant)

L'Auguste Maison d'Hotes (Family-Run)

Les Terrasses de Valensole

Where to Stay by Valensole’s Lavender Fields

Here’s the thing about booking a hotel in Valensole during lavender season: it gets CRAZY busy.  To secure a room, you’ll need to book well in advance ~ especially because there are so few hotels in town.  If you’re having trouble finding availabiltiy in Valensole, try looking for hotels in the delightful French village of Greoux-Les-Bains.

In Valensole

  • Chateau du Grand Jardin ($144+/night) = Feel Like Royalty in an Elegant Castle B&B in Valensole: Set in a former 18th-century castle, this beautiful B&B is just 4-minutes to the Musee de la Lavande (Lavender Museum), & a 6-minute drive to the Plateau de Valensole lavender fields.  In terms of proximity: this is as close as you can get to lavender viewing.  High ceilings, chandeliers, period furniture, & canopy beds will take you back in time…while free Wi-Fi allows you to enjoy the present.  If you wish to book: do so well in advance, as they’re the closest hotel to the lavender fields.
  • Le Jardin de Celina ($135+/night) = Known for Excellent Cuisine + Beautiful Setting: This is a restaurant, bed & breakfast, & spa all-in-one.  With a more modern take than the Chateau, you can enjoy amazing dining here, lay by their gorgeous outdoor pool, or try sips from their renowned wine & champagne cellar.  All while being just a 6-minute drive from the Plateau de Valensole.  Perfect for a romantic weekend…
  • L’Auguste Maison d’Hotes ($145+/night) = Stay in a Beautiful Family Home with Pool & Gardens: This is an intimate hotel stay, where you’ll feel more like family.  There are just 3 rooms here, plus two cottages that fit between 4-6 people.  The grounds & pool are lovely, & this is a great place to base for a few days…& get recommendations from a family who’ve lived in the area for years.
  • Les Terrasses de Valensole ($120+/night) = Adult’s-Only Relaxed Guesthouse with Stunning Pool: With just three rooms, you need to book very far in advance here!  Take a dip in their heated outdoor pool, relax on the sundeck, & enjoy breakfast ~ which is included.  Laurent & Astrid are your charming hosts, & will take good care of you at Les Terrasses.

Where to Stay by Valensole's Lavender Fields, Girl Who Travels the World

You don’t even need to leave the pool to smell the scent of lavender at Les Terrasses de Valensole. Photo by Les Terrasses.

A Few Photos of the Hotels….

Where to Stay by Valensole's Lavender Fields, Girl Who Travels the World

The Chateau du Grand Jardin is the closest hotel to Valensole’s lavender fields.

Where to Stay by Valensole's Lavender Fields, Girl Who Travels the World

Le Jardin de Celina has one of the area’s best restaurants….& their “Wine & Champagne Cellar” is a must-visit…

Where to Stay by Valensole's Lavender Fields, Girl Who Travels the World

With just five rooms (two of which are cottages), L’Auguste Maison d’Hotes is an amazing place for an intimate stay ~ but a little further outside of Valensole.

Where to Stay by Valensole’s Lavender Fields

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Best Hotels by Valensole's Lavender Fields, Girl Who Travels the World


Where to Stay by France's Lavender Fields in Valensole, Girl Who Travels the World