Where to Stay by Crater Lake National Park?

Crater Lake is Oregon’s only National Park…which I still find SO wild!  In a state blessed with abundant natural beauty: this is a little shocking.  But if you’re on a family vacation & looking to stop at Crater Lake: you may have a bit of a problem finding good hotels right around the lake.  The selection is a bit limited!  So in this article, I’ll show you some great hotels that are close to Crater Lake….but offer you much higher quality rooms & better amenities.  Let’s find out where to stay by Crater Lake National Park!

Amazing Hotels by Crater Lake, Girl Who Travels the World

Sunriver Resort is my favorite hotel by Crater Lake: it’s truly got something for everyone. Photo: Rustic Vacations.

Cutting to the chase: what are my two favorite, family-friendly hotels by Crater Lake?  Hands-down: 1) Running Y Ranch ($120+), in Klamath Falls; & 2) Sunriver Resort ($145+), which is just south of Bend.  Both are about an hour’s drive from Crater Lake, & offer SO many more amenities than the hotels in the Park.


Map of Hotels by Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake is located in southern Oregon.  The largest airport in the region is the Bend/Redmond Airport, which is 100 miles away ~ or about a 2-hour drive.  I highly recommend flying into Redmond, & visiting the fun, outdoorsy town of Bend…which is where I live!

Sunriver Resort

Tetherow Resort

Running Y Ranch

Crater Lake Lodge

Overview of Hotels at Crater Lake

  • Crater Lake Lodge ($300+/night) = The Only Hotel Right IN the Park!  This historic lodge was built in 1915, & it’s the closest you can get to Crater Lake!  And the only hotel with views of the lake.  Their 71 rooms book out WAY in advance ~ so if you really want to stay here, book well ahead (up to a year in advance).  Downsides of Crater Lake Lodge: Very expensive for fairly basic accommodations; inexperienced staff; usually sold out; & the food is notoriously underwhelming.  Plus, you’re far from town or other (better) dining options! 
  • The Cabins at Mazama ($175+/cabin per night) = VERY Basic Accommodations 10-Minutes from Crater Lake Rim.  I’ll be honest: there’s NO WAY I’d stay here.  The price is too expensive for what you get: which are very basic, slightly dismal cabins.  But what’s even worse: their customer service isn’t great.  I’d spend no more than ONE night here, then move on to greener pastures.  Downsides of Cabins at Mazama: Not worth the price; lacking customer service; no Wi-Fi in cabins; & thin walls that hinder privacy.

Hotels Located Right at Crater Lake, Girl Who Travels the World

If you want to book at Crater Lake Lodge: book WAY AHEAD. And don’t expect the best food…


Better Accommodations by Crater Lake!

  • **Running Y Ranch & Golf Resort ($125+) = 58 Miles to Crater Lake: Full Service Golf Resort + Pet-Friendly!  In my opinion, this is the nicest hotel that’s close to Crater Lake.  They’ve got a golf course, spa, on-site dining, wonderful walking paths, & it’s both family & pet-friendly.  What I Love About Running Y:  This is by far the nicest hotel in Klamath, & there are great places to walk the dog here, get a massage, & I really enjoy their on-site restaurant (which also offers room service)!  You’re getting a lot of value for your rmoney here, compared to hotels in the park.
  • **Sunriver Resort ($105+) = 77 Miles to Crater Lake: One of the BEST Family-Friendly Resorts in the Country + Pet-Friendly!  Sunriver is a HUGE community/resort: this is much more than “just a hotel.”  You’ve got a lodge to stay in here (I love their “Upper Luxury Rooms,” or you can rent out large homes on the golf course ~ their range of accommodations is the largest on this list.  And you can also find last-minute rooms here….simply because their inventory is so big.  What I Love About SunriverEverything!! They’ve got a great dining scene, TONS of amazing biking trails (mostly paved), countless pools, slides, river rafting, paddle boarding, floating….the list of activities here is endless.  An amazing family vacation spot!!
  • Tetherow Resort  ($195+) = 90 Miles to Crater Lake: Great Upscale Golf Resort + Pet-Friendly.  This is an amazing spot for adults on a getaway: you’re close to the fun dining & nightlife scene in Bend ~ but you’re also set up high on a beautiful ridge, with glorious views of the surrounding mountains.  What I Love About Tetherow:  I love that it’s close to downtown Bend (about 5 minutes), but also on the road that takes you up to all the beautiful lakes on Century Drive.  Their casual & fine-dining restaurants are both delicious.

Where to Stay by Crater Lake National Park, Where to Late-Season Ski in Oregon, Closest Hotels to Mount Bachelor by Bend, Oregon, Girl Who Travels the World

Sunriver is only 77 miles to Crater Lake, just over an hour’s drive!  And it’s one of the most family-friendly resorts in the state…

Photos of Great Hotels by Crater Lake…

Where to Stay by Crater Lake National Park, Girl Who Travels the World

Running Y Lodge is set on a golf course, with great pet-friendly walking trails all around the resort.

Where to Stay by Crater Lake National Park, Girl Who Travels the World

Sit by the fire after a day of adventure at Running Y…

GWTW Tip for Getting to Running Y Ranch from Crater Lake: Instead of heading out towards Hwy 97, take the South Exit out of Crater Lake, & take Hwy 531 towards Odessa.  This is a scenic road that’s very beautiful, & takes you in the “back way” to Running Y Lodge.

Best Hotels by Crater Lake National Park, Girl Who Travels the World

Views like this are what makes Tetherow Resort so special…

At Tetherow, try to reserve a “Corner Room with a Golf View” ~ which will give you incredible mountain & golf views from your room.

Where to Stay by Crater Lake National Park?

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Best Hotels by Crater Lake National Park, Girl Who Travels the World