Where is Clare’s Bachelorette Season Filmed?

Clare’s (or is it Tayshia’s??!) season of “The Bachelorette” is about to wrap filming in La Quinta, California, & is set to air in mid-October.  This season is different from past ones for two primary reasons: 1) Due to the pandemic, “The Bachelorette” is filming ONLY in one location vs. at the Bachelor mansion & around over the world; 2) There are already rumors (mini-SPOILER here!!!) that Clare dropped out of filming early on & has been replaced by Tayshia Adams.  For more on that, check Reality Steve’s site!  But the question we’re asking here is: exactly where is Clare’s crazy season of “The Bachelorette” being filmed??! 

Where is Clare's Bachelorette Season Being Filmed? Girl Who Travels the World

I have a personal connection to Clare’s Bachelorette location, the La Quinta Resort ~ as my family owns a restaurant less than a mile away from it!

As it turns out, the answer to that question is intimately familiar to me, as my family owns a restaurant ONE MILE away from where they’re filming: the La Quinta Resort & Spa.  Because I’ve been to that resort no less than 50 times (when I lived in La Quinta, my friends & I laid out there all the time ~ they have over 30 pools!!), I’ve got plenty of “insider knowledge” to share… 

Where is Clare's Bachelorette Season Being Filmed? Girl Who Travels the World

Clare & crew filming at the La Quinta Resort & Spa.

Map of La Quinta

La Quinta Resort & Spa

Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill

Hiking at the "Top of the Cove"

Where is Clare’s Bachelorette Season Being Filmed?

I’ve written many articles about where “The Bachelor” is filmed, but never has the answer hit so close to home: I lived next to the La Quinta Resort for seven years, & the restaurant I started with my family (back in 2004), Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill, is just a mile away in Old Town La Quinta.  We’ve held our company Christmas party at the resort, I’ve been on dates there (dine at the Adobe Grill, then go hot-tubbing!), my family has enjoyed the grounds at Christmastime as they set up a HUGE tree by the lobby each year, & as mentioned: I’ve been in nearly all their pools.

Where is Clare's Bachelorette Season Being Filmed? Girl Who Travels the World

My favorite time of day at the La Quinta Resort is twilight: it’s simply magical. The Mexican restaurant Adobe Grill lies on the upper patio area, & is the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

In fact, when I was in La Quinta this past May of 2020 (during quarantine), one of the last things I did was walk my new puppy on the resort grounds….& let me tell you: it was DEAD.  Deserted.  The resort had been closed for months, & the odd thing was, I saw NO ONE ~ not even maintenance workers around.  The grounds frankly looked pretty lackluster, so I hope they gave them a lot of TLC prior to filming.

Where is Clare's Bachelorette Season Being Filmed? Girl Who Travels the World

There are few places more romantic at night than the La Quinta Resort: countless palm trees are silhouetted against the mountain backdrop, with plenty of hot tubs to choose from…

What makes the La Quinta Resort so special is its sprawling location next to the lovely Santa Rosa mountains; from essentially anywhere in the resort, you’ll open up to views of these mountains.  La Quinta is a golfer’s paradise, & the La Quinta Resort has two signature 18-hole courses: the Dunes & Mountain Courses (if you’re choosing between the two, choose the Mountain Course)!  There are tennis courts, pickle ball courts, plenty of paths to walk, 30+ pools (most are mid-sized, but two are very large ~ the Adult Pool by the property entrance & the large pool by the Spa…which usually has LOTS of kids in it).  And if you feel like a massage, the resort’s renowned spa is beautiful, but be forewarned: it’s VERY pricey!! 

Where is Clare's Bachelorette Season Being Filmed? Girl Who Travels the World

I like to take my niece & nephew on a “secret” hike that overlooks La Quinta Resort’s Mountain Course ~ this shot gives you a bird’s eye view of it!

Where is Clare's Bachelorette Season Being Filmed? Girl Who Travels the World

A wide walkway leads to the dramatic entrance of Spa La Quinta (ask to take a bath in their private outdoor baths)! Spa prices are EXtremely expensive, but the setting & citrus trees that surround the spa are stunning.

The La Quinta Resort is one of the oldest resorts in the desert: it opened in the 1920’s as a retreat for some of Hollywood’s most famous stars; it helped kick off the decades-long connection between Hollywood & Palm Springs that remains to this day.  You’ll find many black-and-white, vintage photos of the resort in the main lobby.  Also, when walking the grounds, particularly in the section around the lobby, you’ll notice the buildings are named ~ some after celebrities who’ve stayed there.  If you enjoy this sense of history, ask to stay in the resort’s older section (around the Spa are the newer, more modern Spa Villas).

Where to Eat at La Quinta Resort

My favorite restaurant at the La Quinta Resort is their upstairs Mexican restaurant: the Adobe Grill.  There are few better places in the desert to enjoy the sunset than on their patio, sipping a margarita.  Is it expensive?  Of course!!  Everything at the La Quinta Resort is.  Morgan’s sits right below Adobe Grill, & is a great spot to enjoy breakfast al fresco.  Twenty-Six is their fine dining option, & while it’s a little too upscale for my taste ~ it’s a great place for cocktails.

Where is Clare's Bachelorette Season Being Filmed? Girl Who Travels the World, Adobe Grill

Adobe Grill’s patio highlights the beautiful Spanish architecture that is characteristic of the La Quinta Resort.

If prices at the La Quinta Resort are giving you sticker-shock, head right down the street to my family’s restaurant, Stuft Pizza!  Happy Hour is from 3-6PM daily & is one of the best in the desert ~ & our menu includes MUCH more than pizza: steaks, seafood, salmon (my favorite!!), cocktails, microbrews….there is truly something for everyone.  Coffee at Old Town Coffee Company is outstanding, & the Cliff House is another favorite dinner spot in La Quinta.

Where is Clare's Bachelorette Season Being Filmed? Girl Who Travels the World, Stuft Pizza

Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill, which is less than a mile from the La Quinta Resort, is my family’s restaurant ~ but ask anyone: it’s one of the most popular spots in town! And we have an easy separate entrance for to-go…

When to Visit La Quinta

Basically, when visiting the Palm Springs/La Quinta area: AVOID the horribly hot summer months from mid-June through mid-September.  Temperatures during this time can be as hot as 120 degrees!!!  (Trust me, it’s bloody awful living in that kind of heat, much less vacationing in it.)  Why “The Bachelorette” chose to film during this time of year is beyond me ~ & it will be humorous to watch how much sweat pours off the poor cast this season! 

But here’s the good news about La Quinta: the weather the rest of the year is essentially PERFECT.  From October through May, you’ve got warm days & balmy nights (it does get cool at night in December & January).  It’s basically bikini season year-round, & when the rest of the world is smack-dab in the dead of winter: people are still laying out & playing golf here, which makes it an ideal winter & spring destination. 

***Insider Tip: Hotel rates are highest during Thanksgiving week, Christmas week, & all throughout March & Spring Breaks ~ so plan accordingly!

Where is Clare's Bachelorette Season Being Filmed? Girl WHo Travels the World, La Quinta

One thing that draws people back to the desert again & again: the serenity & absolutely epic sunsets (my dad loves capturing them). Photo by Jack Bertram.

Where is Clare’s Bachelorette Season Filmed?

If you’re in La Quinta, here are a few more of my favorite things to do: grab the Classic Stuft Special at Stuft Pizza, hike the Boo Hoff Trail in La Quinta or Ladder Canyon out in Mecca, head east to colorful Salvation Mountain, check out some of the retro-chic pools in Palm Springs, or have lunch at the made-for-Instagram Pink Cabana at the Sands Hotel.  And there’s always stunning Joshua Tree National Park ~ which is only about an hour away from La Quinta & Palm Springs!

xoxo Noelia

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