Where Do Celebrities Stay in London?

Notting Hill” is one of those classic London movies that makes you feel like you’re part of the city.  And ironically, it gives you a glimpse into two of the town’s most famous celebrity hotels: The Ritz & The Savoy.  Julia Roberts’ character stays at one,& engages with the press in the other (“Horse & Hound” magazine, anyone?).  But what about current-day stars, such as the Kardashians & Madonna, Colin Farrell & Lady Gaga?  Here, we’ll find out:Where Do Celebrities Stay in London?”

The Ritz, Where Do Celebrities Stay in London? Girl Who Travels the World

The Ritz is one of the longest-standing celebrity hot spots in town…but it may be a little old-fashioned for young celebs today. Photo by Vanity Fair.

Though The Ritz London featured prominently in “Notting Hill” ~ it doesn’t make my list below for great star-spottings today.  It used to be more popular in years past, with celebs like Marlene Dietrich & Charlie Chaplin. But it’s still a great place to have “Afternoon Tea” in the beautiful Palm Court!

Map of London Celebrity Hotels

The Ritz London

The Savoy

Rosewood London

The Lanesborough Hotel

The Langham Hotel

Baglioni Hotel

Overview of Famous London Hotels

Where Do Celebrities Stay in London? Girl Who Travels the World

Beautiful views from The Rosewood’s Garden Terrace…where you may run into Oprah. Photo by The Rosewood London.

  1. The Rosewood London ($445+/night) = Newly-Renovated Five-Star Set in Historic Mansion.  Though this hotel is set in a former mansion ~ it was only opened as a hotel in 2000.  Justin Bieber & Oprah Winfrey have both stayed here, as have Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker, in the fall of 2022.  From the Rosewood, you can walk to the British Museum, or simply stay put in its posh bar & spa. At under $500/night, it’s also one of the most reasonably-priced hotels listed!
  2. The Lanesborough Hotel ($1,014+/night) = Regency-Style Set between Hyde Park & Buckingham Palace.  Lots of heavy-hitters have stayed here ~ including Madonna, Cher, Sylvester Stallone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Pamela Anderson, & Jim Carrey.  It has a perfect five-star rating on Trip Advisor, which is almost unheard of!  People love this place.  If you can’t afford to stay, visit their beautiful Lanesborough Grill for lunch or dinner.
  3. The Langham Hotel ($525+/night) = Posh Marylebone Hotel with a Downton-Abbey Exterior.  Located on Regent Street in the fashionable West End, this hotel has an imposing exterior that looks a lot like Highclere Castle.  Given the regal feel, it’s no surprise that Princess Diana, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, & Colin Farrell have all slumbered here ~ in one of the hotel’s 380 rooms.  They famously have an indoor pool (rare in London), spas & saunas: thus, it’s a great place to pamper yourself.
  4. Baglioni Hotel ($540+/night) = Lux Italian-Style Hotel Located in Kensington on Hyde Park.  Whereas the Savoy & Ritz have a more old-fashioned feel, the Baglioni is a modern take on luxury. Sleek rooms are furnished in a polished, Italian-style.  Halle Berry, Al Pacino, & Will Smith have all spent time here ~ & may have walked to a concert at nearby Royal Albert Hall, which was featured in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous movies: “The Man Who Knew Too Much.” 
  5. The Savoy ($720+/night) = Historic Hotel Located on the River Thames with VIEWS.  Built in 1889, the Savoy is older than the Ritz, & was also featured in the final scenes of “Notting Hill,” at Julia Roberts’ press conference.  Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Rihanna, & Taylor Swift have all made appearances here.  Situated across from the city’s famous ferris wheel: you’ve got views of the London Eye & River Thames from many rooms.  They also have a famous “Afternoon Tea” which my friends & I visited (it’s very posh)!

The Savoy, Where Do Celebrities Stay in London? Girl Who Travels the World

Marilyn Monroe & Julia Roberts have both stayed at the world-famous Savoy London. Photo by the Savoy.

“Just wowwwww. Treated like a queen at the Savoy London…amazing stunning luxury rooms…food & staff all amazing…beautiful & very romantic.  Will be returning again as life is about making memories, & this was in my top 3 best memories.”


– Caroline M.

Photos of The Rosewood London

Where Do Celebrities Stay in London? Girl Who Travels the World

The imposing exterior of the Rosewood London. Photo by the Rosewood.

Where Do Celebrities Stay in London? Girl Who Travels the World

Gorgeous Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood.

“From the moment of entering the gates, we were treated to absolute luxury & first-class service from impeccable staff who were so friendly, & anticipate your every need. Rooms are immaculate with fine touches of luxury. Cocktails in Scarfes are legendary with great service.

The Rosewood London is somewhere every one should try in their lifetime!”


– A Visitor from Doncaster, UK

Check rates at Oprah’s top choice: Rosewood London.

Photos of The Lanesborough

Best Celebrity-Spotting Hotels in London, Girl Who Travels the World

Even if you can’t afford to stay at the Lanesborough: go to their Lanesborough Grill. Photo by Open Table.

“The hotel was massive, with sublime privacy & security. Staff is impeccable & knowledgeable on nearly every subject.  Iconic hotel with a refined clientele.  I visited other five-star hotels during my holiday, and The Lanesborough was the most elegant & quintessential British luxury”


– Roman

Check rates at The Lanesborough here.

Photos of The Langham

The Langham Pool, Where Do Celebrities Stay in London? Girl Who Travels the World

The Langham is one of the only hotels with an indoor pool. And it’s FABULOUS. Photo by Langham Hotels.

The Langham Pool, Where Do Celebrities Stay in London? Girl Who Travels the World

Gorgeously eclectic bar at the Langham. Photo by Marketing Tech News.

One of the finest hotels in the world.  If you long for personal service, amazingly friendly staff, beautifully crafted cocktails & dinners, efficient concierge & business services: this is the place.
– Tom L.
Check rates at The Langham.

Photos of Baglioni Hotel

Where Do Celebrities Stay in London? Girl Who Travels the World

The distinguished Baglioni Hotel sits right near Kensington Palace & Hyde Park. Photo by Baglioni Hotel.

Where Do Celebrities Stay in London? Girl Who Travels the World

Rooms at the Baglioni are modern & sleek…& many come with park views.

Gorgeous. Five stars. A lovely stay at a truly gorgeous hotel. Service, rooms, food & drinks were all top-quality. Couldn’t have been better. We were thoroughly impressed & cannot wait to visit again! Staff are fab!
– Lucy T.
Check rates at Halle Berry’s choice: Baglioni Hotel.

Where Do Celebrities Stay in London?

That’s a wrap on London hotels loved by celebs!  For more on England, read about some of the most beautiful Cotswold gardens, or what it’s like to travel in England as a woman….

xoxo Noelia

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