Where Did Gabby & Rachel Stay in Mexico?

This season of “The Bachelorette” has been very different from any season before it, primarily because there are two bachelorettes instead of just one.  Which makes their final Fantasy Suites & potential proposals more drawn out: instead of having three overnight dates to watch ~ we now have a whopping SIX!!  And since I’m quite familiar with the Yucatan Peninsula (having stayed there for over two months), I thought it would be fun to dive into the question of: “Where Did Gabby & Rachel Stay in Mexico?”  Did they stay in bohemian-beachy Tulum, or closer to lively Playa del Carmen?  Read on to find out….

Where Did Gabby & Rachel Stay in Mexico? Girl Who Travels the WorldThe final episodes of “The Bachelorette,” including Fantasy Suites & the (potential) proposals, take place in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Photo courtesy of ETOnline.com

Map of “The Bachelorette” Resort

The resort where Gabby & Rachel stayed isn’t technically in Playa del Carmen or Tulum: it’s located just north of Playa, about an hour south of Cancun. 

Cancun, Mexico

Vidanta Riviera Maya

Where Did Gabby & Rachel Stay in Mexico?

Gabby, Rachel, & all their final men are staying at the Vidanta Riviera Maya Grand Mayan Resort in Playa del Carmen (closer to Puerto Morelos).  “The Bachelor” franchise seems to have a special relationship with Vidanta, as it’s one of their favorite properties to visit on their sister show, “Bachelor in Paradise.”  Unfortunately though, Vidanta isn’t going to be accessible for everyone, as prices start around $1,500/night for a room….which is steep for Mexico. 

Where Did Gabby & Rachel Stay in Mexico? Girl Who Travels the World

Rooms at Vidanta are spacious with a modern-beach luxury feel. Photo courtesy of Expedia.

Where Did Gabby & Rachel Stay in Mexico? Girl Who Travels the World

Does this restaurant look familiar,,?? It looks an awful lot like where Tino & Rachel had their intimate dinner date. Photo courtesy of Open Table.

Where Did Gabby & Rachel Stay in Mexico? Girl Who Travels the World

One thing Vidanta has no shortage of: exotic outdoor pools. Photo courtesy of Vidanta.

If you can’t afford to stay at Vidanta, don’t feel too bad: current reviews are quite mixed.  Many state that, while the property is lovely, it can be difficult to navigate as it’s so large; there can be lots of hidden fees added to the bill; & some guests mentioned about being pestered to view sales presentations during their stay.  So bottom line: while beautiful, the Vidanta is certainly not your only romantic resort option in the Yucatan….

The Bachelorette Filming in Locations in Mexico, Girl Who Travels the World

Love the thatched-hut tiki vibe of the buildings surrounding Vidanta’s pool area. Photo courtesy of Vidanta.

For a full list of my favorite all-inclusive resorts in Playa del Carmen (nearly all of which are cheaper than Vidanta), read this article. And check out some of the area’s most beautiful cenotes, which were featured prominently in this “Bachelorette” episode.

The Bachelorette Filming Locations in Mexico's Cenotes, Best Cenotes Yucatan, Cenote Chaak Tun, Girl Who Travels the World

Though Cenote Chaak Tun wasn’t fetaured in last night’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” it IS one of the closest centoes to Playa del Carmen…

“The Bachelorette” Filming Locations in Mexico

 I hope this article has given you some insight for your own Mexico travels.  And if you’re traveling anytime soon, I recommend bringing Activated Charcoal with you ~ it helps rid the body of toxins associated with dreaded Montezuma’s Revenge!  I always bring it when traveling to Mexico…

xoxo Noelia 

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