What “She Shed” Flooring is Best?

They say, write about what you know ~ & right now, what I know is “She Shed” flooring options.  I’m having a Tuff Shed installed in a month, & right now, I need to figure out: what kind of flooring do I want in there?!  I’ve been picking the brains of my local Lowe’s & Home Depot flooring specialists, & here’s the rub: if you live in an area with temperature extremes like I do (from -10 degrees up to 110), you need to be very careful about the floor you choose, as some won’t withstand the temperature swings. Here, I’ll give a run-down of the best options, so you can determine “What She Shed Flooring is Best for You“… 

**Author’s Note: Article updated as of December 2022.

What She Shed Flooring is Best? How to Create a Joanna Gaines-Worthy Garden, Girl Who Travels the World

This is Joanna Gaines’ “She Shed” ~ notice that her floors are made of real wood that’s been sanded & aged. There are pros & cons to using real wood, which we’ll discuss below…

For more photos of Joanna Gaines’ garden & beautiful “She Shed,” read this article.

An Overview of She Shed Floorings…

  • Concrete: The first option is concrete ~ you can lay down a cement pad for the entire shed, which will double as the flooring.  This is a great option for modern or farmhouse-industrial styles; if you prefer more of a bohemian or cottage-style, concrete may feel too cold. Cons: Just as the cement in your driveway can crack, so too can concrete that is not in a temperature-controlled environment. Talk to your installer about ways to mitigate this, i.e. adding an epoxy top-coat, etc. Also, during the winter in a cold place, concrete floors can feel exceptionally cold on the feet.

Approximate Cost to Pour Concrete for a 10′ x 10′ Pad: $700-1,200 (depending where you live).

Best Flooring Ideas for She Sheds, Girl Who Travels the World

Colored concrete is used in this outdoor room ~ & while it’s not my first choice, it works well with industrial & modern looks.

Real Wood: Wood is probably the #1 most popular flooring for a She Shed ~ & similar to outdoor decks, cedar is typically the most popular choice. Real wood is one of the prettiest options, especially if you’re going for a more rustic, farmhouse look. But if you’re going this route, just know that the wood can expand & contract with the heat & cold; & if your shed isn’t temperature-controlled, this can become a problem, & causing warping ~ especially in corners. In my garden (which is Zone 6), everyone I’ve talked to has recommended against using real wood, due to extreme temperatures. Cons: Problems with warping & expansion/contraction; real wood works best in more temperate climates, where you don’t have wild temperature swings ~ or if you plan to keep the shed extremely well-ventilated.

Approximate Cost for a 10′ x 10′ Wood Flooring: $1,500-3,500 (wood is very expensive right now; pricing is highly variable).

Bottom Line: Wood isn’t your cheapest option, but it’s one of the prettiest.

What's the Best She Shed Flooring? Fantastic She Shed Interiors, Girl Who Travels the World

This She Shed is built on a wood platform, which they’ve extended out beyond the shed to create a little outdoor porch area. Adding more space for a patio will double or triple the price of the wood/decking. Photo courtesy of House Beautiful.


26 Amazing She Shed Design Ideas, Girl Who Travels the World

This beautiful, all-white shed is also built on a wood platform ~ but they’ve white-washed the floors inside. They’ve created a small deck, but nothing like the one above. Photo courtesy of House Beautiful.

To replicate the shed above, take a look at this beautiful, all-white shed on Amazon. It comes in 6 different sizes, making it work for almost every yard.

  • Wood Laminates/Vinyl Plank: Selection within the wood laminate/vinyl plank category is HUGE. Between Lowe’s & Home Depot alone, you’ve got hundreds of options. And if you’re dealing with a temperate climate, most should work well (my friend is installing laminate in her shed as we speak, in Arizona’s high desert). BUT: if you live in a very cold or hot area, many laminates may not work for you, as they’re only guaranteed to certain temperatures. So again, for me in Zone 6, Lowe’s only had ONE choice for me in this category ~ their SmartCore Pro line. It’s guaranteed up to 155 degrees, & down to -25. Cons: Before buying, make sure your product can handle temperatures in your area, otherwise you may be replacing it in a few years.

Approximate Cost to Install Wood Laminate in a 10′ x 10′ Space: $600-900+

Best Flooring Ideas for She Sheds, 26 Amazing She Shed Design Ideas, Girl Who Travels the World

It’s hard to tell what the flooring is in this adorable shed, as it’s covered by rugs ~ but I suspect that it’s a laminate of some kind. Its good ventilation makes it a good candidate for using vinyl or laminate…

My favorite thing about the shed above is the cozy day-bed ~ this gorgeous farmhouse day-bed looks sooo cozy & inviting….

More Ideas for She Shed Flooring….

  • Porcelain Tile: Now here’s an option that works for almost any climate due to its indestructibility ~ from the heat of Palm Springs to the chilly winters of Wyoming, your porcelain tile should hold up fine. Another great thing about it: there are hundreds, if not thousands of patterns/styles to choose from. I’ve seen everything from Moroccan-inspired tiles to ones that mimic real wood floors: options are truly endless in this category. Cons: The amount of choices may be overwhelming & hard to narrow down; & any tiles are going to feel cold on bare feet in the winter.

Approximate Cost to Install Porcelain Tile in a 10′ x 10′ Pad: $700-1,000 (most are around $4-7/sqft.)

Great Flooring Ideas for She Sheds, Girl Who Travels the World

Porcelain tile is used in this shed to great effect. If this pattern is too busy for you: just remember, there are HUNDREDS more to choose from!!

  • Pavers or Brick: If your shed is going to be more garden oasis than guest room ~ consider a more rustic, garden-friendly look with pavers or brick. But keep in mind the thickness of the flooring here: in my Tuff Shed, I’ve got about 3/4 of an inch to work with in terms of flooring options….so the guys at Home Depot directed me to these fantastic thin bricks called Old Mill Bricks. I love both options, & am considering going this route. Cons: Installation may be a little trickier ~ especially if you’re DIY’ing; you’ll need to apply adhesive first, then grout between the pavers/bricks. But it will instantly add a TON of character to your shed.

Approximate Cost to Install Pavers/Bricks in a 10′ x 10′ Shed: $1,100-1,500+

What Flooring is Best to Use in a She Shed? Girl Who Travels the World

Bricks are an instant way to add charm & character to sheds or sunrooms…I love this look.

If you like the look of brick but not the price: consider this genius idea from one of my trusty Home Depot advisors ~ grab some paint & sponge-on look-alike brick patterns. I know it sounds crazy, but check out this YouTube video to see what I’m talking about!

  • Carpet: I’m putting carpet last because frankly, I think it’s a bad choice for a garden shed. BUT ~ if your shed is more guestroom/ADU than tool shed: this option could work. Carpet is unaffected by temperature changes, so it works well in most any climate. And in cooler climes, it will warm up the room better than any other options. Cons: If you’re doing any gardening in your shed ~ this isn’t a great option, as you’ll need to vacuum up the dirt constantly.

Approximate Cost to Install Carpet in a 10′ x 10′ Shed: $600+

Best Flooring Ideas for She Sheds, Girl Who Travels the World

This plush carpet (or maybe it’s a rug?!) works in this small shed, which is really more of a small sitting room. In a cold climate, carpet will definitely add warmth & a feeling of coziness.

There’s nothing like a cute chandelier to add some feminine charm to an indoor/outdoor seating area…..

What She Shed Flooring is Best for You?

That’s all she wrote on “She Sheds” for now ~ I’ll keep this article updated as mine gets installed.  What floorings have I missed, or what have you used in your own shed??  Let me know in the comment section below!

xoxo Noelia

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