What Cameras Do Your Fave Instagram Stars Use?

So, you want to take amazing pictures, travel the world, and get paid to do it?!  Sounds pretty good, right?  Travel bloggers, influencers, & content creators are popping up all over the world, helping brands promote themselves in a more organic & inspiring way.  Photographers such as Travis Burke & Kiersten of The Blonde Abroad were some of the first accounts I started following; they’ve provided massive inspiration.  In this post, “What Cameras Do Your Fave Instagram Stars Use,” I’ve researched to find out just what gear the pros are using.

And everything I’ve found out is below… 

These cameras run the gamut in price from $550-2,000+, so hopefully there’s an option for every budget. 

**Author’s Note: Article updated as of December 2022.

What Camera Does Travis Burke Use?

Travis Burke is one of the most highly accomplished photographers on Instagram, & consistently produces AMAZING, awe-inspiring images.  With 817,000 followers, & clients such as National Geographic, Go Pro, Red Bull, & Outside Magazine ~ he definitely knows how to take a shot that sells. 

Travis Burke’s current cameras are: 1) Sony a7RII, with a 16-35mm f/4 lens, & 2)  GoPro Hero6, with a 3-way mount.  The GoPro is a cheaper way to go here, but if you’re looking to become a commercial photographer ~ the Sony a7Rii is a favorite among the pro photographer crowd.

What Cameras Do Your Fave Instagram Stars Use, Girl Who Travels the World

Shot by Travis Burke, on a Go Pro 6.

Go Pro Hero 6



Go Pro 3-Way Mount



What Camera Does The Blonde Abroad Use?

The Blonde Abroad is the first travel blogger I started following.  Her images consistently inspire, as does her travel blog: she started blogging before a lot of people even knew what it was!  She has 530,000 followers on Instagram, designs her own swimsuits & sandals, & has brand partnerships with Disneyland, Olay, Herbal Essences, & Hotwire ~ to name a few.  She also hosts women’s retreats all over the world, where she teaches other women how to improve their photography. 

She’s overall major inspiration!

Kiersten’s (aka The Blonde Abroad’s) camera of choice is a Fuji X-T1 Mirrorless Digital Camera with an 18-55mm, 2.8-4 Lens.

What Cameras Do Your Fave Instagram Stars Use? Girl Who Travels the World

Photo by Kiersten Rich, of The Blonde Abroad.

Fujifilm X-TI Digital



Fujifilm Zoom Lens



What Camera Does Ever Changing Horizon Use?

Quin Schrock, aka @everchanginghorizon on Instagram, produces images that consistently WOW.  When you look through his gallery, he’s managed to capture one inspiring moment after another.  He often photos Jess Wandering, another Instagram superstar, & between the two of them ~ they have over 1.3 MILLION followers.  His clients include Apple, Sony, Alaska Airlines, & the Travel Channel. 

Ever Changing Horizon uses the exact same lens as Travis Burke: a Sony a7Rii, with a 16-35mm Lens.

What Cameras Do Your Fave Instagram Stars Use? Girl Who Travels the World, Quin, Ever Changing Horizon

Photo by Quin Schrock, @everchanginghorizon

Sony a7Rii



Sony 16-35mm Lens



What Camera Does Chelsey Rose Use?

Next up comes one of my good friends, who also happens to be a professional photographer: Chelsey Rose.  We recently went out to Joshua Tree & had fun shooting in the desert.  Her clients have included the U.S. Military & Old Navy, she has a photography company in St. Louis & is starting another one in L.A. ~ & she is literally one of the most creative people I know! 

Chelsey shoots with a Canon 7D, & a 24-70mm, 2.8 lens.  

What Cameras Do Your Fave Instagram Stars Use? Girl WHo Travels the World, Chelsey Rose

Chelsey Rose shot by me, on my IPhone, at the Palm Springs windmills.

20 Photos to Inspire Your Joshua Tree Trip, Girl Who Travels the World, What Cameras Do Your Fave Instagram Stars Use?

Photo by @chlc_rose, on her Canon 7D

Canon 7D


Canon 24-70mm Lens

What Camera Does Vagablonde Laura Use?

If you’re new to the travel photography game, & aren’t 100% sure this is your lifelong passion ~ you may want to use the camera Vagablonde Laura is using.  You can find her on Instagram with over 130,000 followers.  She uses a Sony a5100, which will set you back about $550, or less than an IPhone! 

Her images are still incredible.  

What Cameras Do Your Fave Instagram Stars Use? Girl Who Travels the World, Vagablonde Laura

Photo by Vagablonde Laura, of FunLifeCrisis.com


Sony a5100


What Cameras Do Your Fave Instagram Stars Use?

I hope this post has been useful ~ especially if you’re thinking about getting into travel photography.  The bottom line is: if you REALLY want to get paid to create content, then it’s definitely worth it to invest in better gear.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments…

xoxo Noelia 

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What Cameras Do Top Instagram Stars Use? Girl WHo Travels the World