Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Croatia Travel

Croatia is one of my favorite countries EVER.  I absolutely fell in love with it, from the minute we got off the plane in Dubrovnik.  It’s a slightly off-the-beaten path European destination, & cheaper than much of Western Europe.  But that’s not why you’ll want to visit Croatia.  Its turquoise waters will enchant you, its nightlife will intoxicate you, & its gorgeous islands will rejuvenate you.  And for the ladies: you’ve never seen such beautiful men in your life!  Which is why I had to write this “Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Croatia Travel…”

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World

Welcome to your “Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Croatia Travel!”

Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Croatia Travel

Did you know there are thousands of islands off of Croatia’s coastline?  Yes ~ thousands.  When we stayed on Hvar Island, the ultimate adult playground ~ & an a PERFECT spot for a girl’s getaway, we got to explore some of the 20+ surrounding islands, including one that opens only at midnight, for late-night dance parties.  It’s like a real-life “Fantasy Island.” 

Just think how many hidden gems are out there, waiting to be discovered in Croatia… 

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World

Hvar Island, Croatia. The ultimate girl’s getaway..

Map of Croatia Highlights


Hvar Island


Plitivice National Park






Zagreb International Airport

Mljet Island

Croatia Travel Overview!

  • Safety = Much Safer than the U.S. 90% 90%
  • Cost = Much cheaper than mainland Europe 45% 45%
  • Adventures = Abundant + Water-Based!! 100% 100%
  • How Safe I Felt as a Female Traveler = Very Safe 95% 95%
  • Croatian People = Some of the most GORGEOUS people I’ve ever seen ANYWHERE!!! Especially the men ; ) 100% 100%

Croatia Travel Facts!

  • Croatia in One Word = Perfect.
  • Croatia in One More Word = Turquoise (waters). 
  • International Airports in Croatia = There are three main international airports in Croatia: 1) Zagreb (in the north, near Slovenia), 2) Split (more central), & 3) Dubrovnik (southern Croatia, near Montenegro).
  • Wi-Fi = Wi-Fi available in major cities; less available when venturing out to the islands.
  • Global Peace Ranking = #31 out of 163 countries (U.S. is #103) = Statistically far safer than the U.S.
  • Hotels = Generally cheaper than the U.S. ~ particularly if using Airbnb or Homeaway.
  • Must-Do’s = Hop on a boat.  Swim in turquoise waters.  Have a girl’s (or guy’s) getaway on Hvar Island.  Stay up all night on a party island.  Go to “Yacht Week” with your best friends.  Take in the turquoise pools of Plitivice National Park.  Get lost in the medieval fortress that is Dubrovnik.  Pretend you’re Cersei Lannister.
  • Is Croatia Good for Solo Travelers = Yes. Absolutely. 
  • How Did I Feel as a Female Traveler in Croatia?  Very safe.  We were never cat-called, & on the islands, there’s a very relaxed vibe; most people are strolling around in bikinis (during the summer) & there doesn’t seem to be any issue with unwanted male attention.  The Croatian people seemed very relaxed & friendly, which, given their tumultuous history, is exemplary. 
  • Best Time to Visit Croatia = If you want warm weather, visit Croatia between May-October, but know that July & August will be VERY busy, & prices higher!  Low season is November-April; expect cool weather, few tourists, & lower prices.  We visited in June, during Yacht Week in Hvar, & the islands were lively but not inundated with people.  Weather was perfect.
  • Would I Go Back = Yes!!!  I could live there.  Seriously.

Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Croatia Travel

Croatia is one of my absolute, top picks for female travel.  Whether you’re traveling as a solo female traveler, or with a group of friends ~ it’s hard to go wrong in Croatia.  The relaxed vibe, friendly people, & lack of machismo culture ~ makes for a great trip. 

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World

This is how we feel about Croatia.

Croatia Photos 

Putting together this collection of Croatia photos makes me want to book a plane ticket back.  I dare you to scroll through these images & not dream of Croatia afterwards. 

Let’s go to Croatia…

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World

Our $90/night, 3-BR Airbnb, steps away from the walls of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik: We started our Croatia trip in Dubrovnik, flying into its International Airport, just south of town.  All of us were “Game of Thrones” fans, & we were dying to see the walled city of “King’s Landing” in real life.  It did not disappoint.  Our Airbnb was steps away from the walled city, with windows opening up to the sea.  It was love at first sight.  Dubrovnik is filled with restaurants, bars, & nightlife ~ but can be quite touristy, so if you don’t want to be around tourists, head for the islands… 

Two Amazing Hotel Stays in Dubrovnik: Hotel Excelsior ($242+) is a high-end spa retreat, in walking distance to the beach ~ with sea views from many rooms.  Hotel Dubrovnik Palace ($185+) offers a little more privacy & upscale accommodations, with some of the best sunset views in town.

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World

Where “Game of Thrones” was filmed…in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Aka King’s Landing.

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World

Girls gone wild, in Dubrovnik.

Cavtat: Just 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Dubrovnik, lies the beautiful medieval town of Cavtat.  Surrounded by hills & close to Croatia’s border with Montenegro, Cavtat is a perfect base if you want nice resorts ~ but without the crowds in Dubrovnik.  Cavtat is easily reachable by bus, taxi, or even a boat from Dubrovnik. 

Hotel Croatia Cavtat has one of the most gorgeous locations in town, on top of a hillside overlooking the ocean.  If you choose to stay at this incredible five-star hotel, make sure to request a room with a balcony & ocean view….you won’t regret it!!

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World, Cavtat, Croatia

Boat-filled harbor in Cavtat, Croatia.

Hvar Island: It would be impossible to write the “Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Croatia Travelwithout including Hvar.  We traveled there via a 3-hour ferry from Dubrovnik (ferries run May-September, find schedules here).  Upon landing, we found ourselves in paradise.  Hvar is the ultimate girl’s getaway because it ticks all the boxes: great nightlife, great restaurants, gorgeous beaches ~ both for partying & relaxing, beautiful people, & no kids! 

Leave the kids behind here: Hvar is the ultimate adult destination

We loved dining at oceanfront Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel ($120+), which is chic & beautifully-designed.  If you’re looking for great nightlife, I recommend staying close to the main town & marina (which Adriana is).  Another great hotel option with a huge pool area, is Amfora Grand Beach Resort ($108+).  It’s set on one of the most perfect bays, by our favorite bar of all time: Hula Hula Hvar!!  You must go there at sunset….

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World, Hvar Island, Croatia

My personal favorite place in Croatia: Hvar Island. Come here to party, dance, drink, & lay in the sun…with people from all over the world.

Mljet Island: If nature, peace, & unspoiled beauty are what you’re after ~ then head to Mljet Island.  Most of the island is covered by forest & national park, which guarantees more nature than crowds.  Just over an hour from Dubrovnik, Mljet is easily accessible while still feeling like you’re far from the crowds.  A magical hotel stay here is at the ECO Aparthotel: The Dreamer’s Club.

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl WHo Travels the World, Mljet Croatia

The unspoiled beauty of Mljet, Croatia.

Yacht Week in Croatia: This guide to Croatia travel is hardly complete without a mention of Yacht Week.  Imagine sailing through Croatia’s beautiful waters with 12 of your closest friends, stopping to party at Croatia’s most famous hot spots?  Well, that’s Yacht Week in a nutshell.  We met several people in Hvar who were part of Yacht Week.  They said it was one of the best experiences of their LIFE.

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World, Yacht Week

Yacht Week in Croatia.


Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Croatia Travel

Sibenik: If nightlife is less important to you, give Sibenik a try.  With a beautiful medieval heart, & an hour north of Split, Sibenik is known as the gateway to stunning Krka National Park (known for its waterfalls), as well as the Kornati Islands.

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World

Sailing off the coast of Sibenik, Croatia, north of Split. 

Jelsa: If you want to be on Hvar Island, but don’t want to be in the thick of tourists & nightlife ~ head over to Jelsa.  About 20 kilometers (12 miles) east of Hvar Town, Jelsa is surrounded by pine forests.  You can wine taste, enjoy beautiful beaches, & more quiet than in Hvar Town.  This is a great spot for a solo girl’s retreat

Senses Resort ($50+) offers a beautiful seaside location that still works for travelers on a budget…

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World

Flying over Jelsa, Croatia…

Korcula: Korcula is one of the most charming islands in Croatia ~ with olive groves, vineyards, & stunning, traditional medieval villages.  Korcula Town is a fantastic base, & is known as “Little Dubrovnik.”  Korcula is also one of the largest islands in Croatia, at 47 kilometers long (20 miles), giving visitors plenty of options ~ from lively towns to secluded beaches.  It’s 2.5 hours by ferry from Dubrovnik to Korcula, with ferries running mainly during summer months. 

To stay in your own INSANE villa on this gorgeous island: check out Villa Soul Sisters Korcula ($2,000+).  With a rooftop infinity pool, sleek & modern design, warm hosts, & beachfront access ~ you couldn’t ask for much more…

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World, Korcula

The Old Town of Korcula, a short distance from Dubrovnik.

Trogir: Just 30 kilometers north of Split & an easy, beautiful drive ~ lies Trogir.  If you love history & architecture, plus sailing in gorgeous turquoise waters ~ this may be your spot.  Its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with the best-preserved Roman-Gothic complex in all of Central Europe.

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World, Trogir, Croatia

Sailing through turquoise waters near Trogir, Croatia.

Split: Split is a major crossroads in Croatia, with its central location, international airport, & ferry access to numerous islands ~ including Hvar & Korcula.  It’s also Croatia’s second largest city, with the massive, fortress-like Diocletian’s Palace set in the heart of town ~ another impressive Roman monument.  You’ll have plenty of hotel, dining, & nightlife options in Split ~ but personally, it wasn’t our favorite Croatian city.  While we felt entirely safe in Hvar ~ we felt much more cautious in Split, encountering some men who followed us back to our hotel. 

We found the islands much more relaxing. 

But if you do decide to stay in Split, I’d spend a little more money for a nice, safe hotel near the center of town: such as the Piazza Heritage Hotel ($216+).  Rooms offer beautiful city views, & you’ll be within easy walking distance to many restaurants.

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World, Split, Croatia

Chances are, if you visit Croatia ~ you’ll end up in Split at some point. It’s a major crossroads.

Plitvice National Park: One of Croatia’s biggest attractions, Plitvice is a gorgeous collection of turquoise waterfalls, terraced lakes that cascade into each other, walkways, & hiking trails.  For a more active girl’s getaway: head here!  An incredible & cozy hotel that’s super close to the National Park is Plitvice Ethno House ~ a darling hotel with an outdoor pool, hot tub, & buffet breakfast.

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World, Plitivice National Park, Croatia

One of the most beautiful places in a country full of beautiful places: Plitivice National Park.

Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Croatia Travel

 Thanks for checking out this “Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Croatia Travel!”  Usually, the more photos I take of a country: the more I like it.  And as you can see, I have NO shortage of photos here!  Croatia is a remarkable country, filled with postcard-perfect destinations.  And I’m merely scratching the surface….there are so many islands to discover, with their own hidden treasures.  To make the most of your Croatia trip, consider renting a car & cruising up the coastline ~ which gives you the freedom to stop when you find a place you love.


xoxo Noelia 

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Ultimate Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World

Ultimate Girl's Guide to Croatia Travel, Girl Who Travels the World

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