Solo Female Travel at Semuc Champey!

Does Guatemala sound too dangerous for solo female travel?  Prior to traveling there, I’d heard that Guatemala Cityin particular was quite dangerous.  But after spending a month in Guatemala by myself, I can tell you: it’s one of my favorite countries.  I did not feel unsafe at all there.  Guatemalans are warm, friendly, & very willing to help travelers.  The video I’ve created below, called “Solo Female Travel at Semuc Champey,” highlights the country’s relaxed feel ~ especially in its more small-town locations, like Semuc Champey.  

Solo Female Travel at Semuc Champey, Girl Who Travels the World

Solo female travel at Semuc Champey, in Guatemala.

I met travelers from all over the world in Guatemala, & found it one of the easiest places to meet people.  Travelers here tend to be unpretentious, unafraid to rough it a little bit, & are looking for off-the-beaten path adventures.  Because most accommodations in Lanquin (the town nearest Semuc Champey) are hostels, it’s even easier to meet people.  The good-looking fellow featured in the video is my friend Seb, who hails from France, & was both bartender as well as our hostel host!  He’d never been to Semuc Champey, so the video below documents both his first visit, as well as mine…

Solo Female Travel at Semuc Champey ~ Video!

Solo Female Travel at Semuc Champey ~ Tips!

If you’re traveling to Semuc Champey on your own, & are concerned about being this deep in the jungle by YOURSELF: take a deep breath!  It’s not that scary.  Lanquin is a very small town, & you’ll start running into the same people day after day.  And since the only way to get there is by bus or private shuttle ~ you’ll be riding with lots of other travelers.  Make friends on the bus!  And if that doesn’t work, it’s highly likely that you’ll meet somebody at your hostel. 

When you first arrive in town, the scene can be a little intimidating: several tuk-tuk drivers wait at the bottom of the main hill in town, where buses & shuttles drop off passengers.  They may seem a little aggressive in approaching you to ride with them ~ but just stand your ground, be confident, tell them which hostel you’re staying at (nowhere is that far), & hop in!  If you’re nervous to ride by yourself, share a ride with someone from your bus.

Solo Female Travel at Semuc Champey, Girl Who Travels the World

Shuttles & buses will drop you off at the bottom of the hill in Lanquin, & several tuk-tuk drivers will be waiting to take you to your hostel!

What You Need at Semuc Champey

The jungle environment around Semuc Champey is warm year-round, & humid ~ so light, summer clothing is ideal here.  Like: BIKINIS.  ROMPERS.  But the #1, most-important thing you need at Semuc Champey, WITHOUT DOUBT ~ is a waterproof camera!!!  Have some way to attach it to your body comfortably, so that you can take it along in all the turquoise pools.  My Go-Pro’s waterproof housing broke right before my visit to Semuc Champey ~ & I’m sooo bummed I don’t have any water shots! 

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Waterproof Digital Camera

Waterproof Camera Float

Face Sunscreen SPF 50

Solo Female Travel at Semuc Champey

Thanks for checking out this video about solo female travel at Semuc Champey!  If you’ve never considered Guatemala as a travel option, I hope it opens your mind to a potentially wonderful & exciting new country.  Personally, I found Guatemala to be far & away the most charming country in Central America: from the textiles, to the vibrant colors, to the charming B&B’s ~ it’s a captivating place.  And one that I know I’ll return to someday, likely sooner than later.

xoxo Noelia

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