The Perfect Iceland Playlist

So you’re heading out on an Icelandic road trip, & you want some music to match the mood of the country…right?  There are big distances between major sights in Iceland, especially on popular routes like the Golden Circle or Ring Road ~ which circuits the entire country.  This means: you need some great tunes for these long rides.  Also, it’s important to note: unless you’re taking a tour, renting a car is ESSENTIAL in Iceland, to see everything you want to see.  So with all that, here’s your perfect Iceland playlist!

The Perfect Iceland Playlist for Road Trips, Girl Who Travels the World

Two essentials in Iceland: 1) Renting a sturdy car, & 2) Having a GREAT playlist.

The Perfect Iceland Playlist for Road Trips, Best Budget Accommodations in Iceland, Girl Who Travels the World

I would never have found this AMAZING cliffside spot without a rental car…

Iceland = Meant for Road Trips

Iceland is a country where you HAVE to road trip.  It’s that simple.  Sure, you can hop on a big bus along with 50 other tourists.  BUT ~ if you’re independent & adventurous ~ I highly recommend renting a car.  Go where you want, pull over when you want, & stay in each spot as long as you want: all hard to do when you’re on a massive tour bus.   

The Perfect Iceland Playlist for Road Trips, Iceland Travel FAQ

I found this secret, epic spot for Icelandic sunsets by simply pulling over my rental car on the side of the road on the Keflavik Peninsula.

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The Perfect Iceland Playlist

So let’s set the mood for your Icelandic road trip with a soundtrack that matches the rugged, often desolate landscape.  It’s usually stormy, (always) windy, & don’t be surprised to see four seasons worth of weather in a single day.  Songs that suit Iceland best are moody & sexy, with a little bit of an edge

Pop music just doesn’t cut it in Iceland.  

Artists like Of Monsters and Men, The Weeknd, Sia, Miguel, & Florence and the Machine really suit this mysterious country.  Moody.  Dark.  Enticing.  All you need is access to YouTube to play the compilation below.

Click PLAY below to cue up your perfect Iceland playlist…

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Enjoy Your Iceland Roadtrip!

Have you been to Iceland?  What were your favorite road trips ~ and what songs would you add to the list?  Let me know in the comments below…

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The Perfect Iceland Playlist for Road Trips, Girl Who Travels the World