6 Must-Visit Hiking Trails in Pennsylvania

Summer is the best season for embarking on treks of all kinds in Pennsylvania.  Regardless of the ascent, these “6 Must-Visit Hiking Trails in Pennsylvania” provide a pleasant & breezy environment that will make even the hardest hike enjoyable.  The state has a wide range of hiking paths: from short to lengthy, & even some tricky climbs.  The weather is almost always suitable, in that it’s rarely ever too hot.  With just some light clothing, a small backpack with plenty of water, & Pennsylvania’s mild air, you’ll be able to fully enjoy these beautiful summer walks…

Must-Visit Hiking Trails in Pennsylvania, Girl Who Travels the World

Take in some fresh air on these beautiful Pennsylvania trails…  

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Map of Pennsylvania Hikes

HIckory Run State Park (Poconos)

Pine Grove Furnace State Park (Appalachian Trail)

Ohiopyle State Park (Ferncliff Peninsula)

Great Allegheny Passage

Standing Stone Trail

Montour Trail

Get Ready for Your Adventure

1. The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail, surrounded by numerous historical sites, will have you discovering new vistas all along the route.  The entire Appalachian, dubbed the “Grandad of the Trails,” spans 2,190 miles & passes through 14 different states: including Pennsylvania, & provides a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding landscape.  The Conservancy’s Visitor Center at Boiling Springs & Pine Grove Furnace State Park are some historical monuments you’ll discover as you hike the Appalachian through Pennsylvania ~ & right next to Pine Grove Park is the Appalachian Trail Museum.

Summer is the best time to explore these routes as you’re not restricted to open-season hunting pathways, other travel challenges, & heavy rains that can make climbing more dangerous.

Pine Grove State Park, Great Pennsylvania Hiking Trails, Girl Who Travels the World

Stop for a swim at Pine Grove Furnace State Park.


2. Hickory Run State Park ~ Poconos Mountains

With endless trails, Hickory Run State Park lets you choose from courses you can conquer in one day, or climbs you can explore over the course of a week.  You get to soak in the sights of waterfalls, view the majestic landscape of a massive boulder field, plan a picnic, or go swimming in your very own soaking pool.  The Poconos also offer various adventure activities for every fitness level. 

Great Pennsylvania Hiking Trails, Girl Who Travels the World

Explore more than 44 miles of hiking trails at Hickory Run State Park.

3. Montour Trail

The Montour Trail, formerly renowned for its abandoned railroads that followed the central-line west & south of Pittsburgh, contains paths that follow practically the entire length of these old tracks. The walkway, which was carved in the late 1800s, connected several coal mines.  At 63 miles long, this is one of the country’s most extended non-motorized rail tracks. From Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C., the entire course is 330 miles long.  The Montour Trail provides an easy & level trek for most non-hikers, allowing visitors to simply focus on the vistas & natural surroundings. 

4. Ferncliff Peninsula

The Ferncliff Peninsula is surrounded by sea, & located in the middle of Ohiopyle State Park.  It’s home to a unique environment not found in many other parts of the country: housing some of the most unusual varieties of plants.  You can also explore the state park here, which spans over 20,000 acres.  Get a game-plan going before you travel by looking at a map to see which trails are most appealing to you: there’s a lot to choose from here!

Must-Visit Pennslvania Hiking Trails, Girl Who Travels the World

Ohiopyle State Park. Photo by Uncover PA.

5. Standing Stone Trail

Feed the adrenaline junkie in you with a trail that offers steep climbs!  Part of the Eastern Trail Network, Standing Stone lets you explore the main course, which connects with other side trails offering more vertical elevation: perfect for moderate hiking.  The trail leads with a rough path through the heart of central Pennsylvania, graded with elevations.  There are easier, flatter trails if climbing isn’t something you enjoy.  Trails are marked with different colors to denote paths that suit beginners, intermediate, etc. 

If you’re one for views, the Stone Valley Vista Loop offers majestic views of the horizon, making for a picturesque moment.

Six Great Pennsylvania Hikes, Girl Who Travels the World

Perfectly lovely vistas on the Standing Stone Trail in Pennsylvania. Photo by All Trails.

6. Great Allegheny Passage

Stroll down a section of one of the country’s most well-known (& possibly HAUNTED??!) rail trails.  The Great Allegheny Passage begins in Pittsburgh, & runs all the way to Washington, D.C.  In comparison to what its name implies: this hike is pretty straightforward.  The path goes through several villages, allowing you to rest & get prepared for the next part of your adventure.  You can also venture off-the-beaten track by visiting other trailheads that veer off of the Great Allegheny.

The total path is 156 miles long, passing through Maryland, next to rivers, & abandoned railroad tunnels (which sounds like the scary part) that once connected to the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal.

Great Allegheny Passage, Six Great Pennsylvania Hikes, Girl Who Travels the World

Experience fall color in all its glory along the Great Allegheny Passage.  

Must-Visit Hikes in Pennsylvania

Prepare your summer holidays with hiking destinations like these in mind, to give yourself a break from the routine. There are routes for every explorer in Pennsylvania, whether you’re a skilled hiker or simply out seeking fresh air.  Plan ahead in order to make the most of your adventure…

xoxo Noelia

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