Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel?

On my last trip to Mexico, I had no intention of visiting the Oaxaca region: my heart was set on visiting Mexico City & San Miguel de Allende.  But, as so often happens, after talking to locals ~ I changed my mind.  Oaxaca kept coming up again & again, & it was the one place that Mexicans themselves often wanted to visit….because of the food, rich culture, historic Monte Alban, & also because of its reputation for safety.  Similar to the Yucatan, Oaxaca is one of the safest regions in Mexico to visit, with even petty crime being very low.  We’ll talk specifics in this article, as I ponder the question: “Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel?” 

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World

Mezcal tasting is popular in Oaxaca, which is home to this distinctive drink. I traveled solo here, & found it a laid-back & wonderful place for solo travel.

Where IS Oaxaca?

Oaxaca is a state AND a city, which can be confusing at first.  Oaxaca City is the largest city in the region, & if you’re flying: this is where you’ll fly into.  Oaxaca is south of Mexico City, & north of Chiapas, with a long coastline & some of the greatest surf breaks in Mexico.  The region is known for its food (holy MOLE!), its rich textiles, mezcal, Hierve el Agua, the ruins of Monte Alban, & their famous celebrations for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World

The Oaxaca Cathedral, in Oaxaca City.

How to Get to Oaxaca

Oaxaca has a major, international airport (OAX) that’s just 15 minutes outside of Oaxaca City.  It offers flights all over Mexico (I flew in from Guadalajara), & flights to international cities like Los Angeles & Houston.  If you’re traveling within Mexico, Oaxaca can be reached by bus or rental car ~ but keep in mind, this is a large region, & it takes longer to reach destinations than it appears on a map.

Hierve el Agua

Oaxaca City

Puerto Escondido

Safety in Oaxaca vs. Other Parts of Mexico

For Mexico’s current status & any travel warnings, check the State Department website here.  As of April 2019, there are five Mexican states where tourists are NOT encouraged to travel, due to violent, drug-related crime.  These are: 1) Colima, 2) Guerrero, 3) Michoacan, 4) Sinaloa, & 5) Tamaulipas.  As you can see on the map below, most of these states sit along the water, which is clearly important from a trafficking standpoint.  Oaxaca though, has the lowest advisory warning within Mexico, along with the Yucatan & Quintana Roo. 

Some caution is given to driving on highways in Oaxaca, particularly on its southern border with Chiapas.  But the main places you’ll want to visit here have no travel warnings.  Here’s an exact statement from the State Department, regarding travel in Oaxaca: 

There are no restrictions on travel for U.S. [citizens] to other parts of Oaxaca state, which include tourist areas in: Oaxaca City, Monte Alban, Puerto Escondido, & Huatulco.

– U.S. State Department, April 2019

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World

The five Mexican states that you do NOT want to visit right now are: 1) Colima, 2) Guerrero, 3) Michoacan, 4) Sinaloa, & 5) Tamaulipas. Oaxaca is one of the safest Mexican states to visit.

Safety Tips & Info on Oaxaca

  • How Do I Get From the Airport to Oaxaca City? While Ubers were plentiful (& SO cheap!!!) in Mexico City, Uber isn’t available yet in Oaxaca.  So when you arrive at the airport (OAX), you’ll need to get to town the old-fashioned way: either via taxi or group shuttle.  I opted for the group shuttle, which cost less than $10, & dropped me & a handful of other travelers off directly at our hotels.  The ride is about 15 minutes from OAX to Oaxaca City. 
  • Can You Walk at Night in Oaxaca? Yes, you can ~ but if you’d feel more comfortable, go with a group.  Oaxaca is a lively place, & it particularly comes alive at night, with its many mezcal bars & quaint restaurants.  The areas around the city’s two main cathedrals: 1) Templo de Santo Domingo, & 2) Oaxaca Cathedral, are typically packed with people at all hours, so if you’re worried about safety ~ stick to these areas at night (& pick a hotel that’s close to both). 
  • What’s the Best Way to Get to Monte Alban? The Monte Alban ruins are located 25 minutes outside of Oaxaca City, on a nearby hilltop.  I had my hotel arrange a private taxi to get there, & then to pick me up three hours after that.  If you don’t arrange round-trip transport, you’ll need to grab a random cab at the site ~ which didn’t feel as safe to me.  You can also arrange to visit Monte Alban with a larger group tour.
  • Best Tips for Staying Safe in Oaxaca Region: Take a tour to either Monte Alban or Hierve el Agua within your first few days in town; this way, if you’re traveling solo, you’ll meet cool people to go out to dinner with, etc.  Wear an anti-theft, cross-body purse when walking in town, to give you an added feeling of protection.  Don’t wear valuables ~ in fact, don’t bring them to Mexico, period.  Feel free to wander around Oaxaca City (which is large!), but if you start getting on streets without many people ~ head back to where the crowds are.  Find a local coffee shop that you love, & make it your morning spot.  Talk to your hotel about any places to avoid, & have them help you arrange transport and/or tours.
  • Best Places to Stay in Oaxaca City: As far as safety is concerned, the hotels in Oaxaca City excel: nearly all hotels here are built in a courtyard shape, & the nicer ones have guards stationed at their main entrance.  At night, the entrances are locked, which made me feel entirely safe & secure in both places I stayed: 1) Hotel Casa Vertiz ($62+/night), an elegant boutique hotel located across from Templo de Santo Domingo, & 2) NaNa Vida Hotel ($82+/night), just a few blocks from Casa Ortiz.  I highly recommend both of these hotels for other solo travelers.

Photos of the Oaxaca Region

The main reasons you’ll be visiting Oaxaca as a tourist are to visit places like the crazy petrified waterfall Hierve el Agua, or the historic ruins of Monte Alban.  If you’re into surfing, you may head down to legendary breaks near Puerto Escondido.  Or, you may simply want to soak up the cultural richness that is Oaxaca City…..& enjoy its amazing traditional Mexican food.  There’s plenty to do right in & around the city; so if you’re worried about the safety & transport, you could easily spend a week here & not run out of activities ~ or great restaurants to try. 

Below is a photo journal of some of the most popular places in & around the Oaxaca region.

Ultimate Guide to Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca, Girl Who Travels the World

Hierve el Agua is the #1 reason I wanted to visit the Oaxaca region!! And it did NOT disappoint. I’m literally standing on top of a petrified waterfall here…

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World

Standing on top of one of the many pyramids at historic Monte Alban. 

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World

You MUST try the mezcal is Oaxaca!! It’s what they’re known for…

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World, Puerto Escondido

The small surf town of Puerto Escondido.

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World

The Botanical Garden in Oaxaca.

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World

Templo de Santo Domingo is my FAVORITE cathedral in Oaxaca City by far; its entire interior is solid GOLD. Numerous restaurants, coffee shops,

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World

During the week I visited Oaxaca City, there were MULtiple festivals…almost every day! With so many people on the streets celebrating, it added to my sense of safety with a very festive atmosphere in the city.

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World

Learning the natural ways in which they dye their textiles in Teotitlan, about 25 minutes outside of Oaxaca City.

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World

The lively square in front of Templo de Santo Domingo at sunset. In the distance, you can see the large, white amphitheater that sits just above town.

Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel?

 This is one of my new favorite regions in Mexico, & Oaxaca City is one of the most charming places I’ve been in the last year.  The Oaxaca region, like the Yucatan, is one of my new top picks for solo travel.  If you have any questions about travel here, please ask me in the comments below!

xoxo Noelia 

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Is Oaxaca Safe for Solo Travel? Girl Who Travels the World

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