Inside Bogota’s Famous Salt Cathedral..

Bogota wasn’t really on my radar as a fabulous destination ~ but then, I got deported from Panama & sent back to Bogota for an extra week!  And in a way, I’m glad I did.  I got to explore the historic Candelaria district, climb to the top of Monserrat, & my personal favorite: explore inside Bogota’s famous Salt Cathedral, just outside the city in Zipaquira.  I was so blown away by the experience, I now want to take you inside Bogota’s famous Salt Cathedral too!  Medellin gets more press & international buzz than Bogota ~ but the Salt Cathedral is one of many reasons why you may not want to overlook Bogota travel.

Inside Bogota's Famous Salt Cathedral, Girl Who Travels the World

Welcome to the Salt Cathedral…

About the Salt Cathedral

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is a Roman Catholic church built within the underground tunnels of a salt mine, more than 200 meters underground.  Sound interesting?!  It is, & it’s one of the most unusual, eerie, & mysterious places I’ve been.  Colombians consider the Cathedral to be their own  “Wonder of the World,” & to this day, it remains an important pilgrimage site for many Catholics.  Fun fact: if you lick any of the walls in the Cathedral, you’ll find that it’s ALL made of salt!  A friend told me to do this, & I discreetly did so in a private section ~ & can confirm: it was salty.

Inside Bogota's Famous Salt Cathedral, Girl Who Travels the World

Lick the walls & you’ll find that the entire Cathedral tastes SALTY!

Inside Bogota's Famous Salt Cathedral, Girl Who Travels the World

Step inside Bogota’s famous Salt Cathedral with me in the video below…

Inside Bogota’s Famous Salt Cathedral ~ Video!

How to Get to the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira

The Salt Cathedral is located in the pleasant town of Zipaquira, 30 miles north of Bogota.  Though it’s only 30 miles north, budget at least an hour for the ride both there AND back ~ traffic in Bogota is notoriously bad!  Both my journeys took over an hour, & I was driving from the more northern part of Bogota; so budget even longer if you’re staying in the Candelaria district. 

Inside Bogota's Famous Salt Cathedral, Girl Who Travels the World

You can reach the Salt Cathedral by bus, Uber, renting a car, or by taking a guided tour from Bogota.

The cheapest way to reach the Salt Cathedral would be to take a bus ~ which will cost less than $15 US round-trip, though you may have to taxi up to the Cathedral.  By bus is also going to take the longest (90 minutes to 2 hours), so I opted for an Uber, which cost around $20 US each way.  I got great drivers, & was able to practice my Spanish on the drive!  If you’d rather go in a group, check Trip Advisor ~ they have many tours to the Cathedral, which start around $90, not including your entrance fee ($18.50 US).

Inside Bogota's Famous Salt Cathedral, Girl Who Travels the World

I took an Uber each way to the Salt Cathedral, for about $40 US, round-trip.

Where I Stayed in Bogota

During my time in Bogota, I stayed at three different hotels: 1) Hotel le Manoir Bogota ($45+/night), 2) Hotel Morrison 114 ($60+), & 3) NH Bogota 26 Urban Royal Hotel ($34+).   I’m a Gold Member of ~ so prices shown here are what I actually paid, but they’re probably on the lower end due to member discounts.  Rooms in all three hotels were GREAT, & the room at NH 26 was absolutely HUGE!!  All hotels offered room service, & as s a solo traveler, I felt comfortable & safe in all three ~ though NH 26’s location was not my favorite, as it’s on a busy street, in a less scenic part of town.  Le Manoir & Hotel Morrison are in a more upscale part of town, with plenty of coffee shops & restaurants nearby.  Search all hotels in Bogota here.  

Inside Bogota's Famous Salt Cathedral, Girl Who Travels the World

Bogota is an underrated & fascinating city. Photo taken at Monserrate.

Inside Bogota’s Famous Salt Cathedral..

Thanks for reading this short but sweet vlog post taking you inside Bogota’s famous Salt Cathedral!  If you’ve been to the Cathedral, I’d love to hear about your experience!  Tell me about it in the comments below.  And if you’d like to see more female travel videos, click on the button below & subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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